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5 Ingredients to Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

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The life of your dreams awaits!

Make the pattern clear and make it beautiful; do not be afraid; make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any one but yourself; you are not limited as to cost or material; draw on the Infinite for your supply, construct it in your imagination; it will have to be there before it will ever appear anywhere else.

Haanel 7

Charles Haanel certainly has some critical observations in the classic Master Key System, the reading of which is a centerpiece process of the Master Key Experience (MKE):

This is another psychological fact which is well known, but unfortunately, reading about it will not being about any result which you may have in mind; it will not even help you to form the mental image, much less bring it into manifestation. Work is necessary- labour, hard mental labour, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.”

Haanel 7.4

This seems to be one of those reminders that I am ALWAYS in need of…

NO LIMITATION can be placed upon you by ANY ONE but yourself.

Let me just slow down and read that one again, really let it sink in. I mean even if I think that someone else is the one that is limiting me, it is really myself that is allowing them to put these limitations on me. I can be what I will to be, and by the opposite of such, I can be JUST as much NOT. Once again we are back to where am I putting the power and the faith?

Five ingredients follow to achieve the life of your dreams:

1. Mental Labour = Glow + Sparkle

Nothing is free, nothing is handed to us, there is always work that is involved. and Haanel makes it clear here that this is no exception. That our Dharma does require work; hard mental labour. When Haanel wrote this there was work ethic and most people know the value of a hard days work….even still he felt the need to say that so few are willing to put forth this work.

This was a hundred years ago, man has gotten nothing but lazier, and weaker. How many less there are now, that even glance down the road less traveled.

John Wooden concurred: Part of it is practice, and the rest is work.”

This is why it is so important to really sit and find what makes you glow and sparkle. You need to find what fuels your fire. No one wants to work everyday, so you need to make sure that you LOVE what you are doing.

Find what fuels your fire and passion, what makes it feel like you AREN’T working.

Find that and run with it.

If you are chasing what makes your soul ache, why would you ever quit? Why would you ever say stop? Why would you ever let any one else control you or limit you?

“The inventor visualizes his idea in exactly the same manner, for instance, Nikola Tesla, he with the giant intellect, one of the greatest inventors of all ages, the man who has brought forth the most amazing realities, always visualizes his inventions before attempting to work them out. He did not rush to embody them in form and then spend his time in correcting defects. Having first built up the idea in his imagination, he held it there as a mental picture, to be reconstructed and improved by his thought.

“In this way,” he writes in the Electrical Experimenter. “I am enabled to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of, and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete, the product of my brain. Invariably my devise works as I conceived it should; in twenty years there has not been a single exception.

If you can conscientiously follow these directions, you will develop Faith, the kind of Faith that is the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”; you will develop confidence. the kind of confidence that leads to endurance and courage; you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to exclude all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose.” Haanel 7. 10-11

2. Be Like Iron Man

As I read this passage from Haanel, I can see Marvel’s own Tony Stark standing in his room with a computer screen in front of him as he pulls pieces off of his blueprint in front of him and throws them in the garbage can. I can see him pulling things apart, and throwing new ideas in, and taking this piece off, and adding this over and over, until he has it right!

Till everything is PERFECT.

Now when the item is put into manufacture, there are no errors to fix, no miscalculations, because all of the planning and thought process went in the beginning.

The errors were found before they could cause an issue, and before they were even constructed. Now sure, Tony isn’t real, and his computer Jarvis, may still be something that most of us are just dreaming about…but we have a Jarvis in our Brain that is millions of times more complex then Tony’s computer.

Our Jarvis can create magic out of air, out of thought, and intention. Our Jarvis can intentionally create every single day we live and everything we do.

Is it not wonderful that man has such tremendous power within himself, such transcendental faculties concerning which he had no conception? Is it not strange that we have been taught to look for strength and power “without”? We have been taught to look everywhere but “within” and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.

Haanel 7.19

3. Listen, Observe and Learn

Our entire world is built on help, or teaching, or guiding. We do not raise our children to think that they can do EVERYTHING. We teach them to listen, observe, and learn. We learn from our parents, our teachers, our family, but very rarely do we really teach our children, dig in and try a little harder you have it buried in you somewhere.

When our kids are toddlers, everything they do we praise, they crawl and it is praise. Hold themselves up for the first time, and its praise. They wobble a step or two and it is praise. They fall down and it is praise.

We are constantly building up that, YOU CAN DO IT! You have the power, but I feel like somewhere around the ‘terrible twos’ (what a great way to look at things, lol as we know how powerful words really are…) we seem to stop focusing on the power within and start looking to those around us to learn.

If I had a dollar for every time my twenty one year old told me he was never taught something I would be rich lol. Yes, of course there are lots of things that we can use a teacher to learn, but as Og Mandino in The Greatest Salesman says in Scroll 1:

“Nature already has supplied me with knowledge and instinct far greater than any beast of the forest and the value of experience is overrated.”

4. Know “I Have the Power”

God gave us the ability to learn, absorb, and just KNOW what we need to do. Our brain was super charged with the knowledge we need for when we need it. Like I was talking about last week, we need to have the belief that we are capable. That again, without a shadow of a doubt, I HAVE THE POWER. I have the ability to do. I just have to look inward.

For instance, a man is in debt. He will be continually thinking about the debt, concentrating on it, and as thoughts are causes the result is that he not only fastens the debt closer to him, but actually creates more debt. He is putting the great law of Attraction into operation with the usual and inevitable result – Loss leads to greater “Lose.”

Haanel 7.23

5. Abide by the Law of Growth

What you focus on will grow. It doesn’t matter what it is, it will grow. If you pray earnestly, is that not to bring about that which you have prayed for, or about? Prayer, meditation, focus of thought of any manner all result in the same result, more of whatever has been focused on. We may not be praying for more debt, of course that sounds silly, but if we are dwelling on it, and constantly running it through our mind, that is what we are focusing or praying over.

Make sure that your thoughts are full or love and light, and of positive intention. So many times we have talked about the importance of our language, and this is exactly why.

The 7-Day Mental Diet isn’t just a fleeting thought or program to try. This reinforces the material that you are creating your future out of. This helps to focus all thought so on the positive and growth, and to manifest the most beautiful material for your future. Please click here for more MKE info which will change your life forever.

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  • Candy, I love how, in your personal bio, you describe yourself as helping us “find oxygen” for our soul. Your writing here does that in such a powerful way. I loved your Haanel quotes, as well as your reminder about avoiding negative thoughts if our “hard mental labor” is really going to give us the life of our dreams. Well done!

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