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Change Your Habits Change Your Life: Follow the Golden Brick Road

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Change your habits change your life!

That’s what the 6-month long Master Key Experience (MKE) program is all about. If it’s a great life you want, you are in the right place.

The Science of Getting Rich is one part of the MKE and provides critical insights. In his classic, Wallace Wattles tells us that in order to become rich, we simply need to do things in “A CERTAIN WAY.” It is this that inspired the following poetic interpretation (I like poems!).

The Science of Getting Rich

“The Certain Way”

Constant detached gratitude clears the space and sets the table.

For the great riches all people following “The Certain Way” can enable.

And what should our wondering, creative, and passionate mind should appear,

A clear mental picture — detailed and definite and detached makes it magically magnetic for our mental focus to adhere.

Change your habits change your life!

Keeping the Faith with a Happy Knack

The title of Billy Joel’s hit song comes to mind, “Keeping The Faith”. We know that we know that we know.

change your habits change your life

Infuse the same certainty in the vision of your future self that Morpheus had in Neo; we are definitely set and ready to go. For non-fans, Morpheus and Neo are two of the main characters in the movie “The Matrix.”

We are grateful again – this time for what is coming.

Behold, an allied army of mental minions marching up the hill – what a thrill – we can almost hear them drumming.

It’s no secret unless we’ve read Wattles that action must be taken if we are going to take home the bacon.

We need to emulate a Zen master who stores his “to do’s” when done in a great big sack labeled ” Happy Knack,” a term used in the MKE to denote someone who has mastered his or her daily routine to the point where things get done effectively, efficiently, and seemingly effortlessly.

Remember sometimes keeping quiet can be quite a burden when traveling through a web of lies, deceit, and deception — good thing our compass has its dial set on “Great”.

Change your habits change your life!

Beacons of the Light

Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich add the illuminating Success through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, when paired with a spot in the next round of the MKE, create a potent package to help ensure the wealth we’ve planned.


This world that we see may not seem to be perfect; however, with the Universal within and without, it’s as perfect in becoming as the world that will be. And for this, we are grateful again – detached from the outcome for whatever we find.

We will find creative solutions emerge — some so surprising they’re certain to blow our mind.

Closing Poem

Maybe, some additional info might help us stay the course. For instance, there is Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits,” Emerson’s “Give more, get more” decree,

Then there’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, and those are just three.

Always give your best in the service we render,

That’s how everything grows when we are the sender.

What goes around, comes around in greater measure.

It makes simple sense to make sure what we put out there most folks will treasure.

When following the certain way as laid out in this universal plan,

Assuring the Universal delivers as you are certain it can.

Remember the power of this kind of partnership depends upon our spiritual nature deep in our mind.

So deep it may be easily forgotten unless our daily ritual ensures naught of this kind.

Need I say more?

Change your habits change your life!

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About the author

Loren is here to help you turn your vision of the person you want to become into reality through the Master Key Experience (MKE). Each person is as unique as a snowflake - take this chance to join the MKE and rediscover your definite major purpose.

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  • Yes, Loren, it all begins with habits. When I began MKE, I realized it wasn’t about developing habits, I had those, they were just not beneficial to where I wanted to go. Then I had to make a conscious choice – as Og Mandino wrote, “if I must be a slave to habit let me be a clave to good habits.” Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing
    such wise and spot on poem
    I can tell you are caring
    to really show them
    the way to a life that is raying
    is to go thru the MKE program

  • ahh Loren – after reading your blog, I’ve got this question buzzing around in my mind – what’s in your ‘happy-knack’.. backpack rucksack..

  • Loren, you are a very creative writer besides all the gems of wisdom that are in what you write. The thoughts that I enjoyed in your writing are: (1)Always give your best in the service we render,
    That’s how everything grows when we are the sender.
    (2) Remember sometimes keeping quiet can be quite a burden when traveling through a web of lies, deceit, and deception — good thing our compass has its dial set on “Great”.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nice job on your blog.

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