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MKE Provides Answers to Straighten Out Troubles No One Can Deny

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Never has there been a time in the history of our planet when we need answers to straighten out troubles like we do now, when all of its people have been more in need of a different tune then the troubled, divisive songs being sung now.

I believe this 10 year-old little boy in China isย singing and bringing that new tune for all of us to adapt! It’s something special, just like the Master Key Experience (MKE).

Tell Me Why

In my dream, children sing a song of love for every boy and girl.

The sky is blue, the fields are green, and laughter is the language of the world.

Then I awake and all I see is a world full of people in need.

Tell me why.

Does it have to be like this?

Tell me why.

Is there something I have missed?

MKE Shines the Light on Answers to Straighten Out Troubles

To answer what we have been missing, the Master Key Experience (MKE), with its 6-month life-changing program, prides itself on being able to create self-directed thinking infused with unshakable “positive mental attitude.” It fully offers answers to straighten out troubles whether they are your own, or belong to many.

If enough of us adopted these two qualities alone, it might be just enough to straighten out the world’s troubles!

In the Science of Being Great, Wallace Wattles states that what we are dealing with today, any fear or anxiety, will be replaced by strength, power, love, and harmony, but there is mental work involved:

This must be your point of view. That the world and all it contains is perfect, though not completed….it is of human society and government. What though there are trusts and combinations of capital and strikes and lockouts and so on. All these things are part of the forward movement; they are incidental to the evolutionary process of completing society. When it is complete there will be harmony; but it cannot be completed without them.

Wallace Wattles

Holding The Vision

Faith, forgiveness, gratitude, and love arriving in large enough measure will assist, he says, and what Wattles says will happen, should happen naturally.

If we do not live in the light, if we don’t seek or engage in answers to straighten out troubles, it’s easy to get caught up on the wrong side of what Charles Haanel, author of the Master Key System, uses Emerson and Carlyle to delineate:

Thought results in action. If your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil… The importance of this is well illustrated in the lives of Emerson and Carlyle. Emerson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony, Carlyle hated the bad, and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.

Charles Haanel

And he continues:

Here we have two grand men, each intent upon achieving the same ideal, but one makes use of constructive thought and is therefore in harmony with Natural Law, the other makes use of destructive thought and therefore brings upon himself discord of every kind and character. Itย is evident therefore that we are to hate nothing, not even the “bad,” because hatred is destructive, and we shall soon find that by entertaining destructive thought we are sowing the “wind” and in turn shall reap the “whirlwind.”

Charles Haanel

Time to get out there and do the work! Yes, we can find those answers to straighten out troubles. Join Mark J and MKE and me to create the future we desire.

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About the author

Loren is here to help you turn your vision of the person you want to become into reality through the Master Key Experience (MKE). Each person is as unique as a snowflake - take this chance to join the MKE and rediscover your definite major purpose.

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  • Thank you Loren for reminding of the power of having a positive mental attitude. Like you, I hope that many will go thru the Master Key Experience, because it is not only life changing for every participant, but also for the world.

  • Loren, You are one of the bright lights that shine in the Master Key Experience. I love your blog post the way it highlights some of the great thinkers we have the pleasure to study and mastermind with others about what their words mean to us and how we can integrate them into our lives.

  • Great post Loren! Yes, having a tool like the MKE based on the wisdom of great men like Wattles, Haanel and Emerson is priceless to help us raise the consciousness, individually and collectively…

  • Loren, your blog was very invigorating. I liked several things under the sub-title of “holding the vision” such as: (1)Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evilโ€ฆ (2)
    constructive thought is therefore in harmony with Natural Law, the other type of thought makes use of destructive thought and therefore brings discord of every kind and character to himself & others. Luckily by using the Mental Diet you can substitute destructive thought with positivity and watch the destructive thought melt away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What specific type of whirlwind would you get if your mind entertained destructive thought?

  • Thanks for comparing Emerson and Carlyle–both great men who attracted to themselves what their thinking focused on. THAT is inspiration for, as you say so well, the WORK we must do of
    thinking positively to vision constructive and harmonious unfolding for our troubled society. Thank you!

  • I love how much positivity is exemplified in your blog, Loren. Thank you! If only one of the MKE tools were to be used by even a fraction of the world’s population, I think the Law of Substitution could make the changes you propose. I start with me because I choose to be the change I wish to see in the world.

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