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Can It Get Any Better Than This?

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There can be a world of difference between what you are doing and what you really want.

I finally feel bold enough today to ask myself the question can it get any better than this?

It’s easy to find ourselves in situations every day doing things we would rather not be doing. I do think there are times we need to do what it takes to get a project done, whether it be for your family, community, or employer.

But when my Master Key Experience (MKE) journey stated 5 years ago, it accelerated so much of my life’s path/definite major purpose (DMP). The DMP is the cornerstone of the MKE course work and it’s were everyone starts.

Maybe you never thought of your DMP either. At its core, the DMP answers what is your dharma, your passion, what lights you up each morning?

Chipping the Cement

For some of us, the cement is so heavy, it may take years for the awakening to understand what your life is missing.

But the 6 months of MKE is designed for breakthrough, plain and simple.

It’s a fast track to getting ourselves into a mental state where creativity and manifestation of our dreams is possible.

Of course it’s possible, if you believe in the miracle of the universe at the grand scale, you must also believe in the miracle of every moment. A hug from your child, a wave from a stranger, an offer to hold a door. Gratitude, kindness, love—if you see it, it grows.

I always laugh thinking back to my first DMP, it was literally a poem of 5 or so lines. Not specific SMART goals, no details, no passion, but it did hold a whisper and the seeds I planted then I am seeing the fruits of today.

Inexplicable Coincidences

There are endless inexplicable coincidences along the way. Paying attention to them speeds up manifestations in your life.

And I had a big one over the last 4 weeks!

I’ll admit, I have the feeling that I’ll jinx things if I talk it, but since mid-May, it’s been the best whirlwind.

I’m a primary red, secondary blue in the Color Code, which is one of my favorite skills from the MKE. Check out Davene’s blog with more Color Code details here!

Big moments of change were happening back in 2017 when I first stated MKE too as we cashed in our NYC life to move upstate and buy a 66-acre farm house.

But according to my Color Code summary:

You have learned that your driving core motive came with you at birth, and that you personally are motivated by Power.

ColorCode, Personality Science

Indeed, yes, that is me!

Harmony Point

And so if the last few weeks tell the tale, I have hit a harmony point, nearly all that I envisioned for so many days is alive and here.

In fact, in its second iteration my first year, my DMP envisioned 3 segments of $450K. First segment turns assets into all cash, second is to give out through a grant program to small farms, third is for savings.

Happy to say first segment came in June 15th and exceeded my goal by 5%!

Key milestones of the last month:

  • May 17th meet the initial advisors who would make it happen.
  • June 5th get report which would dial it in.
  • June 10th sign the papers.
  • June 15th dollars arrive!

Then to top it off, in the subsequent two weeks, I got a double digit raise and bonus!

These are numbers I like.

And I’m not ashamed to say it! The more resources I have, the more good I can do in the world. It’s as simple as that; I realized it 5 years ago, but the timing finally arrived.

Reading my DMP, you wouldn’t know if it all had already happened, and I guess I wouldn’t either, so am I living a dream or reality?

Either way, can it get any better than this?

Join the list to get in the next MKE class, you owe it to the future you!

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About the author

Jennifer Porter excels as a sustainable development leader with 20 years experience on government and private sector sustainability initiatives. She loves helping people and communities make positive change for the future. Whether that is finding healthy solutions to life challenges, opening the business you've always dreamed about or creating a multi-million-dollar recycling facility upgrade in your city; Jennifer is ready to help. If you're ready for change - take the challenge - start with the 7 Day Mental Diet.

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  • Oh, Jen! I am SO delighted that you are manifesting all this. Yet you remind me to cherish the small moments that expand and look for those coincidences-not-coincidences! I am right behind you! Thanks for the living proof!

  • “Believe in the miracle of every moment” — such a precious and valuable lesson. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing this lovely blog. Congratulations on your powerful progress!

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