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I have been thinking: what stops me from becoming the best me? Do I know what I want?

England Dreaming

After all, dreams will NEVER come true unless you set goals to make them happen.

Not long ago, my wife stated that she wanted to help others, collaborate internationally and travel to England. After we prayed on it, we set goals to put into the universe her intentions. Low and behold, we went to Oxford for an international round table on education!

Olympics Bound

For me, one of my goals was to go to the Olympics. We set goals to make this happen. As it worked out, we wound up going to the Brazil Summer Olympics in 2016. We were blessed to see Simone Biles on the mat as she seemed to jump to impossibly high levels and the American team take the Gold.

Going Forward

Going forward, we have many dreams that we will turn into goals and make reality. The question is: will you?

Onward and upward!


p.s. Find the Master Key Experience info here to lead the life of your dreams!

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About the author

My name is Stu B. I am a fiscal fitness consultant. I enjoy being a referee or umpire. In my spare time I travel and appreciate fine dining. And I enjoy being a guide for the Master Key Experience.

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  • Stu, reading your blog, reminds me of the scripture passage, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Thank you for sharing these two great testimonies of your own experience of the proof that it’s absolutely possible to live your dream (bliss)!

  • Wow, Stu–thanks for the intrigue. Inquiring minds want to know. How did you and your wife achieve those trips? Can I get the same results? I appreciate the link to the Master Key Experience. 🙂

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