March 22


Making Incredible Choices: the Object of My Affection

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Another day of choices. 

Lord, help me to be present, in the now, making this time better than the moment before.

I have no idea what is to come.  All I have is NOW!  The choices I make in the present may or may not be correct, but, either way, it is an opportunity to learn – so I have been taught through the Master Key Experience course.

… and today was no exception.

My Choices

Because I don’t go to the gym on the weekend, I knew I would need to schedule in a workout.  I had an online class to attend, so I knew I would have to run errands before the class began and do the fitness challenges after. 

If my husband was home, I would have to adjust the location in the house where I would do my workout.  Plus, there was a daily challenge of doing 100 each of push ups, sit ups, and squats, in which I agreed to participate.

Today, in addition to the above, it was time to mow the  lawn.

The day began well with my normal routine – a bit of a workout, half of the 100s, reading a bit, and then sitting in thought for 15 minutes or more, known as my SIT. 

I had scheduled things around the online class. When the scheduled time for the class arrived, I discovered I was 24 hours early.   Well, that freed up my time to run a few more errands!

A Serendipitous Gift!

It was such a beautiful day.  Overcast and not too warm to enable a comfortable setting for outside work.  I decided to complete my 100s before going out to mow. 

It was at about this time the chatter (in my head) began.  There was great debate as to whether the lawn really needed mowing.  Maybe just do half of it.  The volume of the chatter increased but my thoughts were elsewhere.

  • I was thinking of my teammates. 
  • I was thinking of my 100s community. 
  • I was thinking of the fitness community. 

This prevented me from engaging with the chatter – a very good thing.   The chatter reached a crescendo when I had finished the front part of the lawn, you know, the part everyone can see. 


I was exhausted.  My shoulders were aching from pushing the mower up inclines and pulling it out from under thick blackberry bushes.  I could stop and do the rest tomorrow! 


“Really, Louise, just do the rest tomorrow.  You still have the rest of the 100s to do!  How are you going to be able to do them, as exhausted as you are?”

Wow!  Me, Myself, and I can be such irritating company, sometimes!

So, I chose to continue with my service.  I began to count the WINS. 

Every row I mowed, I congratulated myself that I was closer to the finish. 

Did I say I was exhausted?   You know I was!

Yet, I was too exhausted to come back to finish the task at another time.

DO IT NOW!  Then, the important part – CELEBRATE!!!

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

Here in was my inspiration:

An attitude developed through practice of DO IT NOW! 

Of course I had a choice. 

We always do. 

The main thing is that I also had a team of incredibly exceptional people who I needed to report to.  Yes, they have my back, but, NO, they would not judge me, whatever I reported. 

I wanted to be able to look at myself at the end of the day and know, I stopped because I was DONE!

As determined as I am about starting something I won’t finish, I know, beyond any doubt, having my team of support spurred me on!

We all have the desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We all have a desire for community.  We were not created to be alone.

I am so very grateful to be a part of a community of like mindedness, of support, of encouragement, transparency, and genuineness.

Choosing the object of my affection? Choose wisely every day!!!

Master Key Experience – There is Nothing Like It!

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About the author

As a veteran homeschooling mother, Louise floundered after the children were gone. She wondered what had driven her before she was consumed with raising children. Her answer came when she enrolled in the Master Key Experience to begin her journey of self-discovery. Louise loves guiding individuals to discover their best selves while defining and clarifying their unique gifts. Her favorite part of guiding is watching individuals share their unique gifts, making an endless ripple effect of positive energy.

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  • Gosh this made me smile – “do it now” is what inspired me to check out todays featured post right now & here you are Louise , blogging about “do it Now” 🥰

  • Louise, I enjoyed your blog and your daily process of making choices. Also relying on the Lord, to help you to be present, in the now, making this time better than the moment before. The reminder of doing things now & not procrastinating along with having a support group of friends to keep you accountable. Lastly being aware of how to choose the object of our affection by simply choosing wisely every day. Thanks for all the gems you shared in your blog and the valuableness that they offer.

  • I just smiled reading your blog post, Louise. “Do it now” is so much implemented in me since I went thru the course 2017-2018. And it has helped me so much since I am yellow and a procrastinator by nature. I also smiled because you reminded me of all the times I had “done it now” and the fantastic feeling afterwards when you have done something that you really wanted to procrastinate instead. That rewarding feeling fills up your whole system and make you grow. Thank you for sharing, Louise!

  • This is a great story showing us so clearly how we “make or break” ourselves on a daily basis: through completing or not completing the things, even the little ones, we choosed to do. The Girl in the Mirror could be proud of herself that day, well done Louise and many thanks for this precious reminder!

  • What a light-hearted and entertaining post about our ability to choose. Nice job looking out for ‘Future You’–you didn’t make her face that big mowing task when the grass was possibly even taller! The more I ‘Do it Now’, the more addicting it becomes. I don’t miss being disappointed in myself for not tackling things right away, and it IS a wonderful feeling to be DONE! 🙂

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