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Double-Minded Woman

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In the journey of self-improvement, I recently realized how I had allowed myself to become a “double-minded woman.”

I expected change to come merely by reading and doing assignments, or even worse, by just being present without doing the work.

My experience started with good intentions. I joined various programs, read numerous books, and attended countless seminars. I believed that just by immersing myself in these activities, I would naturally evolve and achieve my goals.

Creating the Double-Sided Woman

However, I often found myself reading assignments without truly engaging with them or participating in discussions without implementing the lessons in my daily life.

This passive approach led to frustration. I wasn’t seeing the change I desired because I wasn’t fully committing to the process. Change requires more than just reading or being present.

It demands action and consistency. I had to face the hard truth that being double-minded—wanting change without putting in the necessary effort—was holding me back.

Letting Her Go

Moving forward, I am committed to not just showing up but actively applying what I learn through this magnificent Master Key Experience.

By doing the work, I can transform my aspirations into reality. It’s time to leave the double-minded mindset behind and embrace a more proactive approach to personal growth.

Perhaps it’s time for you to leave your double-minded mindset behind too. Join us for the next Master Key Experience class this September and find out why I call it magnificent for yourself!

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  • What great personal insight, Laura. Thank you for sharing how you changed and for offering an invitation!

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