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4 Pillars of Effective Communication

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I am happy to share 4 pillars of effective communication that apply to both our professional and personal life.

The quality of your communication determines the quality of your life. Every time you communicate, there are two levels present. First, there is the purpose or reason for the communication. It can be personal or job-related – something as simple as checking on a neighbor or as complex as giving instructions on a project.

The purpose is the easy part. The more challenging aspect is the second level: the relationship you have with the other person. It succeeds or fails based on four pillars.

1. Be In The Present

The relationship is always right now; it is key to be in the present moment. You may have had a long-standing friendship, but will it automatically continue? Only if you nurture it and don’t take it for granted. You may have had conflict in the past, but need it continue? Not necessarily.

2. It’s Personal

Even though the communication may be about a business matter, it’s still between two or more people, which makes it personal in some way. The manner in which you talk to each other makes a huge difference. Be observant of your non-verbal and verbal communication. Do your best to communicate respectfully and effectively.

3. The Status Factor

In the relationship, you’re aware of your status, rank or position. This is especially the case in business communications. In an organization, you may be the boss, the subordinate or a peer.

When you are talking to someone else, you may relate to them differently based on their status. While this doesn’t always seem fair, you need to be aware of it as part of the relationship level of communication.

4. The Golden Rule of Communication

Lastly, the relationship always involves human dignity. No one likes to be corrected in front of a group. If a person feels called out or shamed, it may take a long time to repair the breach. When tense situations arise, you may want to give the person a chance to “save face.”

If your purpose for the communication is clear, and you keep the relationship in mind, you are way ahead of the game. Because effective communication is an important part of our lives, practice purpose and relationship-focus in your next interaction.

Just like in Week 2 of the Master Key Experience, we learn about intent vs. impact.

Communication is Key!

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About the author

As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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  • Cindy, I love the way you’ve broken down communication into four easy-to-swallow chunks! You indirectly remind me of the Master Key System and its author, Charles Haanel, who states that language is the highest form of human architecture! 🙂

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