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Accountability is Key to The 7 Critical Business-Building Activities

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Accountability changes everything. Here’s WHY.

Nothing builds character like working towards a worthwhile DREAM. You have to dig deep to complete each step. You lean on your own personal integrity to push through each day, even when the going gets tough. And the reward, you ask?

At the end of the journey, you have changed. You believe in yourself more. You know you have got what it takes to get things done. You are ready to look even further ahead for your next accomplishment.

Life simply becomes more fulfilling! Yes?

And one important principle can supercharge these markers of personal success: ALLOWING SOMEONE ELSE TO HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!


Growing personally by letting someone else hold you accountable may sound counterintuitive at first. Accountability really does make all the difference – both in reaching your goals and in assisting you to change yourself for the better.

I believe in accountability and mentoring people to realize they know their own answers; accountability helps us to find the greatness within ourselves and move towards the best version we can be for today.

Becoming the person you want to be takes clear goals and consistent effort, like building any business. You are bound to run into slowdowns and tough challenges no matter how hard and smart you work. However, if you can stay focused on your goals and make wise decisions at every step, you can emerge from that adversity further ahead, smarter and stronger than you entered.

The difference? Accountability.

Without it, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and it’s really hard to stay committed to consistent activity day after day.

  • If you don’t have to report on today’s activities tomorrow, how closely are you going to measure your progress and record each small victory?
  • If you are not planning on being accountable for your efforts, slowly you take time each week to step back, examine your progress, set next week’s goals and detail your daily activities.
  • If not, how can you put in the consistent daily effort it takes to grow?

Don’t worry! You are in a great place. Start Today!

You already have everything you need to build a thriving business and grow yourself and your income! You have a strong WHY, a passion for helping others enhance their lives, and an entire company behind you. Your key to business and personal growth is simply sustained, consistent activity – and such activity is made possible by accountability.


ACCOUNTABILITY is the principle that kicks all 7 Critical Business Building Activities.

Focus on and repeatedly do these 7 activities day after day and week after week.

  • 1. Build Your Contact List
  • 2. Make calls/Set appointments
  • 3. Do the Overview/meeting
  • 4. Hold Strategy Sessions
  • 5. Celebrate Success
  • 6. Always be involved – keep Up!
  • 7. Lead by Example

These sure supercharge the process of your growth. Always have a team to work with and stay accountable to like how we learn in the “Think and Grow Rich Program.”

Fact, it’s only people who let others hold them accountable that their growth really begins!

All I had to succeed was my mindset saying “I am successful,” my own work ethic, self-motivation, and determination to follow through. It was tough to block out the “nah slayers,” but now it’s just so much fun!

I managed to find ways to stretch myself and tap into the power of accountability to keep myself going. Imagine the sheer joy of finding the journey of “The Master Key Experience,” where partnership, team support, mentorship, and accountability are all part of your personal growth and creating life on your terms.

This is called EMPOWERMENT and great personal ACHIEVEMENT!

If I am not careful with my daily/weekly schedule, I too can get caught up in the land of procrastination and that rest we know too well. However, having an accountability partner can keep each on track. I often have different ones for various tasks/ or projects. Needless to say, I am always proud and happier when I am accomplishing my goals; therefore, learned to love accountability on a whole new level. L.O.L


Having someone else hold you accountable for your daily business-building activities is a good idea, and also, a fundamental principle of consistent growth. You can read books, go to workshops/seminars on self-improvement and study good business practices. The beauty of taking the Master Key Experience is you learn what they teach and put it into practice. In my experience – partner up and you are most likely to reach your goals!

That’s if you have it in you to stay accountable to your partner…. Gotta, ask how bad do you want this?!?!

When you are deep in your daily activities, it’s easy to lose sight of your overall goals and even easier to begin making ineffective decisions. Your accountability partner is there to keep you aligned with your goals by assisting you to stay centered on the wisest course. They are able to say to you, “No Coasting allowed!” After you have reached a milestone or procrastinate, when there’s a hurdle to cross! And they’ll be able to measure your progress much more objectively than you’ll ever be able to do.
Plus, you certainly do not want to let them down after they have graciously agreed to be your accountability partner! That quirk of human nature alone can serve as a powerful motivator for
you to stay on track even before you fully believe in yourself.


If you want to succeed time after time in reaching your goals, you need to find an accountability partner. Cannot think of anyone to ask? Ask me, or better yet, jog your memory by asking

  • Who are five people you would trust with your life?
  • Who loves and respects you enough to hold you accountable for your goals?
  • Who has a similar desire to change their own life by building a business?

Write those names down. Your new accountability partner could very well be on that list!

The “Master Key Experience” provides the ideal environment for partnering up with someone who understands the importance of consistently doing the 7 Critical Business-Building Activities.

We got a lot to learn – and a lot to accomplish. By keeping accountability front and center as you work on building your business and improving yourself personally, your progress be more surefooted and rewarding.

Accountability is a vehicle that assists me in moving toward my goals more effectively and more efficiently. Interestingly enough, it’s what makes the journey a lot more fun!


It’s no secret that an accountability partner is a critical factor in reaching your goals. In fact, research by the Association for Talent Development found that committing to someone else that you shall accomplish your goal increases the probability of success to 65%!

Then adding regular, scheduled appointments with your accountability partner increases the probability of success to as high as 95%.

When you partner up to accomplish a goal, your partner assists you to be on track. They provide suggestions and support. They care about your success. They encourage you to heights you may not be able to reach on your own.

Accountability adds structure for consistent activity.

That consistent activity leads to great work habits that can lead to impressive long-term results.

Just remember to do what you love!

Join the Master Key Experience today to help you get there. Your dreams are waiting!

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About the author

As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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