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A Vivid Thought/In Meditation

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“A vivid thought (meditation) brings the power to paint it; and in proportion to the depth of its source is the force of its projection.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My friend recently gave me $50, saying, “you’ll know what to do with this” – only thing was he’d left it in the pocket of his shorts he had carefully steam-ironed, so it looked like one of those microwaved potato chip packet experiments. Two carpet snakes (almost 3 meters in length) live in the canopy above my bed and had recently shed their skin & left their gift draped over the end of my bedroom desk. 

My most recent sit (meditation) was watching in my minds eye a seed embracing its future-flourishing, at the same time, destroying its protective seed-coat & how our values, attitude, priorities, focus, mental and emotional states, environment, all frame our perceptual lens.

From an outsider’s viewpoint of that initial unravelling seed-covering it seems to be devastation. From my perspective, the old blueprint (the melted $50) combined shed snakeskin (a symbol for growth and transmutation) made an interesting collage to frame.

I know my interior orientation shifts my worldview, “I can be what I will to be” expands the horizons of my story-scape bigtime & I have watched that play out in my life many times.  

The universe is so achingly beautiful

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

WB Yeats

Our world is quietly patiently waiting for our senses to come alive to the abundance of magical things it holds. The greatest I seek is in me already – let it magnificently shine… sparkle delightfully…

Making friends with the ‘mysterious essence that never sleeps’ has played a big role in my life, continues to be a powerful focal lens and is an amazing adventure into the wilderness that lies within me and my surrounding unfolding worlds. 

On my first year Master Key Experience application I wrote the following:

 “My biggest challenge right now is…understanding and refining my core driving motive (my ‘life sentence’) and flexing it to create a lifetime adventure inspiring billions in a prosperous (abundance of what is held ideal in mind and dear to heart) way.”

meditation sit

During a recent sit…

I felt a deep tingling thrill & a shift from “… ‘inspires’ billions in a prosperous way…” to “…‘nurtures’ billions in a prosperous way…”. Every passing moment immerses me deeper into this.  Moving from visionary to the architecture of creating the vision, marks a definite transition & understanding how my brain & emotions affect my body, trains my brain to find and know my mind.

With the benefit of insight into my hindsight, I gently smile at how I was falling into the endless trap of rehashing a significantly ‘remastered’ version of my current life in my head. Drat & bother, & at the same time – wonder of wonders!

As the world of illusions around and in me tears apart masquerading realities, it’s generating a tenderness at the wrenching points; at times, the very core of me. 

Tender, oh so exquisitely tender, is my soul in change as I realise the deeper story in my heart. 

It’s time to treasure-hunt that deeper story & stillness holds the key. This calls for a massive ‘de-frag’ of unnecessary energy expenditure and a deeper dive into the hunt for sacrifices I can trade for Still-time.

The Silence in Still-time transcends the physical & is:






richly alive…

space for thinking…

winging it in the wisdom of my stillness…

My life is for giving and living in that gift.


In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen scoffed at the notion of impossible. This week, I’ll adopt her strategy for a week and think 6 impossible things before breakfast, opening to possibilities and magic everywhere.

This week’s experiment for me is for me to adopt an attitude of welcoming all possibilities, give each of them a shape and look for the key/hidden open door within that quality to unlock the sleeping power and bridge to my goal linked with each of the shapes…

Every single person who comes into my path is a messenger… a sacred messenger. It’s time to listen, take some great notes & activate them…

Even though fear may show up trying to be: 

False Events Appearing Real, complete with its ‘terror shut-down fight/flight potentiality’, & powerful in-my-face triggers, 

I am opting for:

Fantastic Events/Emotions Approaching Reality, 



I am the author of my own life. 

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself, I do

and it’s never too late to replace the stories I tell myself and the world,

start that new chapter, 

write that twist in my plot…. 

infinitely better than going plotless…

or flip to a completely different landscape. 

I Whistle the Tune! 

Welcoming all possibilities is about:

  • the ideas that never existed until everyone/thing enters the room & focuses together… 
  • opening to that emergent mysterious force. 
  • getting over myself and realising I am surrounded by miracles everywhere…
  • adopting the “Albert Einstein stance-there are only 2 ways to live life…”

either as though nothing is a miracle …


you guessed it!

The act of grace that bursts the bubble…

live as though everything is a miracle…

imagine that…!

do it,

do it,

doing it now…

I woke up this morning excited,

with tears in my eyes, so deeply grateful,

beyond gratitude, 

like bubbling wellsprings of joy,

I felt life forgiving, 


living in the gift,

my world, 

& every other part of that symphonic tapestry.. 

including you !

This Week

I am taking into my sits: a seed embracing its future-flourishing entails unravelling & destruction of its seed-coat. (An outsider’s viewpoint of that initial unravelling seed-covering sees it as devastation)

What I’m doing: refining my DMP- diving deeper & writing some more of my 1000yr plan (it’s in phases)

What I’m giving: drafting my next 5yr giving legacy-($, mentoring, resources, connections, focused sits), a 2021MKE scholarship

What I’m learning about: exploring shadow trauma archetype and refusal of the return in the hero’s journey

De-frag Question I’m asking myself: where in my life am I running stories from external sources or conditioning? – working with, wondering, exploring, dampening my ‘opinions narrative’, coaxing it (my dorso lateral pre-frontal cortex) into having a ‘lie down’ and ‘zipping’ so I can listen to my world whispering to me ..

Daily seeds for me to water in the garden of my being:

I love listening to my own voice read by Definite Major Purpose (DMP), movie trailer and press release interviews. My magic shapes on the dashboard of my car glisten into the windscreen, as my DMP & I coalesce when I am driving.

Every step of my daily walks immerses me into my extraordinary unfolding dharma.

My sub-conscious, the wonderful ever-wakeful mysterious essence, peacefully cocoons me quietly drifting into my sleep, a sacred space of deep rejuvenating rest, nurturing me gently into the world I am becoming. She is unmoving, quietly still and always there for me, during my sits, day or night.

I greet this day with love in my heart, and I walk this world in open wonder of the magic of the space unfolding around me…

including you !

I wish you a magnificent magical day full of the beauty of your unfolding manifesting DMP xx

The cover image is titled “Transmuting old blueprints” by Janet Josie Blake – artist & owner – a simple collage of an Australian $50 note melt (it was accidentally ironed) on a bed of shed carpet snakeskin.

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About the author

JJ is dedicated to be with you every step of the way as you create the lifestyle that you love and the life of your dreams, so that you can focus on what makes you come alive & what matters most to you in your life and in the world.

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  • JJ, thank you for your blog. What a special invitation to each of us, “To live as though everything is a miracle”. From your fellow blog rover friend John.

  • JJ your blog was exquisite. I enjoyed how your words just flowed into beautiful poetic phrases on how you felt about the day, “I greet this day with love in my heart and I walk this world in open wonder of the magic of the space unfolding around me…. or other things. You really have a gift with your words and thanks so much for sharing them. What are your daily seeds to water in the garden of your being?

  • JJ, what can I say that can adequately embody the degree of praise, the degree of appreciation, the degree of thankful gratitude filling my mind, heart and soul, after feasting on this #MKE, #masterkeyexperience, #nothinglikeit banquet you’ve lovingly set before us? Perhaps, the resonating stillness at the
    center of every torus within the unified field says it all, and only that is enough. 🙂

  • Lovely post and so lovely to read/hear and share in your thoughts! I can relate to so much… love of MKE of course, and the metaphors you use… and I LOVE Alice and quote from it often (It’s even on my website.) 😀 Love the quotes that you used here all throughout! Thank you!

  • Also love that you shared the shift that came to you from “inspire” to “nurture.” I love that that happens during meditation- or the sit. Just the right insights come to us. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts JJ! It was so inspiring to read and specially to “live as though everything is a miracle”. That reminds me of not only that great miracles can happen (because they can) but also to appreciate the small things in life as miracles (because they are). When I was a child could I sit and watch a spider weaving its net. I felt such a fascination for this procedure with the net in progress and thought that they were miracles with their complexity and the spider too with its patience and accuracy. I think our lives become more easier and more magnificant with this childish WOW-feeling.

    • aloha Monica & thank you ! for the inspiration and reminder to sit quietly with a spider while it’s weaving its magic – where I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia there are lots of garden varieties outside just simply doing their thing. As you point out, there’s much magnificence in that – love to you 🙂

  • I loved these words from your blog, JJ.

    “Every single person who comes into my path is a messenger… a sacred messenger. It’s time to listen, take some great notes & activate them…”

    It’s like the people we meet are the seeds we sow. How we experience these people is how we choose to see ourselves.

    Recently, I was having a chat with a mindset coach and I shared with her that I used to do a network marketing business. I had been successful with it but the people attracted to my team seemed too needy and consumed too much of my time. I mentioned to her that these women were a reflection of me. However, she spun it around and said maybe these women were inspired by your leadership and you gave them hope they could become independent just like you.

    I hadn’t seen this point from this angel and I went away feeling bigger, stronger, and whole as the woman I have become over the years.

    • I am so glad that you went away feeling bigger, stronger, and whole as the woman you have become over the years.

  • “Our world is quietly patiently waiting for our senses to come alive to the abundance of magical things it holds. The greatest I seek is in me already – let it magnificently shine… sparkle delightfully…”. We just need to show up!

  • I love your blog JJ! It is wonderfully inspiring and your voice makes it absolutely come alive. I truly enjoy listening to you read your blog. Thanks for that gift and for the beautiful time you’ve given us who are listening and those who will be listening at the replay of your reading. Appreciate you so much! Thanks again.

  • “The greatness I seek is already in me” has to be one of the most profound statements and realizations that the Master Key Experience reveals. Thank you for sharing this concept so vividly.

  • Wow! JJ, your post is full of delightful insights for me. I especially loved “The universe is so achingly beautiful” and your calling it “be-cause. ” And what a pic! Thank you SO much.

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