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Giving Gifts: Powerful Law of Giving and Receiving

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I was truly introduced to the Law of Giving and Receiving two years ago and have been reading the short script below almost every morning since. It is coupled in my life with a strict Master Key Experience (MKE) routine of other newly-introduced habits.

I have always believed in karma and the saying, “What goes around comes around”, but to have this brilliant tool now in use and seeing first hand how much I have benefited from it – wow, I am simply so grateful.

Who would have known? And this is only after one year!

Why would I stop practicing it?

It now also stands out so much how my beautiful wife, Ninin, has always (and right in front of my face for 13 years) naturally been in the flow and practicing the Law of Giving and Receiving all along, but I needed the MKE course to reveal this truth to me.

MKE – The Law of Giving and Receiving

Deepak Chopra shares this law of Giving and Receiving in his work so it may sound familiar. Below is the text with added MKE twists:

Wherever I go, I bring a gift. I may bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower. But I promise I give something to every person I encounter. I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature, kindness, smiles, compliments which I gladly receive with a thank you. I promise to give hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity. I promise to give without the expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because I know I am in The Dynamic Flow of Giving & Receiving.

This daily habitual reading has helped me to:

Give Without the Expectation of Reciprocity

When I first heard this, I found it hard to swallow because I believe that not only myself, but the majority of society are taught that we should be rewarded when we do something. I know I did for years – “Eat your brussel sprouts Darren, there’s a good boy and you’ll get some dessert”. “Study hard and you’ll get a gold star on your report card.” I did all that for years and I had always expected something in return, even if it was just a pat on the back or acknowledgement to satisfy my (at the time) insecure ego.

Give Something to Everyone You Come Across During the Day

A gift, a hug, a cup of tea, coffee, a compliment or even just a smile. I actually didn’t find this hard to do, and coupling this with the practice of kindness, this was easy for me to keep doing and improving on.

Be a Grateful Receiver of the Gifts that Surround Me

I had heard about practicing gratitude and I thought “yeah, yeah, whatever”. Often I was too focused on the past and present and missing out so much on “The Now”. I also had a hard time receiving compliments and gifts, no matter how much I gave to others.

Wow, was I blocking the flow. It is so cool to look back now and appreciate my journey.

I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING that has happened to me, including all my mistakes, 30 years of depression, a relationship breakup, child custody battles and more. Of course there were heaps of good stuff in there too; I am grateful for all of it.

Being a grateful receiver and practicing a simple “Thank You” is so powerful when you live the Law of Giving and Receiving. We deal with some beautiful people who look after the homeless and they are definitely heart warming Go-Givers, but I’m not sure that they are in the flow of receiving.

law of giving and receiving

Giving the Gifts

A very good mate of mine passed away from a heart attack earlier this year and I was pleasantly surprised and proud of myself for how emotionally strong and composed I was compared to some of my other close friends. It felt really good. And I would have normally been pretty emotional and sad for months.

I accepted it far quicker than I would have imagined, and I felt ok. After all, I know he wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad for months, just as I wouldn’t want others to be sad over my passing. MKE helped me through it, no doubt about it. I know I am simply becoming more and more connected to my authentic self – to the truth. It’s really, really cool.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it’s happening. Why would I want to stop practicing this law of giving and receiving or stop doing ANY of the MKE habits?

Success is Service.


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About the author

After surviving 30 years of depression, Darren has a passion for helping others. As a certified Emotional Therapist & Personal Coach, he gets great satisfaction guiding people to resolve subconscious and conscious limitations so they can gain a clearer mind and go on to live a more fulfilling life just like they were born to.

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  • Wow, Darren, a heart touching and wonderful blog post! Thank you so much for sharing your life journey and MKE journey right from the bottom of your heart. And thank you for sharing such an important life wisdom: Giving without the expectation of reciprocity. Me too, I appreciate MKE so much because it is like a red thread in the whole course; giving without expecting reciprocity, and it is so much to learn from that.

  • Darren,

    Your memory of eating Brussel sprouts rings true from my childhood too. We were taught that there had to be a reward to do the right thing instead of doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Great post my friend!

    • Being born in Brussels, it didn’t help me to like Brussels sprouts either, in spite of the numerous attempts of my parents, transforming some meals in torture sessions…As I grew older, I eventually found a recipe that made them delicious (to my viewpoint of course!), but I could never (nor attempted to) convince my own children to like them…I guess Brussels sprouts, as vegetables, must have accumulated a very heavy karma in some of their past lives! 🙂

      • Thanks Luc for sharing! My 3 kids all love them, in fact one time when we were living in NYC, we got take out from a specific restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens just because they had delicious Brussel sprouts!

  • Darren, I am so grateful for you and your example of what a self-directed and Give more Get more individual looks like. I love how you put this Law of Giving and Receiving in your own words and experiences. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I appreciate it.

  • For most human beings, fully understanding, interiorizing and applying the Law of Giving and Receiving is probably one of the most challenging and exciting tasks that could be achieved throughout their life…It is at least for me! Once immersed in the MKE environment, I found quite easy to get the concept of “giving without expectation of reciprocity” and reasonably applying it in my daily life…On the other hand, I’m still struggling with the “Receiving” part of the Law, persistently looking how to tune my inner blueprint to improve my capacity of receiving 🙂 I recently found a formula that seems to bring me better and better results, here is how it goes: “True giving is receiving, and true receiving is giving”…Thank you Darren for this great and beautiful post reminding us to keep our heart focused on the Law of Giving and Receiving!

  • Wonderful blog Darren, When I first began to read it, I was good with the giving part but not so good with the receiving part. I would deny compliments and now I simply say thank you. A reminder of how far I have come through this journey. Now I know it stops the flow of all the good to deny receiving.

  • Outstanding breakdown of this law… so profoundly identify the receiving correlation. That’s the money shot, yes? Beautifully covered

  • The Law of Giving and Receiving is one of my favorite gifts from the MKE. You see it in your wife because it is so beautifully expressed in you!

  • Darren, I enjoyed your blog and your examples of struggles that you’ve had and the help you’ve received from the Master Key Experience. I agree with you on having a hard time with receiving compliments with no added comments other than thank you. It seems easier to give to others than receive from others. If we don’t receive we can’t genuinely give. Thanks for all the great reminders and your great gems. What are some of the things you have improved on dealing with giving kindness to others?

  • It took me quite a bit of work to be able to accept positive remarks and compliments. Now I can do it with a grateful heart. Thanks for your post, Darrin!

  • Love this blog! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Darren and Day did an awesome job reading it today. It brought a really different perspective for me.

  • I loved all your insights, Darren, but your saying this really caught my attention: “We deal with some beautiful people who look after the homeless and they are definitely heart warming Go-Givers, but I’m not sure that they are in the flow of receiving.” Goodness… without reciprocity the gift exchange would not feel like a true blessing to the homeless, would it? I intend to raise that awareness about “just” giving. Thank you‼️

  • Thank you, Darren, for always being a shining light of giving. Love your blog! It is such a simple yet impactful concept to give and receive openly.

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