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A New Identity: When Change Is Good

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18 years ago I left Mexico to arrive with my family in Texas. Living far from my hometown was already difficult. Even more difficult was the distance between my family, my mother, my sisters and brothers. I missed the food, the music, the people among so many things.

I went to Mexico as a summer trip with my children and while celebrating my mother’s birthday. It is always comforting to see your loved ones again. On the one hand, the family has grown. Now there are new family members and also with sadness those who have already left are remembered.

Returning home has always brought unforgettable moments where there are festivities, parties and celebrations everywhere, tequila, mariachi and dancing.

This summer was different, of course I was happy to return. But something was different, the food is still delicious and especially what my mom cooks. The house had some repairs done, but it’s not that either.

Everything stays the same, but I keep feeling something different, something that doesn’t fit. In the end I admit it, nothing changed, I changed.

With all the experience lived in the Master Key Experience as a participant and now as a guide there is definitely a change in me and it shows. Not only do I feel it, but also my family sees it and felt it.

“How have you changed?” some said in a claiming tone, because I no longer agreed to the same type of coexistence — where partying with excess tequila was the rule, and singing mariachi music where they talk about heartbreak and poor me are no longer in my repertoire. Well, nnow I understand that words have power and I don’t want to go back to the same place I was in for singing songs with so much feeling that they seem not to harm.

Of course I had fun, I sang, I danced and I even drank tequila, but now for the pleasure and internal joy… not to feel happy and cheerful for a moment and the next day to feel bad for what I did or said.

Despite the changes, the family is a pillar of constant support, and for those who noticed me differently and were intrigued by my new way of facing life, I shared with them my experience in this self-discovery program, “The Master Key Experience” and they encouraged me to move on.

I now know that internal transformation can bring challenges and growth and the various reactions that can arise around change, ranging from criticism to support, can only be handled when we are true to ourselves and not accept going back to the cement to look good with some who really are not interested in me at the end of the party.

Returning home after experiencing personal changes can be a powerful journey. The internal evolution is reflected in how you relate to family, words and music! As I come to terms with my new identity, I want to remember that the road can be filled with challenges, but also with joy and exciting discoveries. My journey to self-discovery continues!

“Let others build a cave with their clay. I build a castle with mine.”

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

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  • Beautiful post Maria! So grateful for the Master Key Experience course and learning the skills to be true to ourselves and let go of being concerned about what others may think. When we are true to our authentic nature, life is a joy and we experience peace of mind and harmony.

  • Oh, Maria! I share your experience “going home” after so much has changed internally for us because of the amazing journey of self-discovery that is the MKE. One of my relatives told me dismissively that we’ve all “drunk the coolaid” and made fun of the Color Code insights that have so enriched our lives now. I am so glad that we also have this new family, this new MasterMind, because each and every one DOES understand and not only that, cheers us on! And we hopefully are beacons for our stuck families who can’t seem to get what everyone seems to want–a better tomorrow. MKE could show them how they’re sabotaging that and how we’ve learned not to! Thanks for sharing this.

  • It’s great that the family members with who you shared your experience with the Master Key encouraged you to move on…I hope they also realized that they could do it too! Thank you for sharing your personal experience on the effects of change!

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