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Happiness is Inside of Me

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In the course of the Master Key Experience (MKE), I found out how easy it is to see that happiness is inside of me. If you are anything like me, you will surely have thought “I can’t be happy until…”

So after all these years, I learn that I can be happy despite what is going on around me. My feeling happy has nothing to do with any outside source.

I have discovered this since starting the MKE. And recently I have been living more in the moment. It is interesting that when I am ‘in the moment’, I feel very safe and peaceful.

I have noticed that what I am worried about does not actually impact me at that moment. Indeed worrying about future events has taken up a lot of thoughts (and time) in my head.

Happiness is Inside of Me as a State of Mind

Mark Januszewski shared this Ted Talk as part of a recent MKE webinar. It looks at the impact of being happy on your life. As you will see happiness can add all sorts of unexpected bonuses to your life. Let me have your thoughts on the video and how choosing happiness can change your life for the better!

Moving toward my own ongoing happiness, I decided to spend at least an hour a day being creative. I have been painting and doing calligraphy. But today creating this blog is my creativity hour! It is interesting that as I create, I get into a flow state and time disappears.

Happiness Pays Off with the MKE

So what are the benefits of this happiness work for MKE?

Apart from the awesome information provided in the course and the experience of the webinars and homework, you get to take a digital solutions course and blog weekly about the course and your experience. What a gift!

You can even add on a website package for your blog posts. We also get lessons in list building and using social media.

If this sounds appealing, get on the list here to get notified when the application for the next course, which starts every September, becomes live. Also if you click on the link you will have a series of emails with some fabulous tips.

MKE for the Win!

happiness is inside of me

Working to find inner happiness with MKE leads to other benefits too!

  • You learn to become an independent thinker
  • You get to experience the awesome benefits of being in silence
  • You learn how to harness the power of observation
  • Experience working with a mastermind
  • Focus on what you want and need

Check out some of my other blogs to follow my experience and benefits of this course.

Who wouldn’t want to be happy and experience these great benefits?

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About the author

Julie’s passion is in inspiring others to change their world by changing the way they look at their world. She does this by sharing her experiences through blogging.

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  • Julie, I’m glad you chose to discover happiness. You have really found a significant treasure which shall enlighten your life continually. The benefits of your discovery is like icing to the cake. Good wishes as you continue your journey in happiness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    What are some other unexpected bonuses that happiness can give your life?

  • Your post is SO Impactful, Julie. What a tip that happiness can be INSIDE and NOW no matter what our current state of mind is. I have been a worrier for decades–what a relief to let worry go through tools I learned in MKE! Love sharing this with you.

  • Thanks, Julie, for sharing this blog! It can be scary, at first, to consider it is entirely each of our own “faults” with how our lives turn out and how we feel about our circumstances. Once we know the truth, it becomes both empowering and comforting.

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