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False Self vs True Self

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What is the false self and what is the true self? For those of you who are Master Key Experience (MKE) students, you can relate to either Cement or Old Blueprints as the false self and the Golden Buddha or New Blueprints as the true self.

We all have both a false self and true self constantly fighting within us. Each of us had to create the false self to survive in this world as we grow up to block out some deep pain and hurts from those around us.

Or for some of us to cover up the sense of guilt or inadequacy from failures in our life; to act out in anger and frustration due to disappointment and discouragement; to do everything possible to present ourselves to be worthy of others love or attention; or to resent others due to something they did to us.

False Self Reflection

At some point in life, we start wondering and questioning how we’ve gotten this far in our life with the false self. This often happens when a life situation presents us with the challenge to look in, reflect and consider finding this true self who has been hidden for such a long time under the false self for the various reasons.

Now when we start this journey of realizing how desperately we need to replace the false self with the true self, we could get very discouraged, blame ourselves, or just want to give up.

I experienced this as I was discovering a very unhealthy pattern of my false self. It was very painful to realize how far I came building up this false idea of who I thought I was supposed to be.

I lived for so long working so hard to get approval from others, to achieve high academically, to outdo others at work to be known as the great employee, to do many good things by helping others to the point of sacrificing myself and my family.

Embracing Our True Self

In the end, I came to realize that I was sick physically, emotionally and mentally. Thank God that I came to this place to start letting go of this false self and start embracing the true self, who I was meant to be and how I was meant to live my life.

Yes, it was a brutally hard process to be honest with myself to acknowledge that I needed to do some painful, deep internal work to change. But it was all so worth it as I was able to see my life changing in front of me. It took many years of internal work which I am still continuing.

One of the programs that helped me immensely is the MKE course which I took in 2017-2018 class (from the end of September to the end of March). And I am still continuing on with the MKE classes every year so I can continue to keep myself on track to live my life to the fullest and be my best version of self.

One thing that I’ve learned in this process is to appreciate my false self’s hard work and love my false self as I release my false self to embrace my true self.

It is easy to blame myself and shame this false self but you know it is this false self who tried to protect me and brought me this far so why not thank her for the hard work she’s done for many years.

But of course it’s time to send her off to live as my true self.

Love is a very powerful force in our life in our relationship with others but it is also very important to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves. If I can’t embrace myself, appreciate and love myself, this journey can be even more difficult to change from our false self to true self.

It is not my false self’s fault that I had to live such a way but it was my way of survival through those challenging and difficult times and experiences, wasn’t it? So how could I be mean to my false self or blame and shame her? So I’ve learned to thank her and appreciate her for her hard work and decided to release her from this role.

If you are wondering about your own life whether you are living as your false self and want to start living with your true self, why not check out the Master Key Experience class when it starts again in September?

In the meantime, you can start working on your mind with the 7 Day Mental Diet which will help you greatly setting your mind on positive things instead of negative things in your life.

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About the author

Esther is very passionate about helping people to discover their “True Self” and to live their life to the fullest potential. Her own journey with the Master Key Master Mind Experience in 2017 opened her to an exciting internal journey of unpacking her life to discover her own True self to live more meaningful and peaceful life. She is eager to meet you and guide you alongside your own journey of Self-Discovery and New Vision!

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