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10 Keys to Success

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I recently listened to a multi-millionaire marketing guru promoting his course to become a millionaire within 90 days. Granted, he teaches how to build an online Sales Funnel.

However, the first thing he talks about is your GOAL, you still have to have your goal in mind.

What is your target? Your motivator? This is important prior to creating a sales funnel, leads, traffic etc.

Imagine to my delight that everything he said is already included in the Master Key Experience (MKE), except he neglects the spiritual aspect, which is included in MKE.

Where MKE excels, from my experience, is in the following 10 keys to success:

Key 1) Spirituality

The spiritual aspect is most important because it’s the change in our heart, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, that’s the key to lasting change.

Once we are that embodiment of those virtues, the ‘outside’ world reflects our ‘inside’ world. Magic happens!

Key 2) Definite Major Purpose (DMP)

The staff of MKE are highly qualified to support you in writing your DMP so that you discover your true purpose and consequently your goals towards it.

Thats a powerful key to your success!

Key 3) Confidence

To build confidence in yourself, learn good positive habits.

MKE helps us to recognise our patterns that are stuck like cement and crack away at them by creating new supportive and inspired patterns of success.

If you want to change, do something different, don’t dwell on the old.

Key 4) Meditation

To allow real inspiration, sitting in silence, is a powerful key.

When and how to implement this is taught as an integral part of your daily life. It’s amazing to realise how much inspiration and deep neural change happens in these moments.

 Key 5) Marketing

To start with, we need confidence in marketing ourselves to ourselves!

MKE shows you how. Once you’re sold, everything becomes simple.

Ok, you may still need to learn how to online market or Blog etc. and guess what, MKE shows you how with a complimentary course.

Key 6) Makeover

Experience a real Makeover.

You’ve all heard about ‘Virtues’ right?

Paramount to be a wonderful human, MKE gives you an incredible exercise to live each Virtue.

Key 7) Systems/Habits

Systems. We all know that to keep ourselves on track we need systems and habits for success. Learn and live good habits immediately!

Key 8) Guides

The most incredible changes can be made when knowing someone’s cheering you on!

Speaking from personal experience, knowing my designated Guide was there for me as I stepped out of my comfort zone, supported me to make massive changes to my life. Powerful!!

Key 9) MMA

A MasterMind Alliance! You are given the encouragement from other participants whilst ‘Masterminding’ together. This creates supportive, powerful, enjoyable and focused outcomes.

Key 10) Powerful Resources

The skilled Staff and Guides offer powerful resources of extra-curriculum offerings to compliment the material of MKE. In this day and age of so many streams of information, to be pointed in the right direction is a key to success!

I hope this has helped you in some way to realize the immense capacity MKE has to help you change your life and live the life your heart and awakened mind chooses.

Find out more here.

In Gratitude.

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About the author

Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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  • “happy is happy does” “be happy” “you are what you attract” So, glad you are a guide even before the masterkey experience…your life experience is ever so encouraging and you keep going and going and going…. Keep it up!

  • All these key ingredients to success and some more are indeed taught in the MKE, furthermore in such a magical way that even a 10 year old can learn them easily! Thanks for sharing this great post Peaches!

  • Thanks, Peaches for sharing your blog and these keys! You have clearly shown that there is #NothingLikeIt and certainly not for $1.

  • Oh, Peaches. This is so good and easy to follow. It makes it sound less scary as we read the Marianne Williamson quote you shared: “It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery, rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” Your list is so encouraging and supportive! Thanks for your light!

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