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6 Steps to Pursuing Personal Freedom

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Pursuing personal freedom seems to be a never-ending journey if one
genuinely seeks it. Too many people are toiling through life. They think
they’ll make it through life if they get that good job with health insurance,
stock options, and a decent hourly wage. They never stop and think about
what it would take for them to pursue their desires and dreams. They get
caught up in this matrix where they go to work, go home, sleep, and work
some more. The cycle continues.

Many people love their job, but are they financially free? Do they have the
means to sustain their growth? Or is the position a means to an end? Maybe
the career they’re currently in is what they genuinely love and are
comfortable with are under the illusion of calling that freedom.
In this blog, I want to explore six ways to help someone find that personal

  1. The perfect time is now!
    First, it is essential to manifest it. One has to want it. Once knowing what one
    wants, one must start taking steps toward that goal. How often is it said, “I’ll
    think about it”? Maybe when I win the lottery? Or get a promotion to that
    next position? Perhaps they are just waiting for the weather to get warmer
    or when they get more spare time. Waiting for that external to happen
    before they take responsibility for their action does not lead to personal
    freedom but regret and further procrastination.
  2. Live life on your terms.
    Personal freedom is being able to do what you want and having the means to
    do what you want when you want to do it. It is all about living on your terms
    and not worrying about what other people think or say. It’s about what you
    want that makes sense to you. Many people took the opportunity to quit
    their job during the pandemic because they were unhappy or for other
    personal reasons. They found their freedom because they had the chance to
    pursue their dreams. Not everyone found their true freedom, but many realized they were tired of chasing someone else’s dream. What is your dream?
  1. Look for a community of people who share your enthusiasms, interests,
    or values.
    Sharing and connecting bring people together. You can find member groups
    for just about anything on social media or in your community. Determining
    your Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in life will lead you to a group of like-
    minded people with similar interests. Also, being part of a community helps
    you meet your needs by connecting with others who support and encourage
    you as you begin to fulfill your dreams.
  2. Identifying Your Priorities.
    We all have personal priorities we want to achieve in life. These can include
    personal financial goals, the well-being of family members or friends, and
    personal or career ambitions. Clarity on your priorities is an essential first
    step toward achieving personal freedom. It allows you to focus your time on
    the things that matter most. Clarity makes evaluating new opportunities for
    income easier. Also, set aside less desirable projects, so they don’t distract
    from more pressing matters.
  3. Create financial freedom through side hustles and residual income
    Personal freedom comes with sound financial planning. Financial freedom
    means increasing your income with a side hustle or decreasing expenses.
    Creating passive income streams like investing in the stock market or affiliate
    marketing can also help personal development. Increasing your income
    allows you to put aside money for a rainy day or other unexpected expenses.
    Reassessing your future costs and planning will enable you to live without
    worrying about your bank account. In the event of loss, sickness, or death,
    proper protection through life insurance, annuities, and other tax-saving
    strategies can give you absolute peace of mind and make you less worried
    about different aspects of life.
  4. Your health is your wealth. First and foremost, get enough sleep. If you’re exhausted, you’ll be less likely to take care of yourself physically. If you’re feeling tired, listen to your body and take a nap before trying to check off the next item on your to-do list. Eat nutritious food regularly so your body will have the fuel to function well. You can skip processed foods, sweets, sodas, and snacks, and opting for healthier options is essential. These merely take energy from the body and keep you from enjoying your freedom. Incorporate movement into your day. A simple stretch or yoga session may be enough, but light strength training, walks, and short hikes are also great options.

Final Thoughts
So, why are you waiting? Start living your life the way you want to today.
You deserve it! Remember that while some of these tips may take some
time, each can be incorporated into any lifestyle to help foster personal
freedom. And please do yourself a favor and find a community that shares
your passions and values. You will never know whom you could meet!

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About the author

Wes Bartell has enjoyed life as a Naval Aviator, a career as a Software Engineer, and retired to become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, it soon became complicated as to what his new role in life would be. Wes enrolled in the MKE course in 2019, and learned how to redefine his life and goals. Wes resides in Coarsegold, California, and is an avid Affiliate Marketing representative who enjoys helping other people be entrepreneurs. Wes became a Certified Guide for the MKE so that he can “pay it forward,” helping others to manifest their health and wealth.

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