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Give More, Get More

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Give more, get more; is one of the things that I have really been trying to focus on lately. To just give without any expectation of reciprocity.

My friend has been preaching Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay Compensation to me for over six years. He has so many stories to go along with it. Every time someone looks at him with bewilderment at a story, an unveiling of events or just a situation happening right in front of them, Mark just shrugs and quietly says, “Give more, get more.” He lives his life by this.

I think many people find it easy to give when you are in the flow in life. When bills are paid, work is good, extra curricular activities are covered…you know, when money is happening and in excess.

Giving When Times Are Tough

But how easy is it to give when times are tough, things aren’t happening, and when bills aren’t covered? Is this a time that you are willing to give and continually give with a smile and genuine kindness and well wishing? This has been an interesting year, and it hasn’t been our easiest year, leaving somethings out of the picture this time around.

I like to give, especially at Christmas. I always feel that even if things are rough, or tight that there are always people that are having a much harder time than myself. This year was rather short around Christmas, and my children are exceptionally blessed and have a huge family, and are a bit spoiled.

Trust the Process

In the four years we have had our girls they have gone from asking for presents to asking for things to do together. They realize that they have so much that they really don’t need anything and would rather do things with the family.

I was talking to a friend of mine saying it was going to be a lighter Christmas and that I had looked at all the supports to help, but that we really don’t need any of them, that I just wanted to do one or two more things…I was having a mama weak moment with a friend. (Who is having her own struggles this year).

She said that she had a tons of points at one of our local stores and thought that she could get some gift cards for the kids. I was overwhelmed with gratitude as she/we were getting excited over the fact that she could buy my kids gift cards to the book store and that they would love it.

We planned to meet a week later on the way to my in-laws for Christmas at a central location I had set up for some deliveries we had to make.

While waiting, I noticed a sign outside of Starbucks saying that it a free hot chocolate with a flavoured drink. We had the whole family with us so I thought it would be a nice treat.

I go to order, turns out the sale is only the weekend. I was a little disappointed, but decided to go ahead and get them anyway. It was Christmas after all.

My girlfriend comes to meet me, and besides getting the girls gift cards, she also got me a gift card to Starbucks. I was just stopped in my path as I looked in the Christmas card and saw the Starbucks card she got me. All I could hear in my head was…”Hmm, give more, get more.”

I wasn’t blessed with all the money to spoil my kids this year (Yes a blessing in disguise, I agree) but I was blessed with food, and I was able to give away some Christmas meals, and share that way…even though I supposedly “didn’t have money.”

Give More, Get More Blessings

Two weeks after meeting my girlfriend. We planned a family day to Banff. Now I had used my card already last week to get my other half and I a coffee, so I knew there was some on there, but figured maybe ten bucks left.

Last second our eldest son was home and doing nothing so he came as well to make it a full family event. After going up the gondola, I wanted to get everyone a nice hot drink. So we went and ordered, and I waited to pay. I handed her my card, said I didn’t think it would fully cover and she looks up and says have a nice day.

My friend not only gifted me a coffee card for me to take some time out just for me, she got me a $50.00 card! Twice I went to pay for drinks for all of us, and twice it was covered.

Give more, Get more…. and truly giving without expectation of reciprocity.

May you be blessed this week.

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