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Embracing my Dharma – A Borrowed Fairy Tale

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Once Upon a Time…

I didn’t know what a dharma was, much less what embracing my dharma would finally mean to me.

“The world without is the world within” fueled by the mysterious source that never sleeps.  These are the words that started my Master Key Experience.  Like most beginnings, I was blanketed in a haze of brain fog, fear, fight, and flight.

Even after the first glimpse into where it all might lead, I simply could not feel any gratitude for finally finding the treasure map which traces the yellow brick road to the path of enlightenment.  I had already discovered many places that felt like home, and so far, the matrix was still just a mirage.  How in the world was I supposed to find my dharma without a map?  I knew intellectually that all roads led to that magical place, but what exactly was it?  Even though there was the usual excitement at starting a new adventure, I was mostly filled with dread at what I might find there.

My glass slippers were hurting my feet, and my braids were too tight, so I decided to make a pit stop at the crossroads of Anger and Disbelief.  Pushback and stubbornness were the bags I carried.  As I stopped to breathe and be still, I let my hair down and kicked those one-hour stilettos to the curb. Still dangerously close to the edge of failure and regret, I allowed the panic and anxiety to wash over me like a comforting blanket of familiarity.

Drink Me and Take the Red Pill

Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a white rabbit hopping into a rather large hole.  Remembering the promise to myself when this journey began – that I would not quit – I dove in after him, barefoot and hair flowing.

Once inside, I swallowed the red pill next to the “Drink Me” bottle.  Once the effects began to take hold,  it became apparent that the matrix was the world without – a replica of my undisciplined mind (the world within).  My inner world was controlled by a subconscious (Subby) that was mad as a hatter.  This inner world produced a nonsensical loop of negativity in my inner world, and I was a ravenous consumer of the conformity it sold to my outer world.

There’s No Place Like Home

Due to my healthy fear of the Wicked Queen, I set out to embrace The Master Key Experience.  Slowly but surely, I accepted the call and became the hero in my own story.  I relished the time to sit and be still along the path to my Definite Major Purpose.  I started embracing my dharma. The silence revealed insights from my younger and more authentic self buried under the cement of lies and coping mechanisms.

I had long conversations with Subby.  I described the details – colors, shapes, feelings – and Subby began to fill in the gaps.  The consistency of my convictions won her over and allowed her to see the possibilities of creating an even better home than the one I had left.  Together we manifested a New Matrix – one that could be a solid foundation for building our Dharma.

Embrace Your Dharma

I share this because you too can embrace your dharma and live your fairy tale. I warmly invite you to join the Master Key Experience and get the hands-on support you might need to find, then start living your dharma.

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About the author

One of those critical and essential people, Dana supports the manufacturing industry with her buying and purchasing agent talents. She earned an MBA, is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, and is also anxious to use her skills to help others find their purpose and bliss through the Master Key Experience. She begins her new journey as a guide for the program, giving back so others can have their own amazing journeys.

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  • Embrace Our Dharma ain’t no fairytale; for real! I would love to hear more about life experience and how your life through the MKE was able to create the life you designed for yourself.

  • Great article on living your dharma.

    Until I took the MKE Program I never hard of this before.

    After taking the Master Key Experience Program I learned living your dharma is about living whatever you happen to be NOW fully and without the constant arguing with and bargaining with the present moment that we all engage in.

    It is hard to translate the word Dharma which comes from Sanskrit. It is related to the innate path and duty of oneself but also means; ¨service¨, “moral principles”, ¨support¨, ¨universal law of being¨, “daily duties”, “goal in life”, ¨ethical conduct¨, ¨charity¨, ¨not harming others¨, ¨compassion¨, ¨altruism¨, ¨positivity¨, and even has been mistranslated as ¨religion¨.

    If you’re fully accepting of the present moment then you are being exactly what you are, at that moment, and that surely is your true nature or dharma.

  • As you are showing us here, switching our focus from our external circumstances, or the “World without”, to our inner world made of thoughts, feelings and emotions, all driven by our soul and spirit, or the “World within”, is what eventually allow us to discover and meet our dharma…And the MKE is indeed a great way to help us create this blessing. Thanks for sharing this great post Dana!

  • Wow! What an imaginative way to share your experience of the Master Key Experience Dana.
    You transported me right down that rabbit hole with you.
    Thank you.

  • Wonderful post Dana! I enjoyed reading it so much! Great way describing the marvelous adventure it is to do your Hero’s journey with the Master Key Experience.

  • Thanks, Dana, for sharing your blog and for the wonderfully vivid emotional picture you have painted! It realistically and magically depicts the beginning of every one of our journeys — that time of doubt, fear, and worry soon to be replaced by confidence, boldness, and enthusiasm.

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