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Connecting with the Universe

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Is the universe really “out there?”

Maybe it’s in the moments out in the woods taking in all of what nature gives to us. It’s always there, always alive. It can be found nearly every place on earth.

Sometimes it’s acres and other times it’s just a few feet of a backyard… but it’s there if one actually looks for it. In this case, however, it’s several acres of wooded land that I call my backyard and that’s what led me to write about in my blog.

Nature, it has a way of mesmerizing or intoxicating one’s mind and soul.

The wind blowing autumn’s leaves from the trees, or a deer strolling on by and sometimes an entire herd.

The squirrels hard at play or maybe hard at work gathering nuts, the birds chirping away and at random singing a song that maybe you’ve heard before.

The water trickling down the creek in front of you, a few rabbits on their way to some unknown place, or maybe just you realizing what you’re looking at, surrounded by, and are a part of: The miraculous!

Enjoying that isn’t new to me, I’ve been observing nature for years. But what is new to me is the ways that I observe it!

After all, as Og Mandino says:

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll IV

And if us humans are nature’s greatest miracle, after watching the awe-inspiring parts of the universe found out in the woods… then beyond one’s comprehension is how great humans must be!

They say “be the observer” and I’m certain that it’s meant in all things especially the human interactions. But what if you could do your sit, (you know a meditation), while in the woods and before or after observing the miraculous life of nature?

Observe We are One with the Universe

Your heart rate is prefect, your senses heightened, your mind is clear except the part wondering what you’ll see next, and you suddenly feel 100% connected to the universe! In this moment one realizes they we truly are one with the universe and the universe is of us all and all things that exist.

So you take a breath, you close your eyes and you feel the miraculous. Your mind struggles with how miraculous it is. It’s almost too much to comprehend… and you take another breath. You remember that you are “nature’s greatest miracle” and now all things become greater.

This experience has brought my sits and my focus into a while new level of intensity. It was my experiences via the Master Key Experience and being a certified Guide that led me to this elevated place in the universe.

It brings the miraculous into perspective and then brings miraculous into a downtrend in a completely different realm. And then it repeats itself every single time I’m there, in that part of the universe where nature happens before you.

It’s become so much of my existence that I now bring it into my moments that aren’t out there…

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About the author

Drew Timm is a minister, published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and building contractor. As a confident builder, both of structures and people, he finds his life harmonious with a purposeful journey in the service of others. After manifesting his life’s goals and dreams, he decided to share that wisdom with others as an MKE guide.

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  • Drew – thanks for inspiring us to be the Observer right where we are. I too love when I feel the “awe” of the universe, like when I look at the moon. So grateful you reminded us that we all are “nature’s greatest miracle!”

  • Thanks for taking us with you on your wander…loved the awarenesses you called up in me. I especially appreciate the reminder to bring that awe of nature into our lives ESPECIALLY when we’re not “out in it” as you were, and how you’re now doing that more…

  • Love your connection with nature. Being “ONE” with God is a fundamental understanding for Christians yet very rarely does the church go deeper into what that really means. I look forward to reading more from you; hopfully expounding exactly that.

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