Want to Know How to Achieve What you Truly Desire?

Have you ever...

  • Tried to manifest dreams and goals with little success, kept working hard and still fell short?
  • Bought multiple great books, maybe read a few? Are they sitting on your shelf collecting dust and you have no idea how it worked so well for others?
  • Taken a SELF - help course that kept squeezing you to pay more and more in order to get help from someone else - only to be  passed off to others who spoke from a script, not from their successful experience?
  • Watched your dreams, day-by-day, drift further from reach, turning the corner to hopelessness?

You're not alone - we’ve all been there!  

All of the Master Key Experience guides know what it's like to run into that wall of “quiet desperation” that holds us back from the happiness and success our hearts truly desire.

first, Let us tell you...

Our Story

All of us remember the day we hesitantly raised our hand and paid the one dollar scholarship application to join the Master Key Experience as a student.  As we did the work, followed the course and completed our weekly assignments, a transformation took place.

Within only a few weeks, most of us realized we were getting much closer to our dreams and knew we would never look back. The results were inspiring!

Now, we choose to serve.  We discovered for ourselves - and want to share with others - a world of harmony where people live the amazing lives they were born to live.  When you become a Master Key Experience guide you love the process of watching people unleash the heroes and heroines within.  

We can't wait to share life with our ever increasing family of self-directed thinkers, competent, happy, successful creators across the planet. The Certified Guides for the Master Key Experience are ready to help you learn to stretch your potential and achieve your dreams.  Are you ready?

Listen to what they say...

Luc Griffet - MKE Master Guide


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Julia Standish - MKE Blog Rover

Montana USA

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Nancy Ottinger - MKE Master Guide

Kansas USA

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Now it's your turn to raise your hand...

There are a limited number of pre-paid scholarships (from the generosity of last year’s students) available.  Get on the early notification list now.  

You can’t buy this course!  Six months of weekend webinars, a little homework, access to us, and a true mastermind community await you.

 Most importantly, your dreams are calling.  Time to answer the call!