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A Harmonious Mental Attitude

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Do you have a Harmonious Mental Attitude? I mean… what is a Harmonious Mental attitude? I often reflect on this.

I wonder why things aren’t going a certain way, or why I’m hitting all the red lights when I am already late, while every lane I get into is traveling below the speed limit? Why my kids are fighting me? Why I’m irritable?

What we think about grows right? So if we are complaining about all that is happening in our life, or the traffic, or just focusing on things to pick out…we are focusing and watering that part of our life. we cannot think negative thoughts 18 hours a day and read and pray for 15 minutes and really expect things to change.

The Obstacle to Harmony

We are still focusing the majority of our daily life on finding the negative, the fault, the woah, excuse…whatever else it is.

What then is Harmony? The dictionary says, ‘agreement or concord. such as “man and machine in perfect harmony”‘.

Being in agreement, okay in agreement with what? This is an easy answer. Be actively and joyfully looking for ways to be of service and in the flow with everyone and everything around you. If you see a need, jump to the task to offer assistance to ease someones struggle.

So many times there needs to be an exchange of something. If I help you, what are you doing for me? That isn’t harmony. Even the Master Teacher tells us to live in Harmony.

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

Romans 12:16

Jesus tells us how to live in Harmony with each other, but then how do we go back to having a Harmonious Mind? Have you ever done something or said something kind or polite, but in your mind you were saying something…not quite so nice?

I used to work with a guy who would say the nicest things and call guys buddy, and how much they appreciate others … He would hang up the phone and throw his phone across the desk cursing and swearing about this $%^&.

If you’re like him and have his mental attitude, you are playing a nice face, but what are the POWER charged emotions that are being thrown around the rest of the time, especially in your head where no one hears you to comment or judge?

“If You wish Harmonious Conditions in your life, you MUST DEVELOP a harmonious mental attitude.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, 14:29

Your thoughts need to be pure, always kind, always helpful, always offering peace, if you want that harmonious mental attitude and have it benefit you as well.

One of my daughters is trying to go 7 days without a negative thought. Sometimes called the 7 day mental diet. Her teacher got them to start this the end of last week. To develop a great mental attitude, she told them, “When you have a negative thought enter your mind, you need to interrupt that thought within 7 seconds and REDIRECT it positively, or replace it.”

Developing a Harmonious Mental Attitude

If you have a negative thought, you start over at day one again. It is in the recognition of what and when it is happening that you are able to break those neuro-pathways and create new connections to healthier and more genuinely positive thoughts.

I know I want to be a more Harmonious person. I always want my words to speak truth, comfort, and support. I want to be in the balance and flow of what is going on around me and be in a harmonious mental attitude, offering service when I can and learning from others as I go through life’s adventures.

This has been a bit of an unharmonious day, and really had me thinking about what I need to focus on to redirect those thoughts into a harmonious mental attitude. I need to find the joy in service.

Always look for the Great in everyday. To CHOOSE to have a great day, we cannot control what happens at us through out the day, but we sure can choose how we react to any of it.

Choose to be in Balance and in Harmony with yourself, your partner, family, friends, God, and all your relationships and interactions, living in a harmonious mental attitude.

harmonious mental attitude

As I go to rest for the evening, I remember that I always have the choice to be in harmony, or to work against the laws of the Universe and the flow of everything. I want to be connected to the Master of all and the Universal. I cannot do that when I am not in harmony, so I develop a Harmonious Mental Attitude.

And when you feel like you need some help in mastering the skills to get to that harmonious mental attitude, join us for the Master Key Experience, a course you cannot pay for, but one that offers amazing gifts of living your best life ever!

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