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Find Your True Self: The Master Key Experience is Aladdin’s Lamp

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Let’s end the suspense quickly… yes! The Master Key Experience (MKE) is Aladdin’s Lamp… sort of. Find your true self!

There’s a reason stories and myths survived for 1000s and 1000s of years.  Stories of “Fairy God Mothers” … like the Genie in the Bottle and Aladdin’s Lamp. It’s because those things do exist, they really do!

Since 2010 and before I’ve had the pleasure and honor of witnessing people find The Lamp.  And then create the life of their dreams.

The Master Key Experience

It never gets old. Matter of fact, each year it becomes more thrilling, uplifting and heart-warming.  And, heartbreaking.

The old expression that “many are called but few are chosen” is one of the more misunderstood sayings in history.

We are all called but there is no “spirit” or “force” that chooses us.  Nope.  The shocker is we are the ones who do the choosing!

Find Your True Self

Real? You bet. It’s within you… here’s the kicker: it takes work.

Now once we say, “It takes work.” Most people, especially Americans, who want instant gratification thrills, are running the other way.

Unfortunately, we’ve been lulled, by the machine, into an “existence of convenience”.  

The machine really does not want critical or self-directed thinkers.  Nope.  Consumers. It wants non-thinking consumers to buy things we don’t need with money we do not have.

Most people want to just rub a lamp and have all of life’s inconveniences disappear.  So the obvious question comes: Where is this Aladdin’s Lamp? Where do I find it so I don’t have to do any work (or be inconvenienced)?

Aladdin’s Lamp

This conflict of your individuality being a threat to the machine and the machine being a threat to your individuality has been going on for centuries. The machine makes it nearly impossible to find your Aladdin’s Lamp. It is within this conflict that the quest for the Lamp is sparked.  

What does that mean?

We either remain unconscious approval seekers [the machine LOVES that] or we embrace our discontent and do something about it. Not buy more stuff we don’t need, have an affair, buy a sports car, drop off the grid, etc. That’s not the answer.

The journey is understanding you have created the reality you are living right now.  Yep, it’s all you, boss!

find your true self

Why is this wonderful?  Because it proves you are creative! Emerson was clear, so was Buddha, Jesus, Emmet Fox, Napoleon Hill and every other illuminated mind.  Including my fellow MKE Guides: “The ancestor of everything is thought.”

That means forget about massive action. Now, changing your thinking is in.  If we want change, contentment, adventure and to penetrate new worlds, we must change the way that we think.

OK, Where is the WORK?

You’ll find the lamp, learn to rub the lamp, and learn how to “ask” so wonder and affluence cascade into your life.  But [here comes the heartbreaking part] it takes… work.  

Charles Haanel illuminates this point so clearly in one sentence of his Master Key System“This system will yield whatever you desire but most are unwilling to do the hard mental labor.” 

One Question for You

Just let me ask you 1 question. If I told you there is a horse farm next door and there are piles and piles for horse poop. If you come over to the horse farm and shovel poop for 2 hours a day for the next 12 months you will be paid $100,000 every year for the rest of your life, what would you do?

No need to answer, I know what you’d say – what I want to know is what would you do?

The Lamp is real… it is already in you. 

Your ability to achieve all 13 Riches in life and be the owner of your own Aladdin’s Lamp is here. All you have to do is spend 2 hours a day for the next 6 months, not even a year, then you could have all you wanted and more. Do you believe me?

Well, if you do, then subscribe over there on the left and we’ll send you the info you need to get started on your very own Aladdin’s Lamp today.


The Fabulous Davene

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • Davene, your blog was refreshing and inspiring. Here are just a few thoughts that I knew but needed a reminder: (1)If we want change, contentment, adventure and to penetrate new worlds, we must change the way that we think. (2)The journey is understanding you have created the reality you are living right now. (3)We are all called but there is no “spirit” or “force” that chooses us. We are the ones who do the choosing! Thanks for sharing the Aladdin’s lamp and the gems that we can have if we do the work.

  • Aladdin’s lamp is within our reach. The reach, grasp and knowledge of how to best rub the Lamp (our subconscious mind) is all revealed in the Master Key Experience with simple exercises. #masterkeyexperience #nothinglikeit

  • So appreciative of this! I love how you wrap up the true magic of the Master Key Experience in this post. I truly find it to be an authentic community who wants nothing more than for others to live their bliss. Jump on in!!

  • I love this blog post Davene! Because every word is nothing but just mere truth. And the most beautiful is that ANYONE can do the rubbing of Aladdin’s lamp. Another thing I loved was: “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” (Frank A. Clarke). I have been the absolutely best creator of and in my life when I have gone paths with obstacles. Looking back, those obstacles turned out to be valued pearls in my life. And obstacles doesn’t mean hardship every time. It can also be just digging in with some effort. I digged in with effort in the MKE and what wonderful and magical pearl it turned out to be!

  • Your “horse poop” story certainly hit home for me, Davene. My version is kind of lengthy, yet true. When I moved on, my ex moved her horse into the backyard of my Oakland hill’s home where I had been living. The growing mountain of “horse poop” I saw during a visit I made months later, reminded me of how fortunate I was to have left before the shoveling began because for many years that kind of chore always involved me (although in a location where horses are usually expected to be). And since this horse dung behemoth in a very real sense represented everything, I was leaving behind, it’s easy to realize upon hindsight the importance of becoming a self-directed thinker as early in life as we can.

    Enter #MKE. Perhaps, that way I might have been less influenced by the common societal viewpoint and seen through the so-called “American Dream;” thus avoiding the first-hand experience I got that revealed this “Dream” was actually a nightmare. Since that “nightmare” lasted for about seven years. I’ve nicknamed it the “dark ages” of my life. Nonetheless, grateful to have survived; grateful for providing a somewhat amusing slice of life to look back upon; grateful for its contribution to everything that got me to where I currently am.

    A fabulous blog, FD! Of course, I expected no less. 🙂

  • Yes, I confirm that the MKE helps us all to discover and use our own Aladdin’s lamp to no limit…And I want to add that the 2 hours per day of work required are much nicer to do than shoveling horse poop! Thank you Davene for having brought MKE to the world!

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