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Building a Strong Mental Home

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Most of us are very careless when we are building our mental home. Everything that shows up in our lives is exactly what we have constructed. What we have accumulated in our subconscious mind from past experiences and stored away is what we see in our present.

If this accumulation is of worry, fear anxiety or negativity then that is what will show up. If this is the case, we are building a very poor mental home. If this is happening to you, then you are probably finding that you are in a constant state of anxiety and always trying to repair how others see you so that you appear presentable.

If you have been a positive, optimistic person and have immediately switched your thoughts from negative to positive when they have entered your mind, if you have not dwelled on them or given them ownership of any kind, then congratulations. You have not only the foundation for a strong mental home but also a strong mental home period. You will have no fear or anxiety and nothing to patch up and hide.

Mental Housecleaning

A mind in action is thought and thought is very creative. You can have everything that you desire with the power of thought. What you think about manifests in the outside world in your conduct and actions and in turn can have either a negative or a positive effect on your family, friends and eventually your entire environment.

If you are struggling with your mental home, then you need to do a mental housecleaning. This has to be done on a daily basis. Keep your thoughts clear of any distress and negativity. Build a firm foundation for your unconscious from energy that flows from the infinite source and once this is completed then you will be able to build clear mental images of what you truly want and desire.

Our Mental Home Today and Tomorrow

The universe does not bring to us the things that we want or what others have. It brings to us “our own” things that we have created in our process of thought. Sadly, 90% of what we think about we do unconsciously.

If we fail to learn how to use the unconscious mind, we have a very narrow window of what we can expect from the Universal Mind. The unconscious mind can fix any problem that we have if we know how to work it but you have to be willing to put in the work and have a strong mental home.

The unconscious mind extends through every part of our body. This is part of our heredity and therefore we respond to certain things from all past responses and environments of our past generations.

Once we understand this, we can consciously stop undesirable traits from manifesting by replacing them with traits that are more desirable.

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What we think about also comes about in all areas of our current life. Our home, work, news, social environment all inundate our mind constantly on a daily basis. Much that we receive this way comes to us in the form of statements, suggestions and opinions and it is all accepted in the conscious mind and passed onto the unconscious with little or no examination of truth.

This is how we create and re-create ourselves and our world without. Our life today is the result of our past thinking and what we are thinking today will become whom we are tomorrow. What we think about is what we become.

Using Your Mental Power

We all have a force called Infinite Life that flows through us. It is us. Your consciousness has an open doorway to its secret power. However, it does take some effort and strong mental labour.

There is a fine estate awaiting for each of us to claim if we are all willing to do the hard mental labour required to gain its power. If you neglect this power and do not use it to its fullest potential, you will lose all the power that it can bestow upon you. Once we learn to use this power we have to keep using it, if we do not we lose it.

Like everything else in life, you use it or lose it. Athletes who fail to train, musicians who fail to practice, lawyers who do not get results. These are just a few examples of people who lose the power and abilities that they have if they do not continually use their power. The more we use this power the better we are at receiving it and the more the universe sends our way.

You can of course learn to use this power and claim this estate and therefore receive anything that you desire. It will cost you nothing as far as money is concerned. All that is required is the study of its power and the riches that you will receive in return are limitless. Health, harmony, self-confidence and prosperity are returned to you abundantly for those willing to put forth the effort.

According to Charles F Haanel in The Master Key System, To gain this estate, three things are necessary. Three simple rules apply:

  • 1. You must earnestly desire it.
  • 2. You must assert your claim.
  • 3. You must take possession.

Your future, the life you so desire is waiting for you. Do a mental housecleaning and gain your estate. What are you waiting for? Are you not worth it? Get on the list now to get hands-on support and a full immersion program on how to make these concepts work in your life to bring you what you want. Can’t buy the class. It’s a scholarship-only concept!

I will see you at the top, the very top, the tiptop!

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About the author

Suzanne loves to create using any medium available, including carpentry, drawing, even baking. Her passion for her family and being in nature is closely followed by appreciation for the peace and purpose she found through the Master Key Experience. Now, as an MKE Guide, she longs to share these tools so anyone can realize their potential.

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  • Great blog Suzanne! I appreciate the reminder of how important it is to do a DAILY mental housecleaning to keep our minds free of negativity and destructive thoughts. It is unfortunate that our current society’s conditioning emphasizes only the outside world (white picket fence image) versus the importance of our inner thought world.

    So grateful for my participation in the Master Key Experience, where I have learned to first become aware of my thoughts and then direct them to create the Life I want to live. I trust others who read your blog will be nudged by their inner voice to check it out for themselves.

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