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4 Life Stories – Is Manifesting Grit or Luck?

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Manifesting Life

I believe manifestation is possible.

I’ve manifested outcomes. I’ve gotten things from maybe persistence, luck, or both.

To manifest something, you must have a strong desire for something and unwavering faith that it will happen.

At times, I will go over some things that have happened in my life and why or why not I think it was manifested.

Here are four stories below from my life – you decide for yourself what you think.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.
― Buddha

Here is the first – Aspen

When I was a senior in high school, my friend Dale and I went to a ski show. I was given a brochure about ski packages in Aspen, Colorado. This was before Aspen was costly and built up. There was a spring package that was $400 for a week of lift tickets and lodging. Dale and I discussed the trip for a while and decided to ski in Aspen for a week in April. One problem with this was that it was a week after spring break, and we would have to take a week off school. That would require our parents to send a letter to the school excusing us from school.

Another problem was that from Chicago to Aspen was approximately 1,100 miles.

So, we sent in our deposits. Then I told my parents I was skiing in Aspen in April. They said no, I was not, and I told them I was. Nevertheless, through the Fall and Winter, I saved my money. I never doubted that I was going.

Then, when April came, my parents sent the letter to the school. I did not have a car. Dale had a 1957 Chevy, but his parents let us use their car instead. I had turned 18 just before the trip, and off we went. We had a great time in Aspen. In my mind, this was manifested.

I had a solid desire to ski in Aspen. I never doubted that I was going. I had to have my parents send a letter to the school. They did this without having to beg or plead for them to do it. This was something other than what I would have expected them to do. Dale had the same issues, and if his parents said no, I could not have gone because I didn’t have a car. So, all of this happened, and it did not make sense to think it would happen. But it did. Manifested.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Here is the Second – 1st Marathon

When this story started in my past, I had never trained for a marathon. I never really thought of running a marathon. I had been running six miles three times a week for several months. Twice, I ran about nine miles. The last nine-mile run was on Thanksgiving Day.

After Thanksgiving that year, my wife Dianne was going to Honolulu in December to visit a client. I told her if she was going, I would go with her. My brother Jim was already living in Honolulu and had run the Honolulu marathon. When we got to Honolulu, Jim told me the marathon was next Sunday. I had not run for three weeks.

I signed up and ran the marathon. I made it seventeen miles before I had to start walking some, but I finished. I had terrible chafing and was sore for a few days, but I finished. It ended up being the first of around twenty marathons.

In my mind, this was not manifested. I had no genuine desire to run a marathon. It was lucky that I ended up in Honolulu when the marathon was being held, and grit got me to the finish line. Not manifestation.

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.
― Napoleon Hill

Here is the third – Honolulu

In 2002, I was very sick. In the hospital for seven weeks. When I was discharged from the hospital using a walker, I could not do second and third-grade math problems. The Honolulu marathon was six months away. My physical therapist asked me what my goals were physically, and I told her to walk without a walker and the Honolulu marathon in six months.

She did not want to discourage me and did not believe it was possible. I never doubted I was going to run that race. I did not think about it a lot. When I could finally run, I started training and ran that marathon.

As I see it, this was manifested. I had a powerful desire to run the marathon. I had absolute faith that I was going to. There was never a doubt in my mind.

Here is the fourth – Ironman

I was training to do my first Ironman in 2011. The race was going to be in Canada. Contrary to what I initially thought, it did not end up being my first Ironman.

Shortly after I started training, I got a lottery slot to race in the Ironman World Championship in Kona. I had been doing triathlons for over a year, but I knew that racing in Kona was the holy grail in triathlon. I was racing Kona. I knew race people that spent years trying to get into.

The atmosphere at Kona is like no other race I have been in. It was such an honor to race there. Crossing the finish line and hearing the words “John Harris, you are an Ironman” at Kona was something I will never forget.

So, did I manifest the race in Kona? No, I wanted to race there, but did not have the unwavering faith. I was just lucky and blessed to have the opportunity.

In Summary

So, manifested, or lucky with persistence and grit?

Which is better?

I’ll take either one.

Luck is random, or is it?

Maybe luck is a manifestation without unwavering faith. I don’t know.

I have trouble finding that unwavering faith. I keep working on it but will happily take the luck when it shows up.

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About the author

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, after spending most of my life in the suburbs of Chicago. I am a triathlete who has survived four Ironman races and works Security in a Honolulu hospital. With help, I am growing and overcoming my introversion and self-worth issues. I assist others in overcoming the obstacles that have prevented them from obtaining the life they desire.

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