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2 Options, 1 Choice: Achieve Your Goals with MKE

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Have you done numerous courses to improve yourself, but are still looking for something that will bring lasting change, to help you achieve your goals?

You have survived the firewalk? Now what!?

In 2000, I took my son to a Tony Robbins event. We both really enjoyed it and both did the firewalk. I joined a local group designed to help people reconnect and implement the lessons from the event going forward. This fizzled out as obviously the local people weren’t Tony Robbins with his charismatic charms. This left me still searching for something that would have a lasting impact on my life. I was looking for something which would last longer than a weekend or a few months. I was looking for something that could bring lasting change.

At that stage, I thought that I had to learn from people who were more experienced than me. So where I had a desire to be living a different life I had to change the external influences.

Isn’t that how life worked?

Self-Determination to Achieve Your Goals

I had previously come across the idea that I was more responsible for my circumstances. How could this possibly be? How would you even choose some of the things in your life if it was up to you? How could I apply the notion they fed me to “achieve your goals”? Particularly around things like relationships and money. I had promptly dismissed this idea because it didn’t fit with my experience. What did fit with my experience was the idea of taking massive action and if I was being truthful, where had that brought me?

I dabbled with thinking only positive thoughts. This was really challenging to either learn from a book or practice by yourself.

Enter MKE

After diving into the Master Key Experience (MKE), I learned that my thoughts have a huge impact on my life. A far bigger impact on my life than I had realized. It was great going through the MKE training. In the course, you have webinars where you can speak directly to the organizers’ Mark and Davene. You are also in a group of people going through the same experience. You can discuss and share your experiences with them and with your Guide. This all helps you to get the most out of the course.

New Blueprint

MKE is designed to help you become a self-directed thinker and to give you a blueprint for you to live your life. It helps you to recognize how your current circumstances have come about and how you can change that going forward

This course evolves over the course of about 6 months and I have benefited from it by:

  • Noticing my thoughts
  • Focusing on where my attention goes
  • Realising that I can shape my future
  • Moving out of living in fear of something I didn’t want to happen happening
  • Deciding it is up to me to feel happy
achieve your goals

2 Options, 1 Choice

I have done both the firewalk and MKE. It has been vastly easier to implement what I have learned from MKE into my everyday actions. As a result, I can say for certain: I have seen longer-lasting changes after taking the MKE.

What if you:

  • had a choice?
  • didn’t have to live in fear?
  • found another way?

Would you take it if you had a chance, would you notice it. Would you be willing to finally achieve your goals?

There is a choice that you can make to find the inner golden you. Yes, it is there underneath all the external conditioning.

The MKE is back now, take a look here. You can try it for $1.

I’ll be happy to hear the difference it makes in your life! Keep in touch as you embark on the MKE journey ahead.

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About the author

Julie’s passion is in inspiring others to change their world by changing the way they look at their world. She does this by sharing her experiences through blogging.

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  • Thank you for sharing, Julie! I can really relate to that. I have gone thru books and courses in my early days, but Master Key Experience is something for itself. Outstanding! Amazing! And it suits everybody, regardless of levels on selfdiscovery, lifepath or experiences.

  • MKE is a wonderful program to experience. I’m glad you completed the 26 weeks. Your post is encouraging… I can look forward to week 2-26… I love your summary of the Blue Print.

  • Julie I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your journey that you experienced by taking the MKE course. I agree with you on the purpose of the course being that it is designed to help you become a self-directed thinker and to give you a blueprint for you to live your life. It helps you to recognize how your current circumstances have come about and how you can change that going forward. You also mentioned five benefits of the course which I felt was empowering:
    (1) Noticing your thoughts
    (2) Focusing on where my attention goes
    (3) Realizing that I can shape my future
    (4) Moving out of living in fear of something I didn’t want to happen
    (5) Deciding it is up to me to feel happy
    Thanks for sharing these gems. How can you find the golden you and what can you discover on that adventure?

  • You made the point Julie, the MKE is the ultimate experience for those who have made a long way in the “self help” industry…It’s not that we don’t learn anything in all these interesting (and sometimes amazing) activities and trainings, but a few days after the initial excitment, there is not much left in any of these to apply for a real change in the daily life…I have made so far half a dozen experiences of firewalks, including once with Tonny Robbins too, and although it blew my mind every time, they are very short and one-time experiences that could at best create a minuscule shift in us…and we need many of these shifts to eventually come to the MKE! That’s why the MKE must be put in another category, one which brings significant and permanent changes in the lives of earnest students…Thank you for your great sharing!

  • Julie, thank you for your blog. Yes, achieve your goals with Master Key Experience. MKE, if we are willing to be coachable, can empower us to go after and become our desired best selves, removing our external conditioning. Blog rover friend John.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, great share. I like what you said about how amazing it is to be with a group of people who have a shared experience. My strongest masterminds are the ones formed in MKE – it’s so cool to have the learnings from MKE as a basis for further growth. 🙂

  • You are so right Julie, I did the firewalk, broke arrows with my neck, and paid myself first before paying the bills. However, these are one-off experiences and as much as they will have had some impact on my Subby, consistency is where the real magic is in my opinion.

    This is one of the key factors of the MasterKeys and working through the MasterKeys again, four years later, helps me to bring my mind back to where it needs to be – right here in the present moment, relaxed and in harmony. This is where I know I can manifest the life I wish to experience as my reality.

    Thank you for your post

  • Thanks, Julie, for this enlightening blog! There are so many “motivational” courses out there in the world but few last beyond the flight home. I love how you share why there is #NothingLikeIt (the MKE) and how there is such a strong level of support from both the staff and the other members.

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