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Boom, Boom, Boom – The Art of Invention

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It’s been a while since I have used the art of invention and told a story, so gather around and listen closely. 

You might be saying: what is Bedford doing now? 

Ok, glad you asked, I can speak to this point. 

Did you like the Cathedral bells in the title (boom!)? I always enjoy reflecting on the Gothic (a gift for us all).

Ok……Ok……Ok, start over, and get the whole intro thing! 

Art of Invention – Napoleon Hill

You are going to love this one.  I must first say thank you to the great Napoleon Hill, for utilizing the paper and pen, with pinpoint precision.  

It has been said that man can create anything which he can image.

Napoleon Hill

Oh my, does this mean that I’m dreaming correctly, or not dreaming at all?  

Am I trying to impress someone with the life I live, or maybe the life that I communicate?

Mr. Hill said that I have the capabilities to create anything that I can imagine. 

Wait, am I creating myself sitting in traffic, angry in line, gossiping, interrupting, living in ambiguity, or all the above? 

Folks, I’m attempting to paint the picture of being engulfed in the everyday surroundings and losing focus on our true capabilities.  

Two Gifts – Both From Our Imagination

art of invention

There are two gifts that we hide regularly, forget, or don’t pay attention to: the Synthetic Imagination and Creative Imagination.  Let me explain.  

I’m sure that you have heard that majority of entrepreneurship is the 10% existing change in what you can see, hear, and feel.  This is fairly true, but why are we having so much difficulty phasing in E-vehicles, for instance.

A large shift of this magnitude takes time.  Ceteris Paribus (all other things being equal): you can for instance, add a collar to a casual wear shirt, up the price $5, and make massive sales.  This is the Synthetic imagination, using what exists to create.  You know the inventor approach (still a gift from the creator), for those that have not tapped into their true capabilities yet. 

Now the Creative Imagination is quite different.  This is where the potbelly stove, or gut instinct kicks in. 

As you might guess, I like this one!  Hunches and inspirations, said Mr. Hill, is where infinite intelligence allows you to build.  Where the finite mind connects with Infinite Intelligence.  You must sit and think, allow the mind to focus, but wonder in that focus to nail it down (results appear here). 

Watch the Wonders Take Place

Your natural environment will communicate with you. Advance your peripheral, look up and down, while focusing on an object ahead, and watch the wonders take place through the art of invention. 

That’s all for now, but more to come. Thank you for reading this lesson “Where Paying It Forward Has Its Privileges”!

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Bedford Jackson III invites you to explore one of the best systems on earth for learning more about the inner you. The only real difference that will be made in your life is the one that you create and share with the World.

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  • Bedford, your blog was engaging and insightful. The part that I was interested in was the two gifts: Synthetic Imagination and Creative Imagination. Your explanation on both of these types of imaginations was thorough and understandable. The Synthetic imagination, using what exists to create. Whereas the Creative Imagination is quite different. This is where your gut instinct kicks in and your infinite intelligence allows you to start building. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. How will your natural environment communicate with you? From your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine

  • It reminds me of the thought, “No matter where you are, congratuations, it’s your fault. Thanks for this powerful message!

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