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Do you believe that your life is a miracle?

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Do you believe that your life is a miracle and continuation of miracles after miracles? Recently I had a chance to reflect on my life as I just retired on June 9th after working as an Occupational Therapist for 33 years. As I was reflecting back on my life journey so far, I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the classes I took during my Master Key Experience journey.

During the Master Key Experience classes, we were asked which one we believe between “Miracle happens sometimes” or “Everything is a miracle”. I don’t think I could’ve said right away that I believed that “Everything is a miracle” back then. But today, without a doubt, I would say confidently, yes, my life is a miracle.

Life Itself is a Miracle

I was told by my mom that I almost died during my birth as there was no adult present when my mom was about to deliver me in our home. This was back in 1963 in very rural area in South Korea where I was born. I came out but no one was around to help so I was left alone and almost turned blue.

But then a miracle happened as someone who knew my mom was just stopping by to check on her ended up rescuing both my mom and me. I wouldn’t know who this person was but I believe it was God who sent this angel our way to save me and my mom.

So, I have begun my life journey with this first miracle. Well, I also believe it was a miracle of me being conceived in my mother’s womb. I remember very clearly when I was pregnant with my first daughter, the amazing and indescribable feeling of mystery that there is a life inside me forming and growing. And the day she was born, it was unspeakable joy seeing a miracle of life right before my eyes.


All through my life, there were many occasions of countless miracles I can share but I am going to focus on one area of my life, my career path since I just retired recently.

Doors that Open are Miracles

You see, I immigrated to Canada back in 1984 as a 20-year-old young lady who had to quit her 2 years of the University education in Korea. I had to start with the English as a Second Language Classes in the local high school through the government program during the first year.

Then I took grade 12 courses at the Adult High School program at the local college for another year. After this, I went to one of the Community Colleges to take a few College courses. All through these 3 years. I was looking into applying to the University program which seemed impossible as a foreigner not being able to speak English fluently.

Once again, a miracle was happening. In 1987, I was accepted to the Accelerated Occupational Therapy (OT) program under the Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. This Accelerated program was funded by the Canadian government to produce more Occupational Therapists (OTs).

This Accelerated OT program was put together by cramming a 3-year program into 2 years. So, you can imagine the intensity of the courses; taking 7, 8 and 9 courses per semester. Even the Canadian born English-speaking students would have a hard time completing this program.

Fulfilling our Goals is a Miracle

So then for me who just lived in Canada for about 4 years and speaking broken English, it would’ve been impossible to pass all the courses. Lo and behold, I was able to complete all the courses with only one class that I had to take a make-up exam. Yes, I failed one of the practicum courses and had to extend my practicum for another 3 months but that’s not too bad for someone who couldn’t speak English fluently and lived in Canada only for 5-6 years. I believe it was a miracle.

Also, I was able to pass both Canadian OT license exam and American OT license exam at the same time. Yes, I struggled through for the first few years of my career as I was still sharpening my language skills and getting accustomed to a different culture. But when I look back at my 33 years of OT professional journey, I feel very satisfied and accomplished finishing well as a Supervisor at VHA Rehab Solutions/VHA Home Health Care for last 15 years.


I’ve had a great privilege of working at many different settings with so many colleagues both in the States and Canada. I don’t have any regrets and my heart is full when I think back on my 33 years of professional career journey. So, this is a miracle in itself. When I look back how I’ve started, I am not even sure how I came thus far.

Miracles Continue to Happen

At this point in my life, I can say confidently that my life is a miracle and everything is a miracle in life. If you think everything is a miracle then you can’t help but to be grateful for everything.

The fact that I wake up in the morning to a new day, I am still breathing. I can eat, move, walk, and run. I can smell, hear and see. I can think. On and on, I can go on. Even when I look around, there are miracles everywhere. Trees are growing, flowers are blooming, birds’ chirping and there’s a breeze that I feel on my face. All of these are miracles around me.

Do you believe that your life is a miracle or do you believe that miracles happen only sometimes to some people only? I would challenge you to think about this for yourself but even better why don’t you sign up to be part of the Master Key Experience journey to find out how you can get to this place of believing for yourself that your life is a miracle.

I would invite you to click on this link for an early sign up for this year’s class starting in September.

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About the author

Esther is very passionate about helping people to discover their “True Self” and to live their life to the fullest potential. Her own journey with the Master Key Master Mind Experience in 2017 opened her to an exciting internal journey of unpacking her life to discover her own True self to live more meaningful and peaceful life. She is eager to meet you and guide you alongside your own journey of Self-Discovery and New Vision!

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  • Oh, Esther! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reminder about how many miracles we can see in our personal lives and in life around us when we’ve opened our eyes to really see what’s really there. I pray that depressed persons everywhere, and those living “quiet lives of desperation,” will be blessed with your way of seeing.

    • Shirley, certainly you can see all these miracles around you as your eyes are open to them. Thank you for such an encouraging prayers!

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