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Breaking Free with MKE

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Whoa! The last blog that I wrote was 9 months ago…here I am with my latest blog Breaking Free with MKE.

It is definitely WAY past time for me to come alive again!

I had to go back and read the last one, just to pick up where I left off… and the question then was…

Where should I go next?


In early April 2022, I flew to Las Vegas and spent an absolutely wonderful weekend there at a launch convention with my work family. I met some really fabulous people, all of them being like minded entrepreneurs.

I made some new lifetime friends, and the energy and excitement in the air was absolutely phenomenal.

I returned home changed again, forevermore.

Did I mention that I REALLY like Vegas? I could live there, I’m quite sure. 

Sunrise view from our room
4 peas in a pod

Such good times, and there’s so much more of this story to share…

I found myself not wanting to return home, AT ALL, as the atmosphere there was not ideal, to say the least, and I know that I absolutely MUST protect my space and my energy!

Mindset Tools

Hold on! MKE gives me many mindset tools! All right here in my brain, for me to use whenever they are needed. I’m really SO very grateful for this, time and time again…


I return home, and begin setting a plan to move elsewhere in motion.

I immerse myself in zoom meetings, webinars, course modules, and in my work, 12-14 hours per day.

In early June I went to San Antonio to spend almost a week with my grandson, and grand dogs, while one of my daughters was on a Bahamas cruise.

The Bahamas

WAIT, WHAT?! The Bahamas has always been on my bucket list! This set yet another change in motion…..

Fast forward a few months, and I have now met that goal of moving elsewhere, and I now live in San Antonio, in a very peaceful environment. Close to part of my family, in a beautiful older home.

Work is going well, and I find myself really enjoying the process of reorganizing myself, as well as all of my belongings. Whew! So much to do! I’m really, really looking forward to getting organized again, and decorating my new home for the Fall season coming up.

The MKE session is starting here in just a couple of weeks, so my office is a priority for this week, that’s for sure…. and hanging pictures on the walls, and rest and restoration…

Oh, how very exciting!

The Serenity that comes with Inner Peace is Simply Priceless!

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About the author

As a certified MasterKey Experience Guide, Brenda Buck is a personal development coach and writer who is passionate about helping people grow into the best version of themselves. She helps other entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their own businesses by connecting them with outstanding supportive communities.

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  • Hey Brenda, it looks like you successfully achieved another Hero’s Journey, the only real way to chip our cement away to reveal the Golden Buddha that we truly are, great job, congratulations and thanks for sharing this inspiring and personal experience!

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