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Marvelous Year and Marvelous Future: What’s in Store for YOU

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Do YOU want to have a marvelous year and a marvelous future?

Then I suggest you read my blog right here because there are some important keys for your consideration, inspiration and use.

I will declare it now: 2022 is already a marvelous year!

And the reason stems from September 2017 when I started to go 100% for my dream life by participating in the Master Key Experience (MKE).

In this MKE program, you get your own guide helping you, hands on. You also get so much in the way of tools, knowledge, and resources, plus a huge community to mastermind with.

Everything in the MKE is aiming to give you what you need to build your ideal life, your dream life. The MKE program is six months long, but for my MKE journey, the Universe decided to kick in the necessary possibilities and opportunities half way into the course.

That’s when I started working 100% in my own company, which was my dream life, and said good bye to being employed. Since then, the Universe has continued to deliver one opportunity after another. I just listen to my heart, go for it and trust the process.

Vision Board

I find some things are happening without any visible effort. I created a vision a few years ago and put it on my vision board which is hanging on my wall. I had a vision that a publishing company would contact me 2021 and ask me to publish my book (which I wrote and edited as a paperback in 2007) as an audio book. This is exactly what ended up happening! Indeed, I received emails from a publishing company in December 2021 and in March 2022 saying that they had published my book as an audio book!

I also had a vision to start a podcast and started last year to find out how to do and the best way to do it. But then I didn’t get the time to follow through so I updated my vision to think that I would start the podcast before November 2021.

And then Guess What?!

I got a new friend around this time and her burning wish is to start a podcast. I had no idea about that when she became my friend. We are not far in this moment from releasing our first episodes (in Swedish). It is going to be awesome! And more is to come!

2022 has many months left in it! Now maybe you think that I am crazy, believing like a child that you can have anything you wish for. Well, the truth is not far away, but of course there are limitations. Follow me through this when I explain myself and give you a reasonable explanation how it actually can function like this.

man sitting on gray dock

Do you, yourself, have visions and dreams or just want a change in your life?

To have the full picture of my story here, we need to go back some decades in my life. I had at that point a life filled with struggles of different kinds. I struggled with my health, my job, my economy, my partner, my son and even with myself. The last thing mainly because I didn’t want my life to continue like this. It felt like a never ending story.

Even though I changed jobs and changed partners, I repeated my pattern and the story went on. The first thing I became aware of was that I needed to change focus in my mind. I was so occupied with everything that I didn’t want. Do you know that the word ”not” does not exist in your brain? If I tell you to NOT think about a red sports car, what is happening in your brain? Yeah, that’s right! A red sports car flashes in your brain in that exact moment you read the word.

So I changed focus, and started to think about what I actually wanted. That took some effort and time. The only thing I knew from the beginning was that I wanted to help people in some way.

The next thing I needed to do was to take 100% responsibility for myself. That means to take action for your emotions, feelings and thoughts and go for whatever you feel, think and want. I have always had a tendency to procrastinate and that tendency was for sure not going to help me, so 100% responsibility with open mind was the only option for me to break my patterns once and for all.

Davene Januszewski has written a fantastic blog about this which I highly recommend reading.

I started to look for different educations and read about different occupations and found an education that felt good in my heart. I decided to take 100% responsibility for my choice, took a study loan and went for it. That education changed my whole life and it also changed me. After 4.5 years, with a huge debt to pay back every month for decades and a completely new life way to travel, I felt like a child the night before Christmas.

  • What wonderful experiences would I have and what marvelous opportunities would I meet?
  • I had many wonderful and marvelous moments but of course, life is life, so I had also many challenges.

I think no one can escape challenges in life. But the thing is, after the MKE, I had completely new tools to use when dealing with my challenges. I built up a trust in the Universe and in myself going through these challenges. The greater my trust grow, the more synchronous experiences I had. And these synchronous experiences carried almost new opportunities.

My life started to get magic

person holding lighted sparklers

Actually, I think some of the magic came from the fact that I saw obstacles, setbacks and expectations that never seemed to be met as challenges instead and something you could learn from. In that perspective I could feel gratefulness for the opportunities coming in my way, giving me a chance to learn something new. I have had many jobs during the years and I have also had the opportunity to go through different kinds of educations.

One education was to be a massage therapist. I combined an ordinary employment job with working as a massage therapist in my own firm for many years. That was really a challenge to puzzle my jobs and my life so it fitted together. The desire to work only in my own firm grew to a dream, but I continued the same way because I lacked the energy to do much more about it.

Can you imagine the squirrel wheel?

The way I lived took so much energy from me so I couldn’t even think about changing it. Just dreaming. Have you been there? I think that is more common than we believe. Finally I came to a point with no return. At that moment my dream had grown to a passion. I literally burned inside to work only in my own firm with things I loved. I decided to do something about it.

You see, when I was so exhausted and worn out I didn’t take 100% responsibility for my situation and burning desire. I also realized I had changed focus to see obstacles, setbacks and expectations that never seemed to be met instead of seeing them as challenges. Partly this contributed to my worn out. I needed to get back on the track again.

A friend of mine had spoken so well about the MKE program. He had in fact talked about it for about two years but I couldn’t see the opportunities during this time, only the obstacles.

I went to him and asked him when the program was about to start and that I wanted to join. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life! And the thing is that it is only six months long. You don’t need to live a life time or go through several years of education.

I got completely new tools, a deeper trust in myself and the Universe, but above all I got to know myself, my true self. I am Monica, 2.0 now (LOL). If you too want to be a better self or change something in your life, what are you waiting for?

Hop on the waiting list, take the chance and meet the challenges with MKE by your side.

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About the author

Monica has more than 20 years of experience of life guiding and coaching and is passionate about helping people make reality of whatever change they desire in their lives. Her background is a longterm specialized education at the University. Today is she working full time in her own company, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience.

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  • Oh, Monica! How totally inspiring. Thank you for showing in detail your life before, then after, MKE and explaining why it made SUCH a difference for YOU and likely can make a difference for each of US, too. Compelling!

  • Monica, what a beautiful story and testimony of your life as you’ve shared the progression of how you came to let your true self shine through and through using the tools that you have learned from MKE journey! Living the life of your dream, how amazing and freeing it truly is, right? I love the phrase, “l am Monica, 2.0 now.” It is very encouraging and uplifting, thank you!

  • This statement is so genius – “Actually, I think some of the magic came from the fact that I saw obstacles, setbacks and expectations that never seemed to be met as challenges instead and something you could learn from” mahalo for sharing this amazing blog, you write so well and you insights are so keen.

  • Oh, Monica, this is SO clear and compelling! I love your reminder to believe “like a child that you can have anything you wish for. ” I also found impactful the way you illustrated “Do you know that the word ”not” does not exist in your brain?” Thank you for your personal power!

  • Congratulations, Monica, in perceiving obstacles into challenges. Nothing holds us back besides the limitations of our own minds.

    • Thank you Pammy! Our minds are so powerful, but it is we that decide what perspective our mind shall embrace.

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