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A Heavenly Mastermind

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I would like to use the opportunity of my monthly contribution to this great Guide blog site to honor Jane, who decided to leave this physical plane a few weeks ago. I am grateful to honor her as a heavenly mastermind.

The very few details I knew about you, Jane, were enough to let me feel the connection with you: your permanent and irradiating smile, as well as the peaceful and loving spirit that emanated from you were most probably among the main reasons why you became an active servant of the Master Key Experience (MKE).

I feel at ease to affirm this because these characteristics were also present in Danny and Pops, two other MKE guides who preceded you in this path to Heaven last year and the year before.

My Idea for You, Jane, with Pops and Danny

Here is an idea that I thought could be nice to share with you: now that you have freed yourself from time and space and you bathe in infinite love and wisdom, would it be ok to connect with Danny and Pops (or maybe you have done it already?) and see if the three of you could form a mastermind that we down here would call our “Heavenly Mastermind”?

That would be a great gift to add to our other terrestrial resources and would enhance the MKE adventure for all participants: members, guides, blog rovers, staff and instructors included!

For example, one area in which you could be great source of inspiration for us is with one of the Universal Laws, in light of the fact that you are currently living them in full consciousness, which unfortunately is not our case yet! 

Universal Laws in a Heavenly Mastermind

Most people are struggling – consciously or unconsciously – with these Universal Laws, because of their invisibility in the three-dimensional plane of existence, and in the same time their huge impact on it.

To my knowledge, the MKE is the only program which teaches these Universal Laws (what they are, how they work and how to use them in the daily life), and that’s why I believe it would be a tremendous advantage to accelerate our assimilation of these Universal Laws and to increase our ability to teach them to our members.

Just a few days ago, I read a short thought of Mikhael Omraan Aïvanhov, a well-known spiritual teacher in Europe, about the Universal Laws. Here is what he said about it more than 40 years ago:

The Human Being, like the Universe, is governed by Laws, and anyone who goes against these Laws is crushed. Unfortunately, in the entire world, we only see people who believe that with any thought, any feeling or project they will succeed. Well, no, they end up very badly. You might say it is not their fault, that no one taught them. You’d better say that it is them who did not seek to be taught. 

When we earnestly seek, light comes. If you look for a teacher, he will come. But most people mainly look for the satisfaction of their desires and vagaries, and in this quest, they come up against forces that crush them. Up to now, no one could oppose the powers of the Universe, these waves, these rays which cross it. One say to ourselves: “I will defy all these Laws, I will succeed, I will get what I want.” No, we will be crushed.

Mikhael Omraan Aïvanhov

The Ultimate Choice

a heavenly mastermind

We all have the choice between learning and applying the Universal Laws (meaning listening to and following our Higher Self), or ignoring them (meaning staying under the dictatorship of our ignorant Little Ego).

In both cases we will inevitably endorse the consequences of our choice. ALL the consequences, by law!

Real freedom appears when we become drilled to hear and obey our Higher Self, even if we are “under pressure” from our Little Ego.

For example, let’s think of John who has an important task to do for his marketing business. He has worked hard during the whole day, and now he wants to go home and spend some time with his family. He could delay the task until the next morning but a little voice inside of him (the voice of his Higher Self) is telling him: “Do it now!”

Shall he follow this request, even at the price of going back home 45 minutes later, or shall he let his Little Ego decide to go home and ignore his Higher Self?

Note that Mary could have exactly the opposite choice: she is still at work and wants to finish a task before going home, but that would put her 45 minutes later. Her little voice-Higher Self tells her to leave this task and go home NOW!

In their daily lives, John has a tendency to laziness whereas Mary is a workaholic so their respective Little Egos will “do their best” to reinforce these undesirable traits in them and squelch the little voice-Higher Self!

Finding One’s True Freedom

True freedom wins each time the last word is given to the little voice-Higher Self rather than the Little Ego.

If we do yield to the pressure of the Little Ego, we are inexorably approaching the moment we will be crushed by the action of the Universal Laws, which are relentless and infallible.

The MKE beautifully helps us to understand what is going on in this quest to revealing our perfect being inside, personified by our Higher Self and its “Nanny”, the little voice.

Once we have understood, we can start efficiently using the tools that the MKE provides us to get out of the Little Ego dictatorship.

We here in the terrestrial MKE family are in joy and infinite gratitude to imagine you, Jane, joining Danny and Pops in a Heavenly Mastermind and sending us, whenever needed, some pearls of wisdom that will illuminate our path and the path of all members of the MKE.

“We have to do it by ourselves, but we cannot do it alone.”

With love,


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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • Luc, what wonderful parting words for pops, Danny, and, of course, Jane. On the European stage, I can’t think of anyone better suited as a carrier of the MKE philosophy. 🙂

  • Luc, your blog was a great memorial for the members that have passed like: Jane, Danny, and Pops. They were all wonderful people and truly used their gifts to let their light shine. I hope they do create a heavenly mastermind not only with themselves, but with Jesus and all the people that God used in various periods of history. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Luc, I know and love Jane Cox, having been leaders in the same network marketing company, and meeting with her in a Go90Grow MasterMind most Sundays for breakfast/brunch. So I love your idea of her being a part of a “heavenly mastermind” supporting us! I am now asking and listening! 💛 I also know when we seek we find!

  • Such an inspirational blog Luc. So grateful for you honoring Jane, Pops, and Danny! Our connection/mastermind is everlasting.

  • What a tremendous Blessing it is to have people that we know and can trust to support us in our efforts. That love doesn’t just end. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

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