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Clarify What You Truly Want – How To Overcome Fuzzy Thinking

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Clarify What you Truly Want

So. How’s your focus? And how does that make you feel? If someone would
have asked me that a few years ago, I would have answered, “Crappy and crappy,” and then thrown in a pile of negativity on top!

I felt like I was fumbling around in a fog most of the time. I was proficient at procrastination. I would start a project or a chore and my focus would shift away to something else, leaving my brain, my body, and my surroundings in wrack and ruin. I could do what I had to do – but the rest of my life was adrift. And you know what? I was given permission by the world to be that way – “Oh, you’ve got ADD,” they’d say, or “You have social anxiety disorder.” And sometimes, I’d hear the famous: “You’ve got chemo-brain, it’s ok.” I used to think that a good excuse is a valuable thing.

It’s not.

Overcoming Excuses

You want to know how I overcame those excuses? I learned that I have to be before I can do, and I can only do to the extent that I am, and what I am depends on my thoughts. The writer of the Proverbs was correct, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov 23:7) BAM! Truth bomb right there!

I overcame fuzzy focus by NOT repeatedly telling myself I had ADD, that people scare me, and I have chemo-brain. Stop the negative and substitute the positive! I knew what I had lost over the many numbers of years with that kind of thinking, and could not even begin to find my way out of the fog.

But, if I changed how I thought, what did I have to gain? If the reward is elimination of procrastination, I could do a simple thing like repeating a phrase 25 times twice a day? If the reward is to stop being afraid of people, I can make a simple switch in what I say to myself? If I wanted to stop drifting in my life, and find a purpose, I can work with a personal guide to find and achieve that purpose? Yes, Yes, and Yes!! And so that’s what I did. Yay!

Get Focused

So what’s fuzzy in your life? What is suffering because of a lack of focus – relationships with your spouse and children? Is your business suffering? Have your friendships drifted away? Is your physical, mental and spiritual life in chaos? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Then join us in September on the journey to a new and different you. Get on the list to be notified when the Master Key Experience Scholarship applications open – because you can’t buy the new you – it’s offered by scholarship only! Clarify what you truly want.

What do YOU have to lose?

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About the author

Nancy brings a wealth of life and health-care industry experience to her role as a successful and sought-after Master Guide. For over seven years, she has supported and encouraged dozens of MasterKey members to claim their best life. Her members include best-selling authors to best-loved Grandmas, whatever the member's bliss, Nancy's ready to guide them as they discover their true selves!

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  • Excellent post Nancy! I remember when I realized I was telling someone that I was really good at procrastinating – then noticed I am telling myself that message more than anything. Not a message I want to program into my subconscious. MKE changes everything!

    • You are SO right, Arlene! It is wonderfully disturbing to discover what we’ve been saying to ourselves – disturbing because it was so unconscious, WONDERFUL, because now we have the tools to do something about it! Yay!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on clarity…I liked that you recognized your relationship with procrastination and the using the ADD as an excuse. Just bringing that to light brought you a new clarity.. and a new way of thinking

  • “I learned that I have to be before I can do” Yes! And that’s why we were called “Human Beings” rather than “Human Doings”! The MKE is indeed the fastest way I know to help us become again what we truly are, thanks for this inspiring post Nancy!

    • Luc, Luc, Luc!! You are so right!! I used to be a proud, ‘Human Doing’ – trying to outrun my true self, I guess! Being a Human Being is so very much better! Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing your journey Nancy! You show all of us that every one can make a change, so inspiring! It’s so much worth jumping on the MKE in September and see for yourself.

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