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Continuation Summer 2022… A Higher Rate of Vibration in Progress?

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“The higher the degree of rate of vibration, the higher the plane, and the higher the manifestation of Life occupying that plane. So that while a plane is not “a place,” nor yet” a state or condition,” yet it possesses qualities common to both.” 

Quoted by the three initiates 1862 -1932 (A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece)

The complexity of understanding what we imagine, our actual existing place, our footprint or prior occupancy on this plane or dimension, becomes a mysteriously unanswered leap of faith.  A mere case in point, the statement that you just read or heard is a clear example of the same.

The author of this piece is clearly vibrating in synergistic completeness through several planes…. Harmony, Agreement, and Correspondence.  Attempting to pinpoint our connection to the present, our creator, the universal rate of vibration and the sophistication of “why”, is unraveled through physics (earthly), and spiritually through the “All” or “Creator”. 

How the Rate of Vibration is Managed

Understood appropriately, our thoughts are extended from the source…..the one source that created us all.  The birds, trees, other animals, creatures, and of course humans have this experience.  The latter being the most sophisticated, because we have the ability to grow our tools of thought.  

Ok the simplification project is now commencing.  Manifestation may come in the form of imagining and obtaining a goal, e.g. marriage, children, promotion at work, entrepreneurial success, or spiritual connectedness. Example:  I’m sure that you have heard someone in your life mention before: “If you can believe it, then you can achieve it.”

This is the pathway to enlightenment and vibrating to a higher plane in alignment with its rate of vibration. What is this plane that we are bringing to light? Is it acreage, is it the core of the earth, surface, subsurface, or space? Could it be the subconscious connection that we have to the “Creator” or “All”. My friends I think that’s it! We move so fast through life that these higher-level mental atmospheres are overlooked.

rate of vibration

I say overlooked, because they take place, or the writing is on the wall, but we become easily distracted, and miss the phenomena.  Just imagine how many opportunities bypass us simply because of relaxed attention span.

Yes, this is a difficult topic to cover, because there is the need for prior and subsequent lessons that bring whole or completeness to the subject.  The Worlds Laziest Networker says…Keep the main thing the Main thing….so it’s safe to consume knowledge here, or drink from the fountain of everlasting knowledge.  The jumpstart is now! 

Measurement of Rate of Vibration

In this particular subject matter, the 3 initiates provide information on measurement.  One of the definitions is dimension: defined as “a measure in a straight line, relating to measure,” etc. The ordinary dimensions of space are length, breadth, and height, or perhaps length, breadth, height, thickness or circumference. 

The Third Hermetic Principle, “is that “everything is in motion; everything vibrates; nothing is at rest.” From the highest manifestation, to the lowest, everything and all things Vibrate.”  which is the main coverage of this piece of information.

The time that we have spent narrows, and now we must put these refreshed or new skills to labor. If a sequence of words has impressed you, or created curiosity, then you are in luck. The Master Key Experience awaits you for its next class. Many can feel that energy boosting the rate of vibration.

I thank you for your time and remember: You have just had another great experience with the Master Key Experience, Where Paying It Forward Has Its Privileges.

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