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Clubhouse Diamonds: Clubhouse Groups are Your Best Friend

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Do you like Diamonds? What are Clubhouse Diamonds?

Diamonds are what I want to give you today!

Wait, never mind. I don’t want to give you a diamond! You’re worth the ENTIRE DIAMOND MINE. Now that is something YOU are worth!

Sharing the Master Key Experience (MKE) is something we can all do–or maybe you have another products or service to share. If you are looking for a new way to share, find your Clubhouse Diamonds.

A Diamond Strategy for You

How do you attract more people to your product or service, whether it be the MKE or something else?

This is a deadly effective client strategy.

Super underutilized.

Very valuable.

Clubhouse Groups.

I post about this often and that’s because it’s probably one of the greatest places ever to land high quality clients.

Clubhouse Diamonds.

There’s a Clubhouse group for every single niche imaginable.

  • Bookstore owners? There’s a Clubhouse group for that.
  • Dentists? There’s a Clubhouse group for that.
  • French football players who are 6″11 and vegan? Yep, there’s probably a Clubhouse group for that too.

So rather than hitting your prospects with direct messages, try connecting via Clubhouse groups!

You don’t need to look for interested prospects anymore. Because they’re already found.

They are waiting to interact with each other and you!

Clubhouse Diamonds, Clubhouse Groups

Having thousands of like-minded people all sitting in a (virtual) public room is a lot of power.

And with great power comes great responsibility.

If you abuse it, you will get booted faster than you can say “I’m sorry.”

This means DON’T just pop into a room and start blatantly advertising your services.

Be more methodical.

Give in Public, Ask in Private

My approach is to share a valuable and actionable insight 2-3 times a week. For example, I share test ideas for their email subject lines, or I show a few ways to optimize their Instagram bio to get more followers.

Then, once people interact with you, start a private conversation(s) with them.

You ask a soft question:

“btw I’m just curious, how’s the business been going lately since corona hit? I’ve heard quite a few <niche> businesses are actually doing better in the pandemic than before”

Then boom. The magic has happened.

You established yourself as THE authority for your service in that group, got their attention AND you started a conversation.

There you have it!!! The mine of diamonds is yours to excavate.

Use this strategy for the next 21 days and let me know how it goes. You can share the MKE or something else you are working on. The possibilities are limitless.

Clubhouse Diamonds.

clubhouse diamonds

Clubhouse Itself

If you didn’t know, it also feels good to Clubhouse, they have a Huge, positive mission, have the ability to work from anywhere and are just getting started:

Our mission is to create a more human place on the Internet, where billions of people from all over the world come together to hang out, engage in dialogue, make friends, and learn new things — and leave feeling better than when they arrived.


We work as a distributed team and hire people from all over the U.S., but we value in-person time too. Every 6-8 weeks, we fly the whole company to our office in San Francisco so we can whiteboard, catch up, meet all the new faces, and enjoy quality time together.


Since launching in 2020 we’ve gone from Seed to Series A, B and C — backed by an amazing and diverse group, including a16z and many of the top angel investors and creators in the world. We are well resourced and in the early days, aiming to build something that touches the whole world.


What a great time to get started with something new.

One thing we know from MKE is DO IT NOW!

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About the author

As a financial, health and wellness mentor Cindy is passionate in serving one person at a time through the master key experience to create their life by design.

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  • Question for you as an MKE guide, how does sharing an insight differ from giving an opinion. I have felt stifled by the “no opinion” mandate… can you make the distinction? Thanks PS why do some blogs require a name and email before someone can comment?

    • Thank you Toya for your comment. MKE guides use the philosophy that no influence is the best influence! We do participate in no opinion week and other MKE activities of course. Because we are experienced guides, we can offer perspectives to help members move forward. p.s. depending on blog settings, you may have to sign in or not to leave a comment on blogs.

      • Thank you Jennifer for assisting us on this site and reviewing my blogs before they went out. Looking forward to the new way of submitting…Less for you to do….or more efficient perhaps.

    • Hi Toya – blogs are set up to require and name and email to prevent spam. Their email is NOT published – however if they have set their email up in Gravatar – it links back to their own website which increases engagement for both websites. And there is no risk to your internet privacy.

    • Opinion is something one asks for whereas the insight is my own thoughts and feelings like when I journal….

      Reason information is required before it gets posted here is because the site is set up where it get’s approved before posted.

  • Thank you Cindy for sharing this about clubhouse diamonds. A question though: In Sweden we have a similar way, following the same principle for connecting with people (we want to connect with), but we say “groups” or associations. Is that the same you mean or is clubhouse something very particular? We don’t have much clubhouses in Sweden as far as I know, except maybe for golfers.

    • Yes, I believe Monica you know where it’s all at!

      We take the ‘word’ and make it comfortable for us to connect; as in the case of “groups”

      Rumor has it you are a good connector in Sweden!

  • Mahalo, Cindy, for helping me revisit the many fond memories created during numerous Clubhouse meetings I had as a member of the Neothink Society. Perhaps, a sign prompting me to delve deeper into the Clubhouse iggy you’ve described. 🙂

  • Thanks for giving these helpful Clubhouse tips. It reminds me about one of the key components in the MKE — ColorCode. If you’d like to find out what your color is for FREE, check it out at BestLifeColors.com

  • I enjoyed reading the content you posted in your blog. Thanks to you, I have a better understanding of how being engaged in the various groups in Clubhouse can be of huge value. There’s nothing better than being in a Mastermind group. Kudos to you for pointing this out.

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