October 15


Determination is in GRIT

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Have you ever had a day full of realization, belief, camaraderie, unity, excitement, and tears?

Oh, I had a week of it!  And, yet, at the close, I was motivated beyond my self-inflicted restrictions to pursue that which is MINE!  Yes, that is called GRIT.

For days I have been recognizing it all around me.  In nature, in my community of fellow journeymen, each on their own Hero’s Journey, in art, in tools, in everything… in myself!  What?

Sorting It Out

Something I listed to do this week was to sort (trash, file, and give away) some things that I have neatly tucked away in the guestroom/office.  Being very intentional about what I REALLY should hold on to, I found this gem of a photo of me at my last half-marathon.


I  looked long and hard at the photo and ‘battleshipped’ it.  The revelation was so uplifting!  Allow me to give you some background.

Setting the Scene

It is New Year’s Eve day, the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound, and its cloudy.  This was the last running race of the year.  My attitude about this run (13.1 miles) was that it was half the distance I normally ran, so, it would be a piece of cake!   (HA!)

I expected it would be a different sort of run because I was wearing so many more layers than I had at past races which were in the spring or summer.  Thoughts like, where should I attach my race bib, what if I get hot and need to shed some clothing, what if it rains, what if… AHHHH … ATTACHMENT! 

Wow! Here’s a thought!   “How about just start running when the horn blows and enjoy yourself?”  What a concept!

Beauty Beyond Measure

There are no words to describe the beauty that I saw.  The beautiful water of the Puget Sound, the ferry headed for Seattle, and the incredible greenery that seemed to roll right into the water.

I wish I could have lost myself in it, but the road had not been closed off to cars, so we runners had to be cognitive of 40 mph traffic.  Still it was so incredible!  And I was part of it!

Race Results – GRIT

I wasn’t the first runner to finish, nor was I the last!  My philosophy about any race, is, once started, I must finish.  My goal:  to finish without needing an ambulance.  Goal accomplished!

And then the serendipity… I received an award for finishing first in my age group.  A surprise, because I did not realize I had moved into another age bracket.  I was thrilled, then asked how many runners were in my category. 

The answer made me laugh (as caught in the photo): “You are the only one!”

This is the very culmination of a statement I had been saying for years – I don’t really love running, but I love, as I get older, I have fewer competitors.  BAM!  Manifestation!

So you can see, how, breaking down that scene and taking it back, bit by bit, to the beginning of my running journey, the challenges, the determination, and the victory showed GRIT.  No doubt there is much in you, too.

I have learned in the wonderful self-directed thinking course called Master Key Experience to recognize qualities in others can only be done if you possess the quality yourself.  I accept!

Smiling, I am so grateful!  I am worthy!  I have GRIT!

So do you!  You will learn to find it through Master Key Experience.

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About the author

As a veteran homeschooling mother, Louise floundered after the children were gone. She wondered what had driven her before she was consumed with raising children. Her answer came when she enrolled in the Master Key Experience to begin her journey of self-discovery. Louise loves guiding individuals to discover their best selves while defining and clarifying their unique gifts. Her favorite part of guiding is watching individuals share their unique gifts, making an endless ripple effect of positive energy.

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  • Oh, Louise, you made me laugh loudly on the way home on the bus whilst reading your blog post 😂. You got the prize in your age group 😄! Yeah, it is never ever too late to do whatever you desire or like and Master Key gives you the tools, that is for sure 😊.

  • Louise loves guiding individuals to discover their best selves while defining and clarifying their unique gifts. Her favorite part of guiding is watching individuals share their unique gifts, making an endless ripple effect of positive energy

  • Louise, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I agreed with your philosophy about any race, being once started, you must finish. I had to laugh at your goal: to finish without needing an ambulance and to congratulate you for making your goal. I have been in two walking-half marathons-both taught be endurance, perseverance, and grit. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and allowing me to flash back on my races. How long did you practice running before you did the race and how many miles did you run during your week of practice?

    • LOL! I am laughing with you! To answer your question about how long did I practice… there are months of practice, especially for a marathon (26.2 miles). I started my running in my late 50s. My first race was a 5K (3.1 miles) after training for 6 weeks. Three years of increased race lengths later, I was running marathons. And to think I really don’t love running, I just love finishing… as stated. Thanks for your comments!

  • I love ❤️ your blog Louise! As a fellow runner, I can really relate to the feelings. And it certainly does take GRIT to complete an event like that! Good for you. That photo is such a great reminder of your power!

  • I loved reading your post, Louise, you made me laugh and in the same time you reminded me the importance of having grit in all what I do…not so much to influence the final results of my actions, but much more importantly to influence how I feel once the actions are over 🙂

  • Hey Louise, I enjoyed reading your Post and look forward to the Club House later today to have an open discussion about what you shared. There is so much to unpack here, like your determination to complete the run (without an ambulance), which is enough for ‘most people’ to talk themselves out of attempting such a task. I regret that I missed this Post when it was first published on your blog, it may have inspired me to put forth ‘more’ effort in the MKE (hence the reason I missed this Post, I was not committed to read other Posts, let alone complete my own).

  • Louise, thank you for sharing your blog in Clubhouse today. Yes, the power of mind is truly amazing how you were able to travel back to this specific moment by looking at the photo to re-live and feel the excitement and accomplishment and to bless so many us by reminding and inspiring how important it is to live our bliss, living on purpose is and for purpose.

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