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Group Negativity, Stress, and Health

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We are often unaware of how much group negativity and stress can impact our health.

I am a runner and triathlete. I am a much better runner than a triathlete. My knees have been giving me trouble for the last couple of years. I have run a lot in pain. Sometimes, the pain stopped after running for a while. I have taken time away from running and then continued.

I have done physical therapy and gotten a couple of injections. After getting an MRI, my doctor told me that the injections, ice, physical therapy, and ibuprofen were band-aids.

The cure was knee replacement surgery. I’ve watched my brother go through two knee replacements. I want to avoid all the pain involved with that process. Additionally, I’ve been told no running after knee replacement.

You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

Being in the Master Key Experience course and believing in manifestation and the power of the mind, I decided to investigate alternatives. I have seen many testimonials of disease being cured through meditation.

I don’t recall seeing testimonials about knees being healed, but that does not mean it has not happened. From what I surmise, it may take a lot of meditation to get results. Meditation is to get your mind to believe that healing is possible, and then the body can heal.

Being Open to New Possibilities

In June, my friend introduced me to the Energy Enhancement System. The system is a light and energy system that is supposed to energize the cells in your body to enable your body to heal itself.

I looked the system up online and found a lot of negative posts. I also found a lot of positive testimonials. Being open to alternatives and while not being cheap, the cost was well within my price range. I also trust my friend and have a lot of faith in her opinions.

You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

I live in Honolulu, and there is a center on Maui. So, I went to Maui Scalar on all five Tuesdays in September. I flew out on the first flight. Took the bus from the airport to Maui Scalar. I then sat under the light system for two hours.

Since the system is supposed to energize your body to heal itself, I was not expecting to see actual results that day. After my session was over, I had about an hour before the bus would be there to take me back to the airport. So, I wandered around and went into the grocery store.

I realized while shopping that I was unusually happier than usual. This occurred on all five of my trips to the center. The second Monday in October, instead of going every week, I spent a night at the center, getting ten hours of the treatment in one night.

During this time, I noticed that my knees were feeling much better at work, where I do a lot of walking. They were not pain-free, but they were close to it. I was considering whether I could go and try to run some.

To improve our conditions we must first improve ourselves.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

Then, my knees started hurting again at work. They seemed to be even worse than before. I was baffled by this. I had not started running. The walking at work had stayed the same. I was puzzled until I realized that what had changed was my attitude at work.

Awareness and the Root of Stress

Our relatively new Director at work decided, without any input from my colleagues, that we needed to wear tactical vests under our shirts. These vests are heavy, although the main complaint is they are hot. I appreciate that the intent is to keep us safe.

The truth is that they are not needed. Having them available to put on in certain circumstances might be a good idea. There have been injuries among my colleagues. I cannot think of anywhere the vest would have prevented the injury. Most injuries are knees and being punched in the face.

So, every day, I would go to work and open my locker, knowing I had to put that vest on and be hot and sweaty all night for what seemed to be no reasonable reason. It was not just me. It was everyone on every shift. All my co-workers were hostile towards the change.

Then, every little thing that seemed wrong increased the level of negativity I felt. Once I realized this, I started working on my attitude. I could not block out all of it, but I did an excellent job of blocking out most of it. Then, my knees started feeling a little better.

Then, the MKE lesson introduced the concept of no opinions. It came at a perfect time. I have done a better job of blocking out the negativity.

I learned that the stress I was feeling from what was happening at work caused me to feel the results physically.

I know from reading that stress causes many, if not most, of the diseases in the world.

Most of the time, you never realize that stress is causing you harm. It’s important to learn to be an observer.

Practice observing your environment and what you are thinking about. I was lucky to recognize it in this case. This recognition helps me to avoid stress when I can.

If I cannot eliminate stress in most instances, I at least am able to lower the stress level. I also now know that even if everyone around me is upset and negative, I do not need to allow myself to get swept up into it.

I remind myself that negativity only does me harm. Awareness is critical, and that is what we learn in Master Key Experience. Sometimes, I am not aware as soon as I would like. I’m working on it.

So, I plan to return to the Maui center overnight this month and in December. I may then go back to several two-hour sessions a month. I might also go overnight one month and several two-hour sessions the next month. I also am adding in more meditations.

I’m sure I can avoid knee replacement and run again. The key is to remain positive and let my mind assist my body to heal.

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About the author

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, after spending most of my life in the suburbs of Chicago. I am a triathlete who has survived four Ironman races and works Security in a Honolulu hospital. With help, I am growing and overcoming my introversion and self-worth issues. I assist others in overcoming the obstacles that have prevented them from obtaining the life they desire.

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  • Thanks John for sharing your experience with us on how you apply the Master Key principles to your everyday life- especially in potentially toxic, stressful situations. Your testimony is inspiring!

  • Goodness, John! This is such a riveting story. I love how you share your awarenesses and the Haanel quotes and practices that guided you. Thanks so very much for the inspiration…so many have joint issues and your perspective is so very much appreciated!

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