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Happiness: 5 Ways to Choose It Everyday

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Happiness: A Choice You Make Every Day, Rinse, Repeat

Happiness is not something that just happens to you. It is an active choice you make each day. Choosing to be happy takes effort, but it is absolutely worth it. When you make the choice to be happy, you open yourself up to living a more fulfilling, empowered life.

Forgive Yourself

The first step to choosing happiness is to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes – it’s part of being human. When we dwell on past failures, it keeps us stuck in negativity. Instead, make the choice to forgive yourself for any past missteps. Tell yourself “I am human and I currently make mistakes. Now I choose to move forward.” Self-forgiveness clears the path to future happiness and success.

Gift Yourself Joy

Another way to choose happiness is by gifting yourself joy. Do things just because they delight you! Read a fun novel, dance in your living room, or splurge on a fancy coffee. It doesn’t matter how small or silly it seems – if it sparks joy, do it! Choosing simple pleasures nurtures your spirit.
Embrace your uniqueness

Additionally, embrace what makes you unique. Comparing yourself to others or conforming to expectations robs you of joy. Instead, express your authentic self without apology. Finding happiness means following your own definitions of success. Your uniqueness is a gift – honor it!

Grow Your Positivity

You can also choose happiness by growing your positivity. Eliminate sources of toxicity from your life, like critical friends or stressful jobs. You control the type of input you allow into your mind, so be selective. Surround yourself with positivity to lift your mood.

Make Others Happy

Making others happy can lift your spirits too. Share your gifts, encourage people, and be generous with compliments. Helping others feel good fills your heart with joy.

In summary, here are five ways to actively choose happiness every day:
1. Forgive yourself
2. Gift yourself joy
3. Embrace your uniqueness
4. Grow your positivity
5. Make others happy

Choosing happiness takes effort, but it empowers you to live the fulfilling life you deserve. Try incorporating more daily joy into your life. I guarantee you will feel a positive difference.

An amazing way to increase your daily happiness is by joining a happiness mastermind group. Connecting with like-minded people provides built-in support as you make the journey to greater joy.

I recently joined an incredible mastermind called the Master Key Experience which has completely transformed my approach to happiness. The simple, fun techniques have helped me choose happiness and empowerment every single day.

Introduction videos for the next Master Key Experience course will be released in August – get on the list now. Check them out if you want to massively boost your happiness!

Choosing joy is a process, but with the right community, your blissful life awaits.

Remember this, Of All the People I know – You ARE the Best!

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About the author

Michael Puffer is a compassionate leader and the founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering swift financial aid to caregivers of individuals in the ICU with brain injuries. Fueled by his commitment to serving others, he tirelessly pursues his dreams with passion. Michael attributes his transformative journey through the Mastery Key Experience as the catalyst that has unveiled the inherent greatness within himself and those around him.

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  • Thank you Michael for these five great ways to create happiness in our life & the life of others! It’s true that it takes effort to practice them on a daily basis, however once we successfully transform them into habits, manifesting happiness (and other good things!) in our life progressively becomes effortless…And I know nothing better than the Master Key Experience to learn how to transform any good practice into a great habit! Great post!!

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