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3 Key Ideas for Growth Mindset – Your Belief Matters!

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3 Key Ideas for Growth Mindset

The primary background of the Master Key Experience’s Mark Januszewski is in multi-level marketing (MLM). A growth mindset is a cornerstone to this work.

Mark J. learned from the best, Napoleon Hill and his classic, “Think and Grow Rich,” along with W. Clement Stone’s “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude,” which he co-wrote with Hill – perhaps, you’ve heard of them.

Hill and Stone

Hill and Stone were the two top trainers at the time – perhaps, of all time – and they were Mark J’s teachers. The expert information he got, jelled well with his outgoing personality, his passion, his intelligence…and he responded by becoming their best student, a top MLM trainer in his own right.

Much of that success is shared with Mark J’s wife, the Fabulous Davene, as they both embrace the underlying philosophy coming from Wallace Wattles, Emerson, Charles Haanel…by living it. They co-founded Go90Grow, a company very successful in teaching people how to sell, and, of course, the MKE.

Idea #1 For Growth Mindset: DMP

MKE is the philosophy noted above and includes everything Mark and Davene discovered in successfully making their hero’s journey to the promised land. The stuff they did is what each new member must do to reach their own promised land or DMP. Of “Think and Grow Rich” origin, DMP is the “Primary product or service, each person was given a unique talent or passion that can self-ignite into a burning desire to obtain.

MKE essentially reverse engineers everything Mark and Davene experienced, learned, etc., to achieve what they have and have yet to accomplish regarding their DMPs. This is done through a series of 26 Sunday webinars (around 2 hours each with Q&A around 3 hours), along webinar workbooks, notes, replays, etc. These provide the knowledge to assimilate and the actions required each week. Starting with finding and refining their DMP, each student is assigned a personal trainer/guide.

There are reading assignments, such as the “Master Key System” by Charles Haanel, which has a specific action that the student must take at the end of its 26 lessons. There is “The World’s Greatest Salesman” by Og Mandino, which contains 10 scrolls, each of which describes with glorious metaphors the particular attitude or habit that the scroll is entitled.

Idea #2 For Growth Mindset: Daily Exercises

There are additional exercises, such as noticing shapes and colors both inside and outside the house, creating a dream board, and writing a weekly blog…either as subjective, on your honor, or objective, hardcopy verifiable, requirements in order to graduate with full honors from this 6-month, pay-it-forward program.

In fact, much of its success comes from its length. Each student must learn to adopt new habits, each one requiring 6 weeks or more to acquire. New habits are commonly aligned with those belonging to successful people in general. This becomes the new blueprint. Each student learns about the subconscious mind, how it is the seat of habit, how much control over our lives it has, and how and why our objective mind must step in and start taking the thoughts and actions, required to achieve this new blueprint. Each new student becomes a part of a mastermind alliance, composed of all the students in their class.

Once again, new habits take time to form. That’s why the MKE program is six months in length. This one-of-a-kind, six-month approach is just one of an ever-growing array of things – many are unique – all focused upon imparting the wisdom to find and obtain the DMP – Definite Major Purpose. Along the way, each student learns to become a self-directed thinker, i.e., the kind of person capable of changing the world.

Idea #3 For Growth Mindset: Laws of the mind & Gratitude

Fundamental to MKE are the 7 laws of the mind; one involves practice.

The more often you do something the better at it you get. MKE is all about laws and science to maximize our individual ability to improve mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The MKE student is very familiar with doing things in a certain way — the certain way, anyone familiar with turn-of-the-century leader, Wallace Wattles, tells us is critical. For instance the certain way always begins with gratitude. With this last little tid bit, I’ll now say mahalo until next time.


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