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A Speedy Autonomous Mechanism to Create Miracles

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The exercises given to the participants of the Master Key Experience have the capacity to create miracles. For some people it happens fast, some slower.

With devotion to yourself going through the process of all that is offered during the 6 months, where you are committed to engaging the course work like your life depended on it, you are investing in yourself beyond most other investments and becoming a speedy autonomous mechanism of manifestation.

Discover the place where science meets spirituality.

The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspect of the entire Master Key Experience brings to fulfilment, (as I said before, if you are devoted to yourself enough to maintain the devotion), a whole new world.

Build the foundation before building the fancy stuff on top. Create the rock of faith in oneself, then the subsequent dreams arise as real manifestations that come to fruition.

Build on the Rock
“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand:

Matthew 7:24-26

People often look at high achievers and wonder how they achieve all that they do. It’s almost like they know how to create miracles.

Were they born blessed with good genes, born into money so their life was easy, do they have more intelligence than others, is there a secret formula that they follow?

Well, all of these can be true and some can be learnt.


Find your passion, whether it’s helping others building their dream, or something you choose to build, turning your hobby into a money making machine or inventing something new, it all starts with passion.

If you don’t feel passion, how do you discover it? Firstly, let’s consider where that young child who had dreams and aspirations has gone. What happened to you along the way? What crushed your dreams? Where did you make that left turn where are you really wanted to make a right turn?

All these aspects are to ponder.

Take a moment right now.

Whilst you are pondering, allow yourself to start to dream once again.


Every good tradesmen has tools. Where would the carpenter be without their tools?
How does the carpenter learn how to use the tools most effectively to create precise and beautiful structures?

They are taught! Sometimes they can be self taught other times they receive teachings. MKE is an ‘awakener’ in providing the tools in which to open up your capacity to creation.


Have you ever wondered how an artist can create such amazing creations? Many of them can ‘see in their minds’ eye’ as a visualisation what they desire to create, or it unfolds in front of them as they take action. Where does that capacity come from?

How can you expand your mind and senses enough to create your innermost dreams and desires? How do you find the key to unlock all that is your natural birthright?

You were born to create and manifest desire.

Discover a deep transformation within your being, your own essence, no longer requiring effort.


Intuition is a tool. You learn how to use it, firstly you believe in yourself and have confidence in what your intuition is telling you is right for you.

Another word for intuition is ‘gut feeling’.

How often have you acted upon your gut feeling or ignored it?

Learn how to use the tool of intuition and your dreams start to manifest.


Time gives us many things. When we take the time for ourselves, (not to sit and watch TV, or scroll, through social media), real-time, to let the mind be free of limitation and constraint, amazing things can happen as we exercise our imagination and intuition.

We have so much time, yet, we waste so much time. Learning how to use our time better creates the rock on which to build our empire. Learn time management and get a grasp of your life. Many a dynamic person states they learnt the art of time. There is a wisdom waiting for us.


We all, at some stage, you want to be Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier. What is preventing us? Mostly ignorance, hence needing to understand your passion, the tools, creation, intuition, time management and importantly the desire to have these.

The mind plays tricks on us. It frequently holds on to old belief patterns, of which we may know not where they came from. These patterns are etched deeply into our subconscious and we live them, not realising they are not ‘real’ in the present moment.
They sometimes have the ability to bury our desires, under a pile of rubble of our own making.

The Master Key Experience course digs you out of the rubble, dusts you off and helps you to find your innate desire for happiness, health, wealth and creation. All of these link together in a fully accomplished life.


I’ve heard many a ‘spiritually inclined person’ say they have no desire for money, not realising money is just ‘life-force’.

What you give out, you receive back, money is an exchange and in this manifest world, it is a currency.

Giving and Receiving on many levels, not just money, makes the world go around.
Unleash your desire for an amazing life once again, be the person of your dreams and desires. Feel the gratification of a manifest life, helping others as you help yourself.

Let the Master Key Experience be your guiding light.

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About the author

Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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  • Peaches! I love this–it’s full of compelling WHYs as well as HOW TOs in our wondering how miracles get created, especially for ourselves individually. I especially love this line, a great description of the Master Key Experience: “Discover the place where science meets spirituality.” Thank you so much for writing this.

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