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Connect to a MasterMind and Support a Big Life

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Connect to a MasterMind when you want green and growing support for your green and growing life! Creating solid connections with people doing the same daily activities you do provides a kind of accountability and support that is rare and valuable. You support each connection, each connection supports you, and all the connections support all the connections. 

Connect to a Mastermind: Variety

One of the gifts of the Master Key Experience is that it incorporates the COLOR CODE System as a path to self-knowledge and as a way to connect better with others. We are asked to take the COLOR CODE quiz at the beginning and we let everyone know what color we are. The question is a great icebreaker.

The core motives of the four colors are these: BLUE is intimacy, RED is power/progress, WHITE is peace, and YELLOW is fun.

The awarenesses we get are so fascinating that most of us spend the additional $50 to find out what percentages of the other colors we personally have, and ask our colleagues for more detail as well. When we’re aware of COLOR CODE as a MasterMind is forming, we can quickly see what the team might be missing in order to bring together the core strengths of a variety of people who have profound respect for the insights and drives of those different from themselves.

This variety provides insights otherwise unavailable to us. Connect to a MasterMind!

Connect to a MasterMind: Truly Common Experiences

I learned the terminology “MasterMind” from the book THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill. Several of us studying the book formed what we had hoped was a MasterMind. We were all in the same industry, had a business connection with the same brand partner, and worked with the same business coach. We met weekly by phone to discuss the book and at other times heard each other being coached.

But over time I found it wasn’t that different from a book club, or a Bible Study–though helpful in that same way. While I liked the members of the group, I didn’t really know them personally to any degree, and didn’t really have accountability to them other than that we all agreed to read daily a statement we had crafted of our shared purpose, and to achieve it to the best of our ability.

The MKE MasterMind experience is very different and more effective!

Yes, we know each others’ COLOR CODE colors. But also from Day 1 we have all committed to doing the same readings and activities every day and hold each other personally accountable to doing those 10-12 things. We may not know that much about each others’ families, businesses, religious beliefs, or backgrounds.

But we are deeply bonded by learning and thinking deeply about the same ideas every week. As we each move through our mornings, times after lunch, and bedtimes, we know that wherever the other members of the MasterMind are in the world, they are doing those things right along with us. In addition, we share our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and ask for and get support for living into it.

connect to a mastermind

We meet weekly in a zoom where we can see each other, bring up anything, ask questions about the readings/topic of the week, and even do a group read of one of the readings, knowing that the joined vibration of many voices drives it deep.

We write a blog post as a kind of journal of our awarenesses that week, read each other’s blogs, and comment one to one. We hear each other interacting with the MKE guides and instructors in the weekly “meeting after the meeting.” We offer each other daily humor, encouragement, news, and supportive friendship on WhatsApp or the Marco Polo app.

I am so very grateful to have this kind of MasterMind and this MasterMind this year to support the great life I am building!

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Napoleon Hill – Think and grow rich

Get the Key FREE. Breakthrough, too!

Through the Master Key Experience I finally have a MasterMind group that supports me powerfully as I create breakthroughs I’ve longed for. So I understand if up till now you’ve not had a MasterMind and have been missing out. I skimmed life, too. If you’re ready to stop skimming and to start doing the deep work that creates breakthroughs in the context of a true MasterMind, I can help. I’ve been given the privilege of offering a very special free tool to help you start training your brain to think the right way. 

The Master Key Experience course and its scholarships happen only once a year, starting the last Sunday of September. 

Here’s what you’ll want to do next:

  1. Get on the waiting list for the next MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE class and we’ll send you a FREE copy of the 7 Day Mental Diet.
  2. Download, print, read, and try it! I’ll keep in touch by email, even sharing tips of what helped me to do the Diet. Sound good? You can opt out at any time.

Sound good? You can opt out at any time. But why not check it out now?

You know what they say–if not now, when? If not you, who? No one can get the key to YOUR breakthroughs but YOU. No one can get through what’s locking that door but YOU–it’s a YOU-shaped key. No one can make it work except YOU. I wish you a powerful MasterMind in your future. And all the best!

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About the author

I'm always curious and "detective-y." Since 1993 I've used thoughtmanship and products from my brand partner to sleuth out ways high performing business professionals like me can uniquely strengthen their own mind-body connection. A former teaching and broadcasting nun, I'm prepping my next classroom--an international Detective of Magic radio show about the authentic magic we perfect in MKE. I became an MKE Guide to help others dramatically improve their lives as I have after decades of searching.

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  • Excellent article about the Master Key Experience training I took 3 years ago and that I now promote and teach. I look forward to taking it again when it gets started. If anyone is looking for a change in life that is awesome we recommend it. Beet wishes

    • To have someone of your life’s training and dedication recommend the Master Key Experience says SO MUCH, Michael! I love that you use the word “awesome.” I totally agree! Thanks for commenting.

  • Thanks for this informative blog, Shirley. You expound on so many of the wonderful “tools” we learn to integrate through the Master Key Experience. Find out what ColorCode color you are for free: BestLifeColors.com and let us know.

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