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Create Great Relationships (Just Add Color)

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One of life’s greatest challenges — how to create great relationships. I am by no means perfect at it, but I’m honored to share some very powerful tips I’m practicing and that are so simple — just add color!

Thomas walked into the room and, once again, there was a sense of unknowing, annoyance, even a little fear.

That dreadful feeling that the meeting would be tense washed over him.  Thomas felt like he would be on display, doing his pitch and having no idea how to win these people over.  He wasn’t a salesman, and too many times when he thought he was doing, saying or answering the right thing, he would either lose the opportunity, or worse, lose the job.  But paying for a sales rep wasn’t in the budget right now.

How could he possibly understand people well enough to anticipate what they would ask, what they would want?  How could he guess and plan for better outcomes? How do you create great relationships quickly and with lasting results?

Sally stood staring at the phone, dumbfounded and hurt.  She had tried so hard to connect with her brother after hearing he’d had a hard time.  Her mom’s advice on how to reach him wasn’t all that helpful and both of them had wanted to cut the conversations short.  She began to wonder what she had done wrong.

What do “they” want?

What is that magic for people who win at interviews?  For people who always get the contract?  Who always make the sale?  Who never have family issues?  And seem to do it effortlessly.

Maybe you aren’t quite in Thomas’s or Sally’s situation. Maybe you already know how to create great relationships. Or maybe you too have wondered why it’s true that some people are easy to work with, why some people are easy to make friends with or why some family members are so hard to get along with.

For Thomas and Sally, and possibly even you, relationships can sometimes feel easy and comfortable, then at other times… well, it’s like struggling to speak a foreign language.  Your message isn’t getting through to them, and you don’t understand what they’re trying to say. 

Create great relationships

There is, thank goodness, one study and one source to help you speak all those languages and fluently!  You’ve seen multiple mentions of it in the blogs on this website and in our personal blogs and websites, because for Training Solutions LLC, the company that created the Master Key Experience, using this tool is considered the currency of relationships within our business.  It’s how we create great relationships. We use it to connect with each other, with our members, and we teach it to those in our company and to anyone interested in making relationships magnificent!

And it works for anyone seeking to make more sales, to get along with co-workers or families, or just wanting to make their lives better, because as we all have discovered, life is all about relationships.

And Best Life Colors has many answers. 

Why this tool?

Personality assessments are prolific.  You may have explored more than one and found out about yourself, and may even have learned about others.

I did.  And granted, all of them had value in helping me to learn about myself, my tendencies and my behaviors.  They helped open me to the idea that other people have other reasons for their behaviors and tendencies and that not everyone has the same experiences, decisions and backgrounds as I do.  My conclusion – everyone’s different, but I still wasn’t quite sure why, or how to anticipate and manage a relationship with others effectively.

Until… Best Life Colors came around. So what are the basic concepts? Well, depending on which color describes your core motive, you’ll find out so much about yourself, and what drives the other people in your life.

create great grelationshipss

Now that’s how you can create great relationships! This program will help you determine how to anticipate anyone’s needs and wants before you encounter them., and while you’re engaged with them.

For example, those with red personalities are driven by making progress. These people are natural leaders, proactive, and have great vision.  Sometimes they can also be arrogant, insensitive or selfish.  Dr. Taylor Hartman’s work indicates that

the best way to relate to these people, to create great relationships with people many might find difficult, is to be brief, confident, and understand their focus. Their driving core motive is about making successful progress toward goals as efficiently as possible.

create great relationships

Those with blue personality types are driven by the development of intimate relationships.  These people are motivated to help others, to provide incredible quality to a project and to provide top-level service.  They can sometimes be very critical of themselves and are prone to worry quite a bit.  To create great relationships with these caring individuals, be appreciative of their contributions, spend some time understanding their point of view, and allow them additional time without pressure to make decisions.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.””

Jalal ad-din Rumi

White personality types are motivated by peace.  These special individuals are strong at being kind and even-tempered.  They see the big picture that gets missed by others, and they are excellent at balancing high emotion with logic, tolerance and clarity.   

Since these people like to be correct, make sure they have lots of information before making decisions and don’t push them to hurry or to be socially active. To create great relationships with these tolerant souls, understand that they tend to prefer to work on their own and may not be very expressive, so patience with whites is a virtue. If they choose not to share, then they won’t. Pressuring them to do so may not end well.

create great relationships

Yellows are the personality type who are motivated by fun and by living in the moment.  These people are enthusiastic, optimistic and find it easy to connect with people. They can usually add spontaneity when things get dull.  They are comfortable being in front of a crowd and you can count on them to ensure inclusivity and social engagement in the group.  Sometimes, they can be disorganized and seem to lose commitment because they can get distracted easily.  To have a better relationship with these yellows, keep things light and upbeat.  To create great relationships with yellows, give them earned praise and appreciation.  Help them see joy in their work and encourage their self-expression. 

There’s even more help for you

Want more on how to create great relationships?  Get your free customized report by clicking here and taking the initial assessment for free! Then practice the advice you’ll get, just for you.  Or better yet, join the Master Key Experience community and get hands-on coaching to find your bliss and to use this powerful color tool to build relationships to manifest your dreams!

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”

Thomas Merton

So how did it work out for our imaginary Thomas?  First of all, Thomas made the choice to create great relationships. Choosing to do so gives you the power to make it happen.

Thomas found out he’s a red, and he learned that paying attention to others and determining their core motives helps him make progress.  He knew that the blue in the room wanted to hear how his project was going to keep from adding any burden to the work others already had on their plate.  He learned that providing extra written materials and web links for the whites in the room would honor their wants and needs, and that yellows needed to understand, in very short terms, what fun the project would be and how much they’d be counted on to make sure their work was seen and appreciated.

Sally, a blue, learned that her mother, a white, was very uncomfortable with her emotional side. She also made a decision to work to create great relationships. Sally learned to tone down the emotion and speak in a more logical manner when trying to connect with her.  She learned that her red brother was more open to short, frequent phone calls and short messages instead of lengthy conversations that happened regularly. Their relationship is growing tighter every week.

So go ahead and create great relationships! Start by finding out your own color. Then check out the website for information on understanding how to work with other colors. That way, you can join Thomas, Sally and thousands of others in making the best of all your relationships in order to have your best life possible!

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About the author

From corporate employee and global manager to unemployed, Day Boswell has created her own successful, growing consulting business, helping organizations excel. She credits the Master Key Experience with much of her success. Her passion is serving as staff, master guide and personal coach, sharing the principles and tools from that course to support others in having successful journeys.

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  • I feel your passion, love and joy in “just add color” in how we at the masterkey love creating great relationships through!!!

    Thank you for the blog and keep up your greatness!

    • Thank you, Shirley. When you start practicing, you really notice more and more, being the observer. Then you learn and record your wins to use for the next round!

  • Thanks, Day for this thorough explanation of BestLifeColors.com
    Using this tool helps demonstrably in professional and personal relationships because it gives insight into what the other person may be thinking and improves the way you communicate with them.

  • Wonderful blog and I love the Q&A after you read this. Thanks for reading this blog and for sharing your experience with all of us today.

  • Day I appreciate this post on Color relating to personality. I enjoyed this quote “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.””
    Jalal ad-din Rumi
    So beautifully said.

  • great summary of colors and how understanding them helps you have better relationships. I learned a different system Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and now have to create a chart to figure out which is what under the color code system.

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