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Get in Shape for the New Year: 4 Colors, 4 Shapes, 4 Goals

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Early on in the Master Key Experience, we learn that our subconscious (subby) is our servant… and dumb as a rock. It gives us more of what we concentrate on
with feeling. That’s why concentrating on what we don’t want gives us
more of what we don’t want!!

We also learn that we can accelerate manifestation using colors and shapes. Simply put, we use a blue rectangle, red circle, green triangle, and yellow square.

We assign each shape a SMART goal. Every time we see the color “blue” or the shape of a rectangle, we remember the goal assigned to that color or shape.

Using Shapes to Get Subby in Shape

As an example, my SMART goal, assigned to blue rectangles, is a certain achievement level within network marketing. I see the color blue (just look at the sky on a clear morning) or a rectangle (your cell phone) and I remind myself (and subby) of my network marketing goal.

This isn’t “wishing”, “hoping”, or “affirming”. It’s continually telling Subby what I want it to manifest. I don’t worry about the methods or resources required; Subby will guide me to them.

If you KNEW, without a shred of doubt, that Subby would manifest something for you, would you be concerned about the resources or methods? I doubt it. Forget about walking on coals or “motivational talks”. All you need to do is leverage Subby. The Master Key Experience helps you do just that.

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About the author

Scott Transue has been a member of the MKE since 2017. Through the course, he was able to clearly define his needs and life goals, consistent with his personality. He resides in Las Vegas, NV and is a native of upstate NY (Binghamton and Albany). He owns his own fully-remote tax practice, which manifested using the tools provided in the MKE. He is also active in consumer direct marketing and real estate. His goal in becoming a Guide is to "pay it forward", helping others to fully manifest their "personal Kauai".

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  • Thanks for the reminder to “shape up” (Ha!) as another year begins, Scott. I especially love that you explain why we don’t need more motivational input that’s seemingly everywhere we look in the New Year. I love your pointing out that it’s the application of the habits and the connections–and all of the psychology that MKE incorporates–that gets true and lasting results. Thanks for reinforcing that for me.

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