September 19


Do It Now!!

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Do It Now!

Simple really! But let me think about it. Shall I? Maybe … later?
Yes, later is easier, too much effort now!
Mañana is good enough for me!

How often do we have this internal dialogue going on? I might say to myself, “I’m not really lazy, I’m just over compensating for the tendency to be a compulsive worker.” LOL!

Actually I’m excusing myself for being out of touch with the demands of real life!!

Can Procrastination be deemed an affliction?

What if there is no Mañana? Who knows … Right? What if we really do have to function in this real world with gusto, integrity and enthusiasm, in the very moment that is required of us?

Do we continue to “excuse ourselves”, let the team down, let ourselves down? How do we do it? Can we get away with it for much longer? Nope!!

In the Master Key Experience, we are faced with exercises that demand us to participate fully if we really want the change that we entered this course for. Why dupe ourselves any longer?

To be a conscious human being, helpful, supportive, pro-active, full of integrity, peaceful and enthusiastic, we take ourselves in hand and just get on with it. We ‘Do it Now’.

Do it Now! Do it Now! Do it Now!

So now you’ve said that to yourself 25 times, how do you feel? Notice what starts to stir in you. Take real notice, because when you do, you may hear that little internal voice saying “I can do it now” why delay?

Saying all of this is great, has it touched you to your core?

Are you going to take action to change yourself and your whole life and others’ lives too?

Every September the Master Key Experience ignites the real Hero within you. This Hero can learn to do what was once thought impossible.

Are you available to be that Hero?

The Hero that is you can fly like a bird, leap tall buildings … errr, not quite, but you can start to learn what it takes to succeed, to earn more money, fulfill tasks effortlessly, study and learn more quickly, speed read.

You can attain a higher awareness, be kind and practice it with others, and in turn kindness enriches your life as do all these other attributes.

When my son was very young, I found this amazing book about teaching children Virtues. Each night for a week we discussed and practiced one Virtue. I am proud to say he has turned out to be a very thoughtful, kind and considerate adult.

I have seen this happen to the folks that take the Master Key Experience and complete the whole course. It is so wonderful to watch the members blossom and find their heart and happiness.

If you crave a change in your life and you have no idea how to change, I suggest going through this course and experience it for yourself.

I know from being a Guide and helping the participants, they are blown away with the changes they feel and so too are their family, friends and colleagues.

It’s time to Do It Now!

Do you know that in this course you are guided every step of the way? This is invaluable. You’re not alone, you get to meet your Tribe and share your challenges and most importantly, your successes. It’s so much fun to know someone’s got your back.

This brings phenomenally powerful changes and so much clarity to your growth and there is always help at hand. There’s little time for procrastination, fear and the usual blocks that prevent you from being AMAZING!!

So, what are you going to do in future when you have a decision around a task, job etc. or even when faced with the decision to click on the Master Key Experience link?

I took the leap into the unknown, committed myself and life has been a blast ever since. You can too.

See you on the flip side.

Let me know how you go!

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About the author

Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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  • I love your “Do It Now” commentary. I’m so glad I took the master key. Experience course a few years ago. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and the best thing for my family too. I was able to discover what I really wanted to do with my life. And I’m doing it now!

    • Well said Michael! I agree the Master Key Experience is the best gift I have given myself to learn the skills to direct my thinking and enhance my life.

  • Bravo Peaches!!! Inspiring us all to “Do It Now!!”.
    Grateful to you for sharing your perspective on the benefits of the Master Key Experience course.

  • Hey Peaches just wondering what was the book you were teaching your young children about virtures titled? Thanks for sharing this incredible message.

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