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21 Successful Habits

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Successful habits can have a wonderful positive impact on our lives. Intelligence is more than being an A+ student…it is a journey of constantly learning and improving, even if you have completed all of the formal education in your life or NOT! You still have opportunities to consistently learn new things and become “smarter.”

Success Habits are all about improving yourself and getting smarter leading to important self improvement in many areas!

There are absolutely different habits and steps you can take to become a smarter and more successful version of yourself.

I have compiled 21 habits that you can start implementing into your life right now that can assist you in becoming a smarter and well informed member of society. Success habits are so important for becoming smarter! You can add your own along the way too!

Habit 1: Read non-fiction books every month.

Habit 2: Plan weekly.
Staying organized is so important to be and to continue to be successful in life!

Habit 3: Journal daily.
Journaling is a great way to keep your brain working everyday.

Habit 4: Spend time every month educating yourself on relevant topics.
Spending time to be educated on current topics in the world truly assists you to be educated and informed.

Habit 5: Develop an efficient morning routine.
This will help you keep your day on track and give you available time for personal development like read a couple of chapters from a book.

Habit 6: Limit your screen time.
Technology can be a wonderful tool for improving yourself but mindless screen time can have a negative effect so make it a habit to limit your screen time.

Habit 7: Regularly audit who you follow on social media.
Social media can be a tool for learning but if you only follow toxic and negative people you are not learning anything you want to! I recommend once a month or once a quarter evaluating who you follow and support on social media. Make changes as needed.

Habit 8: Watch documentaries.
Do vary the subject of the documentaries regularly. Improving your knowledge can assist you to become more successful and create new success habits!

Habit 9: Approach problems as an opportunity to learn.
Changing your mentality to viewing difficult situations as an opportunity to learn is an
Incredible way to become a smarter and more successful person.

Habit 10: Make daily goals lists.
Determine your daily goals every day; set yourself up for success and have the time to improve your knowledge.

Habit 11: Make travel a priority.
Learning about and educating yourself to new cultures is an amazing way to expand your knowledge and perspective.

Habit 12: Listen to informative podcasts.
Find some regular podcasts that you enjoy and that expand your knowledge.

Habit 13: Work on your mental endurance. Encourage yourself to read a bit more and play strategy games to assist your mental endurance.

Habit 14: Make social events productive when possible.
Instead of drinking and sitting around, be creative, i.e. word games, instead of watching a major new movie, watch a documentary….or learn a new language.

Habit 15: Write down annual and 5 year goals.
Writing down goals for every year and every 5 years helps to keep you on track with your goals and dreams to keep you motivated to keep progressing and being the smartest version of yourself.

Habit 16: Share your knowledge.
The habit you can do to become the smartest version of yourself is to share your knowledge. By teaching others, you keep your knowledge fresh and able to learn where you potentially can improve your knowledge on certain topics.

Habit 17: Practice your writing skills.
Learning how to correctly and efficiently convey your thoughts and share your knowledge through writing is a great skill to have. Get in the habit of writing regularly – starting a blog is a great way to do this!

Habit 18: Use your commute time efficiently.
Daily commute is a great opportunity to listen to audio books or podcasts to improve your knowledge.

Habit 19: Learn to make game plans.
Learning to make game plans is one of the most efficient ways you can improve yourself. It’s basically making a plan for handling challenges or projects.

Habit 20: Challenge yourself regularly.
Make an honest effort to challenge yourself and try new things that stretch you regularly.

Habit 21: Take online classes in subjects you are interested in.
Think about your hobbies and interest; find free online courses related to them.

If you are interested in learning how to make good habits stick in your life, check out The Master Key Experience online course.

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As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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