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2 Brilliant Men Teach Us How to Experience Success with Peace and Harmony

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How do you experience success with peace and harmony?

Let us consider that there are two types of thought, both desiring the same outcome: to experience success. However, one thought form takes the path of peace and harmony to experience success, and the other thought form chooses to hate the bad. You may at first think these are both the same, but they are profoundly different energy frequencies.

Emerson meets Carlyle

experience success with peace and harmony
Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Carlyle

Compelled to learn more about two thought leaders in this field, I found a very interesting article sharing Emerson’s time in Britain in 1823 and again in 1847. (Click here to read it for yourself)

Ralph Waldo Emerson visited Britain twice – in 1833 and again in 1847. On his first visit, as a young and unpublished writer, he travelled to meet the men whose works had inspired him – one of these giants was Thomas Carlyle, the ‘lonely scholar’.

Emerson arrived in Britain as an unknown scholar to meet Carlyle and others who had inspired him. Emerson arrived on his first visit in deep pain after the death of his wife; he was in his 20’s and had followed the footsteps of his father training in Unitarianism which was the mainstream religion of Christianity. Carlyle on the other hand believed that ‘God was in every man’, something that Emerson looked upon critically even though he himself had become doubtful of the very foundations of his ministry.

Getting Back on Track

The visit to Britain helped Emerson to get his life back on track by making it his mission to prophesize about God’s presence in all to a wider audience than the Church could provide.

Emerson’s career as a writer and lecturer grew over the years as a literary phenomenon. When he returned to the UK after fourteen years, Carlyle this time demanded that Emerson meet him on his arrival; however, Emerson was not met with the warmest welcome as Carlyle was rushing to complete a literary piece.

Emerson goes on to record his visit with Carlyle and describes him as intense, frustrated, and gloomy. Carlyle is described as talking like a very unhappy man, profoundly solitary, displeased, hindered by all men and things.

Choose Your Focus Wisely

What I find fascinating here is how despite Emerson’s losses, he decided to focus on inspiration and experienced success through peace and harmony.

On the contrary, Carlyle, despite his philosophical view of ‘God was in every man’, failed to see that his moods and emotions were creating his reality of life. Both men parted ways after a disagreement over the understanding of Oliver Cromwell which Carlyle was writing at the time. It would cost them their friendship.

Carlyle predicted that Emerson would never be as successful a literary scholar in England, writing that ‘he was far less talented than anticipated,’ and finally concluded that, ‘Friends, it is clear, we can never in this world, to any real purpose, be.’

Experience Success with Peace and Harmony

What I have learned from the story of the two literary scholars was how Emerson turned his life around because he loved the symphony of peace and harmony, whereas Caryle, despite his belief that ‘God was within each man’, chose to hate the bad, and his life was full of discord, trouble, and frustration. He failed to see he was creating his reality because his attention was always on the bad. He would therefore not move ahead as quickly as Emerson.

  • How often are we focusing on the bad and drawing more frustration, discord, and trouble our way?
  • What could be the experience of our lives if we could grow a new habit and focus on approaching everything in life from the position of peace and harmony and surrender the outcomes?

With the second approach, we can trust that the tides will move in our favor and we will experience success with peace and harmony.

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About the author

Naila is a successful property investor and developer based in the UK. She is a qualified guide with MKE and supports the mission by continuing her commitment as a Blog Rover. Her mission is to live an inspired life that awakens others to live their best selves. Her passion is to inspire young minds and often works with high school students.

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  • Beautiful post, Naila, and thank you for this detailed story of the dispute between Carlyle and Emerson, which triggers our emotions and brings substance to the crucial importance of focusing our faith and attention on peace and harmony rather than on the “bad”…Especially useful to practice in today’s world 🙂

  • What an inspiring blog post Naila! I totally agree with you and I think your thoughts are even more important these days with everything that is going on.

  • Naila, I enjoyed your comparison of Emerson & Caryle. I agree with your conclusion of: How often are we focusing on the bad and drawing more frustration, discord, and trouble our way.What could be the experience of our lives if we could grow a new habit and focus on approaching everything in life from the position of peace and harmony and surrender the outcomes? I feel growing new habits are the seeds to peace, harmony, and change. What are you specifically surrendering in regards to your outcomes? Thanks for your thoughts

  • What we focus upon is what we bring into our lives is such an important principle, Naila, it’s exasperating to realize that the frequency it’s mentioned in our school systems is precariously close to zero. Oh dear! 🙂

  • Thank you for this background info that brings to life these two contrasting lives, Naila! You underline well the consequences of choosing each way. What a shame Carlyle chose as he did…

  • Thank you, Naila, for sharing this blog. Choosing how we feel and address any and everything in our lives is so critical! We are in total control of all of our situations. Although it may be challenging at times, we can never forget that. The Master Key Experience helps us do our best at that and so much more!

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