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3 Natural Life’s Lessons

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One of life’s lessons I have learnt through the Masterkey Experience is reminding myself to embrace my inner mischievousness, to laugh and have a good time. Life is about more than simply making ends meet and dealing with responsibilities. Look for those signs which are constantly crosses our path, a sign that I need to have a good time, enjoy life to the fullest and embrace the moments.

Being balanced in all areas of my life is such a high and having a significant other and the many support system sure assists when on the same page. 

Life’s lessons – from an otter

The other day walking the sea walk I saw two sea otters which to me symbolizes playfulness and mischievousness reminding me to have fun.

 I found that I was lucky to have witnessed Sea Otters because these special animals who are mainly nocturnal appeared right before my eyes. One carrying a large lobster which I have been meaning to eat…. Indeed, a positive omen and good fortune to come. 

 Like the Sea Otters I am loyal and affectionate. Like seahorses, crows and eagles; otters are monogamous. In fact, if possible, they will stay with their mate for their entire lives. They are also active parents who raise and teach their pups survival skills until they are experienced enough to live independently.

 Like the turtle, the otter can move from land to water and back again, thus they are symbols of adaptability and transformation. Like the otters I too am able to go into different environments and feel perfectly comfortable. In addition, otters too are seekers of higher spiritual understandings like us.

Creativity and craftsmanship

Like ravens and chimpanzees, otters are clever animals who will use tools to achieve outcomes. In fact, they are quite dexterous. Otters can usually open clam shells with their hands, but if they cannot, they’ll grab a rock to help them. In addition, they are known to hold hands with their buddy otters at they float at sea. So, sweet to witness and relate this to our human life experience.

With the otter spirit guides on our side, we are able to tap into creative ideas – some even gifts from our Angels – and manifest them in the material world. This may in the form of art, music, literature, and even technological innovation.

 Tuning in to life’s lessons

The otter symbolizes the potential that we all possess to tune into our psychic abilities. Spending time quietly in nature, prayer or mediation can all help to fine tune our abilities. Too often we can pre occupied with and distracted by the noise of daily living. The otter spirit animal reminds you that you possess extra sensory powers that you are most likely not optimizing. 

We both have powers skills which can be tapped in and utilized even more. Do join me and others on this journey through the Masterkey Experience.

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About the author

As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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  • Excellent. I am like the otter-playfulness and mischievousness but everyone calls me a lone wolf even though I have thousands of contacts and friends. Hope all is going well for you and yours. Michael

  • What a beautiful comparison with the otters! I love them too. I have always been so fascinated that they seem to be so present in the now and to live every moment to the fullest. Thank you Cindy for sharing such wise words, and above all for reminding me to be mischievous

  • The way you describe yourself, Cindy, speaks well of the excitement and joy a self-directed thinker and MKE guide, such as yourself, radiates, in general; and that “inner mischievousness” you refer to, makes me hopeful we meet, in person (perhaps, at some future MKE Live Event) someday soon. 🙂

  • I’ve always loved otters too…It looks as if there is a sort of complicity between them and the humans. In any case, nature is always inspiring and insightful when we take the time to observe it and connect to it. I love your post!

  • I love the playfulness and ingenuity of the otters! We all need to learn how to better tap into our powers and skills as they do! The Master Key Experience helps it happen!

  • I love otters, too. Thank you for helping me see them as spirit guides, guiding us toward playfulness, adaptability, creativity, loyalty, guiding newbies, and opening to psychic abilities.😊

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