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Guts and The Master Key Experience

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In the Master Key Experience course, we talk a lot about “guts”. But not in the way you might think. Sure, it takes guts to do anything new. When we speak of “guts”, it’s really an acronym for Go Use The Skills.

Here’s the thing: People enroll in the Master Key Experience because their life isn’t perfect. There’s something “not quite right” (or multiple things). They want to earn more money, attract a mate (or get rid of one), get a better house, etc. The reason doesn’t really matter.

The truth is…..they already have the skills needed to manifest those things. How do we know? Because they’ve already manifested their life as it is right now. They’re creative; they just don’t know it.

Now, to be fair, the first time someone told me that I was 100% responsible for my life, I wanted to punch them (in a symbolic sense, of course). What? Me responsible? For all of it?

What about my addicted father? What about my controlling mother? Certainly, they were to blame!! No, they weren’t. At least not today; right now; in this moment. 40 years ago? As a kid? Perhaps.

But not now. Dad died in 1994. Mom died 3 years ago. Dad hasn’t had any power over me for 30 years. Yet, here I am.

The Master Key Experience Course

Human beings are creative. We’re the most creative animals on the planet. And for one reason….we have the ability to THINK. No other animal does. In the Master Key Experience, we learn how to think, and to manifest our ideal life with thoughts charged with feeling. Straight out of book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

You don’t need Aladdin’s Lamp. You ARE Aladdin’s Lamp. No matter what you’ve manifested up until now, you can choose what your life is like going forward. For proof, just read the blogs of the other Coaches on this website.

GUTS = Go Use The Skills

They did it (and you’ll do it) by using the skills you’ll learn in the Master Key Experience. That’s REAL guts. The guts to be the person you have always wanted to be versus the person who gets buried beneath social media scrolling, advertisements, and 1990’s reruns (it’s ok, admit you like “TV Land”).

You’ll learn all the skills we know and use. But YOU have to use them for yourself. There’s no “magic button” other than your own mind. You’ve already created your life up to this point.

The only question is what life do you want to create starting now? Once you learn the skills and have the GUTS to use them, TV Land and Facebook suddenly won’t have the same luster.

Check out the Master Key Experience. Give yourself the gift of a 6-month online course that offers hands-on support of coaches like myself. It is only offered one time per year and starts in September. Click here to find out more. Do it now!

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About the author

Scott Transue has been a member of the MKE since 2017. Through the course, he was able to clearly define his needs and life goals, consistent with his personality. He resides in Las Vegas, NV and is a native of upstate NY (Binghamton and Albany). He owns his own fully-remote tax practice, which manifested using the tools provided in the MKE. He is also active in consumer direct marketing and real estate. His goal in becoming a Guide is to "pay it forward", helping others to fully manifest their "personal Kauai".

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  • It’s true that accepting to take 100% responsibility for ALL circumstances of our life could feel overwhelming at first…But as we get used to it, it literally a source of infinite gratitude…and for this to happen, it takes GUTS! Great post, thank you Scott!
    PS: I love your picture of Doubt transformed into Do!

  • Inspiring share Scott. Great reminder that knowledge does apply itself…we need to apply the skills (repeatedly lol!) to our every day life for changes to appear. GUTS = Go Use The Skills.

  • Thanks for reminding us of the GUTS acronym, Scott! “Go use the skills” is such a great call to action. And we know that doing the MKE sharpens those skills so that they create the best possible life. Great post.

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