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Conquering Fear

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Most people want to know how to conquer fear. I would like to share with you my insights on the topic of fear.

My summer has been very busy with lots of horse shows and clinics. Even with all of the new places and fences, friends and coaches, and encouragement, fear is there.

Fear creeps in when the horses are afraid of the trailer ride and the different colors and arrangement of jumps.

They even sometimes fear the other horses in the ring.

The riders are afraid of almost everything at different times.

Most especially the riders fear they won’t remember the course which does sometimes become true.

The spectators may also experience fear for the riders or horses possibly falling.

A couple of years ago, I was with a group and we were going to climb up a pole and walk across a wire two stories high. Some couldn’t get up the pole, others made it up but couldn’t walk across, and others finished in exhilaration.

I stood at the bottom thinking about a large cat climbing the pole. My turn came and I saw myself as the large cat. And then I became the large cat and climbed the pole.

When I got to the top, I stood on the wire and froze. I couldn’t move forward or back down the pole. I was frozen. I was in a state of fear.

My friend on the ground knew I rode horses and she yelled, “Drop your stirrup.”

It took me several times to process what my friend said. Slowly I let my right leg off the wire and down and back up on the wire ahead of me. The left foot followed and I kept going until I reached the other side.

The cat returned and down the pole I went to solid ground.

I thanked my friend for her help. We each have our strengths and can help the other.

At the horse shows, I hold a space for the riders to help them remember who they are and what they know they can do, especially when they are facing fear.

I have been where they are.

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About the author

Janet Keith is a mentor, writer, and student of horses and life. She is on the path of the Master Key Experience and following her bliss! Janet is training to be a Guide so that others can do the same.

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  • Janet – Great blog! So clear and concise. Your description of the Master Key Experience resonated with me: “it is a wonderful program that gives you the tools to cut through the world’s conditioning and remember who you are underneath.”
    I too highly recommend engaging in the course that starts in late September.

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