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A New Habit Flows

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Little did I know that habit was such a critical part of my life. Two years ago I had the privilege of sitting through a small group training with a well-known influencer, and he was explaining the metaphor that life was a river.

Many things float down the river bouncing along and riding through life; while others are a little more solid and tend to be in one place for a little longer until heavier waters come and tumble them a little further  downstream, or roll them slowly side after side.

There are still others that choose to make a stand. The choose not to pushed around by the changing fashions and fads, or rolled around by the people around them, or the situations at their work.

There are some people that decide to be strong, stand up for their beliefs and passions, and make a difference. These people are the boulders in the river of life, and as the storms come down, and the waters rush on by, the boulder remains still and forces the water to go around it.

Choose Your Path

Make no mistake that life will be easy when you choose to change your path, and start looking for different results. When you choose to take a stand and really run with an idea, or a project, or belief…THAT is when the flood waters will come! They will come surging towards you, trying to drive you down the river, But that is when you need to put both feet on the ground and say DO IT NOW!!

I was introduced to Master Key Experience (MKE) through a friend about a year ago who was taking the course. I was taking another course called GO90GROW, and I was incredibly overwhelmed and I thought I was drowning in it all and didn’t have enough time.

The MKE Invitation

Fast forward a year and I get an invitation email to apply for a MKE scholarship. I quickly continued through my email as I was too busy to be bothered. I got a text message from my friend asking me if I had sent in an application. I told her I had not and that I didn’t have the time for it. She acknowledged me but I knew she was disappointed and I felt like I had let her down as a friend and a leader. Almost right away I started this internal battle.

  • “I don’t have the time for this.”
  • “I can’t do personal development when I sign up because of someone else.”
  • “I didn’t even finish GO90GROW.”

And I knew in an instant that this was not by chance that this was offered to us, and I knew that this is where I needed to be here right now! I DEFINITELY didn’t have time to do it over, so I better start doing it right.

Committing to a New Habit

Of course by this point it was Wednesday and the applications were due Friday, and I KNEW that there were only a limited number of spots. Praise the Lord, I woke up Saturday and I saw my name on the list. I was TERRIFIED, what in the world did I sign myself up for!!!! By the time I watched the replay of week one, I was starting to get excited. All this work, and daily tasks, but I just felt like this was right where I needed to be, and I knew this is what I needed to be putting my energy into.

I had spent some time studying the Secret, and I mean; really its beautiful. If you can Hold it in your Mind you can Hold it in your Hand! And it is TRUTH! …but it is also only a partial truth. You can absolutely have your hearts desires, with limitation only to yourself; BUT it is not just free or for nothing. There is always balance and where there is a ‘push’ there is a ‘pull’.

I have been trying to meditate for a while now, before MKE, and I am regaining my control of the body. The mind on the other hand that has been the hard part. I have been focusing on the positive, and things being okay, and really trying to avoid the negative thoughts, financials, and overwhelming feelings. I felt like I was doing a tiny bit better at really trying to see the big picture, and understanding that it is all habit, and creating the culture for our every powerful subby. I was focusing on my definite major purpose (DMP), balance, and peace.

My Car as Teacher


I have had a car that has really been riding on a prayer for a while. And this has been one of the areas in my life that i had really been focusing my energies and I have been trying to keep my cool, and know that it will work out. I am a blue and can be quite dysfunctional at times, but I have been trying.

My mantra has been it will last until we have the means to replace it. It will last until we have the means to replace it, …I actually found peace in it and I truly believed it. I am driving home for lunch and it die! Beyond repair dies.

At face value I took it really well. I was extremely grateful that it died in a safe place, no harm, no accident or injury. As the few weeks have come past it has become more and more of an underlying thorn.

What’s wrong? I tried so hard, I truly believed!!! I realized this week that that I was using the Secret version of thinking and not MKE.

  • Was I in harmony with everything around me?
  • Was I full of accumulative consciousness or scattered consciousness?
  • Did I want my world within to brought forth to this world without?

MKE is No Bird Course

The Master Key Experience takes more perseverance than time, and more self management than control.  I had tried to read the scrolls 3x a day before, and I would get about a day maybe 2…and that wasn’t even completing 3x a day. We set ourselves up for failure when we say one thing and do another. As Mark said this week…anyone CAN do the daily tasks, and anyone can choose NOT to do them.

It is often true that conditions of fear, worry, poverty, disease, in harmony and evils of all kinds dominate us by reason of false suggestions accepted by the unguarded subconscious mind.

All this the trained conscious mind can entirely prevent by its vigilant protective action. It may properly be called “the watchman at the gate” of the great subconscious domain.  2:14 -Haanel

Good Habits

This all came together this week with what false and destructive suggestions my subconscious has been feeding on for so long. The amount of conditioning  where fear, stress, and poverty lie; it was no wonder with the unguarded subby as it has been that there isn’t all anarchy. It is time to secure the gate and take subby back!

For if I am to create the world without that I truly believe is my future, its time to take back control, and to recondition with GOOD HABITS, so the world within can be crystal clear on the main thing.

I am enjoying my reading and my daily tasks and I welcome the beautiful future.

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About the author

Candy guides you to determining the balance between family, dreams, work and fun with the Master Key Experience. Finding the oxygen for your soul, mapping your goals, and living your ideal life.

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  • Candy, I enjoyed your blog and all the great reminders of what MKE teaches. I really agree with you on the importance of seeing the big picture, understanding the concept of good habits replacing the bad ones, and creating the right culture to combat the challenges of life. Am I focusing on my DMP and the areas I want to change? Am I in harmony with everything in my world? Or am I letting scattered consciousness take over my daily routine. Thanks for getting my mind thinking on these things. How do you specifically take back the control, so that the world within can be crystal clear on the main thing?

  • I love the analogy of the boulder in the river! Yes, that is me! Like the birds sitting on a branch, their faith is in their wings. My faith is in my stance, as a blouder. The flood may serge, but the boulder stays firm. Thank you, Candy! Great blog!

  • Great blog Candy! I liked “MKE takes more perseverance than time, and more self management than control”. So many of self- and personal developing courses is about taking control of the mind. And many of them are just something you do there and then, but back home you go back to old habits with time, and the inspiration you got on the course is just a very nice memory, or fragments that you use little here and there. To go thru MKE is learning for life and discover who you really are. Thank you for your humble sharing!

  • It’s pretty easy to tell, Candy, the way the conditions are in the world of late that for most people the watchman at the gate have been allowed fear, worry, poverty, disease, and evils of all kinds to dominate! Thanks for letting us know there is a different direction we all can go! 🙂

  • Candy, thank you for your blog. You are taking control of your life. You did such a nice job of explaining why we need to take control of our lives as well. Blog rover friend John.

  • Love the boulder analogy. I agree that if we want to be authentic, and if we want to attract the right things to us, we have to decide what is worth taking a stand for and stand for it. Great description of your experience with the course!

  • Thanks for this post Candy. I deeply appreciated listening to you reading this right now on Clubhouse. I’m taking this into my sit tonight – is “my world within crystal clear” on what my ideal life is..🥰

  • Thank you, Candy, for being vulnerable and having sweet humility and self-awareness to recognize needed change and courage to do the work to make it happen.

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