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Cause Created the Effect…

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Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like them to be.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Intro to Part 3

I haven’t even gotten a chance to get into the reading and already I am stopped. You have no right to complain about your present situation… for it literally is due to your own creation.

So if you don’t like where you are and what you are doing… who else is going to change it for you? The power completely rests with you to change the cause, therefore changing the effect.

We have seen that every thought is received by the brain, which is the organ of the conscious; it is here subjected to our power of reasoning. When the objective mind has been satisfied that the thought is true it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of the subconscious mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought forth into the world as reality. It is then no longer susceptible to any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot argue; it only acts. It accepts the conclusion of the objective mind as final.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 3:4

Haanel continues a bit later saying:

When the Solar Plexus is in active operation and is radiating life, energy and vitality to every part of the body, and to every one whom he meets, the sensations are pleasant, the body is filled with health and all with whom he comes in contact experience a pleasant sensation. If there is any interruption of this radiation the sensations are unpleasant, the flow of life and energy to some part of the body is stopped, and this is the cause of every ill to the human race, physical, mental or environmental.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 3:7-8

Here we go again with the idea of someone having the Midas touch, but Haanel is making it very clear to us, there is no MAGIC to this Midas touch, and that we all possess it and in the same magnitude as the so-called lucky individuals.

Their Solar Plexus is shining at its maximum and radiating all life and energy. Everything to come back is surely to be in reflection of the whole. But this applies just as easily to the negative… and causes all lack, illness, and loss.

This once again proves the point of how important it is to guard your mind. We always talk about guarding your heart, and not wearing it on your sleeve; but at what point do we care and worry about our conscious mind?

This guy is literally calling all the shots on what is true or false, once slip up and the whole structure is brought to ruin. Doubt, Fear, and Self deprecation lead to complete ruin at the hands of the subconscious, ever trusting mind.

Non-resistant thought expands the Solar Plexus; resistant thought contracts it. Pleasant thought expands it; unpleasant thought contracts it. Thoughts of courage, power, confidence, and hope all produce a corresponding state, but the one arch enemy of the Solar Plexus which must be absolutely destroyed before there is any possibility of letting any light shine is FEAR. This enemy must be completely destroyed; he must be eliminated; he must be expelled forever; he is the cloud which hides the sun which causes a perpetual gloom.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 3:14

I always knew that FEAR was my worst enemy, though I had no idea of the EXTREME concept of how deeply rooted that really went. It has always been crippling to my motivation and to my growth, mentally, physically and emotionally.

This really makes me take a HARD look at what I am thinking. To ask myself, am I paying enough attention to the outside influences? Reminding myself to not let ANYTHING I do not want past the watchman into that subconscious mind, and therefore consequently into the Solar Plexus to create more destruction.

I want only thoughts of love and light, of growth and kindness. I wish to remove all doubt and negative thought and to continually bring about peace and abundance.

If you would like to learn more about the universal principles that Charles Hannel describes in the Master Key System, check out the Master Key Experience, which is a 6 month course where you learn how to become aware of your thoughts and how to only entertain the ones you want.

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