October 18


Pump Up the Volume: Feel the Feeling!

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This week I am feeling like a hen picking and scratching the ground here, there and everywhere!

I have been involved in many things this week, but a thread has been my role as a Master Key Experience (MKE) Guide. I am humbled when I think of all the amazing people that are on their journey to their ideal life.

The Law of Dual Thought

The concept foremost on my mind is the law of dual thought. It’s magic when you connect your thoughts to your feelings. It’s very common that people don’t invest time to imagine and vitalize how they will feel about something they really want in their ideal life. One of the blocks many have is thinking they ”should” have a particular feeling about something.

BUT! The secret is that you can decide what feelings you have:

  • You can decide what feelings you have in the ”now”, in the moment you experience something.
  • You can decide what feelings you have now for things you experienced in the past.
  • You can also decide what feelings you want to have for the things you desire in your future ideal life.

We have been taught that feelings come and go as if they have their own life, their own will power, and this has become a collective truth.

The Truth about Feelings

BUT IT ISN’T TRUE! It is of course true if you believe it is true. But everyone has the power to change that and replace a new truth: ”I am master over my thoughts and feelings”. How about that?

You ARE the master of your thoughts and feelings.

You just have to tell yourself that. Many times. And you can start by deciding what wonderful feelings you are going to have today in every moment you experience something. YOU decide what feelings you are going to have in your ideal life. Don’t be stingy with your emotions, don’t be shy!


On Weak Ice – My Tribe as a Lifeline

When I was a MKE student, I was out on a very, very weak ice to be honest. But I didn’t let go of my plan, and I wasn’t alone. I had my tribe and my MKE Guide to support me and I had the MKE Alliances online which includes all members and Guides, so many of whom were supporting me as soon I reached out for help.

So how did it go for me? Well, I had a plan about how I wanted my ideal life to look like and I had DECIDED how wonderful that would feel to have this life. Half way though the MKE course my first year, magic started to happen and before the course ended in March had my ideal life come true.

And it was even much better than I could have imagined. Yes, the emotions are crucial. They became the foundation for my belief that I could have whatever I wanted in my ideal life. Even all the feelings I had decided I should have and feel in my ideal life came true.

The secret? Go all in with a gusto on your way to your ideal life, stick to the
plan no matter what happens and trust the process no matter the outcome.


Peace be the journey.

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About the author

Monica has more than 20 years of experience of life guiding and coaching and is passionate about helping people make reality of whatever change they desire in their lives. Her background is a longterm specialized education at the University. Today is she working full time in her own company, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience.

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  • Monica, I enjoyed your ideas on the Law of Dual thought. I also thought what you said about feelings was very authentic. You can decide what feelings you have in the now, the moment you experience them. You can decide what feelings you have in your past too. Or what feelings you want to have for the things you desire in your future ideal life. It’s great to realize that we are the master of our thoughts & feelings. Thanks for your great gems and for sharing your thoughts. What did you ideal life look like, what was your plan and how did your plan work?

    • Oh, Eulaine, I had a dream and a plan since 14 years back that I never gave up. And I did a few tries to set them but “life came between” all the time. Then MKE came into my life and I felt “this is it!!!” and I follow everything in MKE with strong gusto. I was determined! My plan then was to realise my dream before the end of 2018, but 1 february the same year was my plan realised, two months before MKE course ended! And after that has it just been better and better! Better as I ever could have imagined! I am still telling everyone that I am living my dreamlife 🙂 . So grateful!

  • Fantastic, great post Monica! Yes, we have to travel our Hero’s Journey by ourself, but we cannot do it alone, and you beautifully show how the Master Key Experience is helping each individual in their journey with the numerous mastermind alliances it offers them.

    • So it is indeed! And with Master Key Experience you never feel alone, even though you do the Hero’s Journey from your own prerequisites in life. Yet you have the space to develope all your possible potential (which is much greater then you ever can imagine).

  • What a great way to explain it, Monica. There is so much power in the decisions we make… especially when we choose and stick with it, not letting anyone or anything else push us off course. Thanks for being an example!

    • Thank you Day! Yes, it is so true that every decision is powerful and also that we grow by sticking to our choices.

    • Thank you Elena! You are always so positive and full of energy. You spread your wonderful feelings miles around I think.

  • Monica, is passionate about helping people change they desire into their reality. She works full time in her business, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience and wants this for others.

  • It is magical to watch you blossom on your continued journey through the MKE as a guide. I am honored and those who get to work with you are Blessed.

  • As someone who feels deeply and has often stumbled emotionally, I was intrigued that you KNOW we humans can CHOOSE how to feel not only now, but to reframe how we feel about the past and create how we feel about the future by substituting better feelings. I know tons of people who could benefit by having help to do that. Thanks for saying how MKE helps. I am spreading the word! 💛

  • It is so important to realize that we each are responsible for our own feelings. Thanks, Monica, for this wonderful insight!

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